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  1. I had one of those for a while but the charging part stopped working I took it apart and was a sealed lead acid battery I just put on a charger and used off of jumper cables it served the need but I went to the backup battery because it did the rescue and could just rotate in and still fish the day it also kept me rotating new batteries in every couple years
  2. The panther steering bar is very underrated on my last boat I used it to a kicker that was a tiller and it was very easy to connect and disconnect as it attached at the front of the motors and they are extremely customizable the instructions even walk through bending or cutting to match the fit. On the new boat I got a dealer I stalled kicker with power tilt and controls at the helm again use the panther steering bar and don't even have to detach it. In my opinion for outboard to outboard it's the best answer ez steer is overpriced and is better suited to an io to kicker set up
  3. Even at low amps its some charge going back in and might extend the day personally I would rather route it through a two bank charger but in previous boats I didn't have the budget I always carriy a spare dual purpose battery 1 to many bad experiences with electrical for me
  4. Big silver lots of flash with a black tail williow leaf blade or copper Colorado blade If I only had those two I would still fell confident in a day of fishing
  5. The wide pool noodles and I store them in an empty folgers canister one for each lb test keeps them protected and they store easy same concept as the clear tubes
  6. I like the double plating on the bottom some of the lund models have previous boat was a sea nymph from the 80s and was thicker hull but the build allowed for a lot of flex it lasted well but never felt as solid
  7. I have a 2016 lund very solid build
  8. Do you like to match exact setups when you get bit or do you pprefer to keep a little variation in case they change if you like to dial in tight than 2 marching setups for 2 different lengths if you like to keep a spread than 4 different lengths snap weights work in both scenarios
  9. I was thinking no ice the water will warm fast and not keep them huddled west as long could be a good year for a spring bite out of rochester or sodus
  10. Wouldn't eliminate all of it but hang the fish from the tail for weigh in. Would drain any water or ice and if it hangs for a few min good chance of dropping foreign bodies not perfect bit at least makes it an effort to cheat?
  11. No ice cover yet wonder if there will be salmon to the east a lot earlier this year
  12. would be interesting to see it as a total weight or average weight of the top 10 fish that accounts for any outliers and might give a real good representation of any trends. Data from the 90s may or may not look different but lets be honest it is not the same lake and if the trend over the last 20 years has been stable that suggests an overall stable situation which would be a good outlook and a sign of good management.
  13. there is likely a specific threshold for plankton growth where it can out pace predation. its likely a combination of temp and photo period and nutrient load. the longer it is not able to grow the longer the bait has to survive on its fat stores. Temperature is a significant factor but its probably a higher temperature needed than we generally think about so a cold vs mild winter could easily be off set by a faster or shorter warm up and cool down. the longer the growing season the fatter and healthier the bait going into the cold and the shorter the non growing season the less time the bait has to go without food.
  14. i got a pair of rod trees from https://finetunedwelding.com/ very happy with the quality and functionality after the first season
  15. What size boat and what size kicker? How slow are you trying to go? Trolling plates add a lot of ware to a motor over time bags or buckets are much better buta kicker is usually the gold standard if the kicker is to fast maybe a different prop is In Order. For my boat I find there is a minimum speed to be able to steer but it's usually not an issue at salmon speeds
  16. I couldn't agree more I used to be a big ice fishing tournament person but the more I learn about what it takes for big pike to grow the more I want to see ny manage for some trophy waters like they do muskie
  17. I travel a lot huges is the closest lake o launch but I can go from sandy to Oswego in just over an hour so I chase conditions and reports I also can hit multiple finger lakes. With the little boat I fished Seneca a lot and Cayuga some I have since gotten a new boat but went to an 18 footer because I like having options and I like the multi species set up but if I ended up back in a 14 footer I would set up the same rocket launcher type set up the boat wa closed bow so I even had it so I could tie fish and food coolers on the bow
  18. That's a great little boat with the motor it has there are a lot of alternate waters available and you can launch where others can't you can even launch some places after docks are out. There are times I miss my 14 footer put an electric trolling motor on it and you can do do all sorts of things lake o is fine on calm days but on windy days there are still lots of other options
  19. i ran big boards off of my 14 footer and if both are in steering was fine. I have also tried what your suggesting with the in-lines. It was workable but better to run them as in-lines or go big boards. For my little boat i built a rocket launcher frame but actually had it forward of the counsel and i would hang the big boards over the frame when not in use it helped the storage problem quite a bit.
  20. Adults have a very short lifespan the ones in the lake now will be dead next year stream treatments are the best tool there is research around attractants and repellents but it is by no means complete and there are not established protocols around using them. They show a lot of promise but lake ontario is a bad place to experiment due to its size and number of variables we very much need good conditions for a treatment this spring so we do t get consecutive large hatches and a treatment within 3 years so this year's adults spawning run doesn't produce a huge class of young
  21. It's just lake st Lawrence which is relatively small and can be raised or lowered quickly effects on lake o will minimal
  22. Gator that’s funny spell check and grammar check has done more for my career than I care to imagine. Ijc can only do so much there limits imposed and lower lows are part of the plan it will require some marinas to invest in better docking but if I’m honest there are some around the lake that have gotten away with being overly cheap for a lot of years. Record levels high or low should still be rare and let’s face it all of the Great Lakes hit record highs in the same couple years under those conditions it is unreasonable to think the lowest in the system wouldn’t also flood
  23. Erie is above average which means above average flows into ontario all fall and winter with all the ****ing every one does about high water they have to try and Fer ahead of it also the amount it can actually be controlled is way less than than they are blamed for it takes weeks to get the levels to change a few Inches differently than it would naturally so to controll it to the level your expecting would take perfect forecasts months In advance the most accurate weather models in existence only go out 10 days and I defy you to find one that's perfect that far out
  24. I would strongly agree with this sentiment. numbers of respectable fish with a realistic chance at an occasional beast is rare fishery and one worth appreciating
  25. When the conditions push fish to spend an extra year in the lake you get a lot of bigger fish those years. They are well remembered because they are not common but it shows the genetics are fine for producing big fish just need the conditions to line up.
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