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  1. Accuracy is not important it's repeatability that matters don't think of it as a speed think of it as an index number find the one that works for your set up and than you have your starting target make slight up and down adjustments as needed for a given day
  2. I hope he has insurance that would help to take out some of the sting hate seeing this happen to a fellow fishing boat
  3. My recurring nightmare is I'm backing the trailer down the ramp and the boat slides off early it's so in my head I won't undo the front hook and chain until the tires are in water
  4. If they hit on the fall of the jig than the jig and hook can be upside down when you set the hook so it either goes into the bottom jaw or just gets no force than line pulls tight and immediately putts leverage in the exact opposite direction lots of good video and info out there from west coast and even lake Michigan I've been spending some time trying this on ontario but haven't fully committed yet I need to I also think mooching would work well especially with whole herring
  5. With flashers there is just so much potential for twist that heavier leader is nice I like 30lb fluro and if I run a spoon I'll use 20
  6. east wind on the first day screwed up the brown water for a portion of the derby beyond that having kings all over the lake defiantly drew people away from the browns. i did find a class of bigger browns a couple weeks before the derby and had multiple fish that would have been eligible as well so there are big browns out there they just benefitted from the conditions this year. With only 1 week and it being spring weather and conditions can really drive results.
  7. Frog colored bay rat before the wind chased us off
  8. Only one we got all day
  9. Leaky rivets under the bunk on the trailer are possible. Also try putting the tungh down all the way and filling with water different angle will help find leaks up front
  10. thanks for that. each year it gets a little harder to do some of these launches without docks for me
  11. possibly looking to get a trip in next week where did you launch and were there docks? i only went there for the first time this past fall so i dont know all the launches yet we went to onedia shores and the docks were out we still got out but if i had an option with docks i would prefer it
  12. Not sure of your drive direction but versatility is a wonderful thing especially as I get older i can play to my comfort and its worth it. You have a very capable boat for the area and based on your gear you have an excellent set up. Work the water the weather dictates and be adaptable. Lake o for browns in that area I have found to be very conditions dependent. There is also fish on and off all summer within range on good weather days. I used to fish seneca a lot on my little boat and had a lot of fun and also learned a lot. 4 footers on lake o can be almost dead calm. On the fingers. Sounds like you have the right lures just need to dial in the spread and speed for your boat. Green and silver. White and black. Glow, blue and silver are good starting standards for all. In shallow black and gold treats me well.
  13. Don't be afraid to try cayuga a lot more weather friendly for a small boat and very similar techniques good practice and productive fishing grounds
  14. Both have a good reputation but after all the good years you got with the merc I say stay with them especially is there is local reliable service
  15. Cross lake has a good white perch population. As far as crappie we are in the northern portion of there range so though they do well they don't compete as favorably as they do farther south so that makes the populations smaller and more vunrable though there are still pleanty around as far as the pressure well they taste good and are fun to catch.
  16. Remember there are new panfish regs on otisco there are minimum length limits and a smaller bag limit it will take years before the size develops enough to get a meal out of only a few that said it would be cool to have a trophy lake for bluegill one day. Still any time on the water is worth it so tight lines
  17. So at the risk of you being a troll ill answer otisco has potential to become a trophy fishery for crappie and bluegill its one of the lakes the dec has identified and is implementing harvest and size limits to push a quality fishery and not a quantity one. The science behind this is really compelling and if those that fish the lake embrace it than in the years to come it can become a place for a personal best however if there is a continued "oldschool" mentality based on conventional thinking than the bluegill and crappie fishery will never improve and will be no different than what is available in lakes all over the state as for perch honestly the state has a number of truly special fisherys including all the fingerlakes and most are pretty vunrable to harvest and over harvest I suspect otisco has less potential based on predators and for them it would not be on my list even if it was closest
  18. It took me a few tense incidents and a Google search before I learned this. The advance mode is the bad one for this use you want the auto pilot on "traditional" mode for sure. Good call out here its valuable lession for sure
  19. I'm still trying to dial it in but using the kicker to push and the electric just to steer I can get most of the day on a 24 volt set up I run an 18 foot lund with a terrova 80lb electric. It struggles against any real waves and gotta have the right angle In the current but that's true no matter what with the waves it proving to be a game changer and as I gain trust (I'm old and stubborn) I use it more and more I set speed with the kicker and set trolling motor at speed of 4 to 6 just to steer I adjust speed with kicker and any turns I do manually
  20. Thats awesome I will likely now know that word forever. I now want screckstoff scent to put on my lures to signal predators of a feeding opportunity
  21. Purely speculation but maybe clearer water means harder to hunt so more calories burned to eat thus a lower net gain. Also maybe more aggressive e faster growing fish are more likely to get caught so with a lower overall population quality fishing pressure has a bigger effect this has been seen in some smallmouth studies. I suspect that dec doesn't have clear understanding of why size I'd down which makes it tough to mitigate. As Yankee has mentioned in the past the dec has stated there is no research on selective hatchery breeding for salmon size so they don't do that, as stakeholders we should ask for that research. DEC has limited resources for what studies to run. They run fisheries throughout the state not just lake o and they have done good science and made good decisions accordingly. Lake o salmon size is a worthy endeavor to study and that what we should ask for with the understanding that it is not a fast study
  22. I used to be a surgical technician and assisted with this surgery with multiple surgeons and multiple systems the one thing they all agreed on was that Physical Theropy is by far the most important factor. Get up and moving as soon as you can listen to your therapist and do the work if you do it is 100% worth it I have talked to many patients that said it was hard but it was the best decision they could have made and would recommend it. So if your ready for it do it as a fellow fisherman for what it's worth I'm in your corner
  23. Yes fisherman follow reports but they were not following mine I had one of my worst years ever but I think k it was something I was doing wrong current guess is something electrical I did notice late summer my anodes were pretty corroded I changed them and had an improved couple trips will do some more investigation down that path yes many boats were in the bays but there were tons on the lake trolling and there wasn't a single day where I didn't have traffic affect my planned trolling path I don't know that fishing effort has increased in the last ten years but it has not fallen significantly honestly with inline boards and various junk lines even small boats can get an effective spread these days and it can be pricey but doesn't have be the dec is not run by political Conspiricy yes there is politics but the science heads are not elected so are not fighting for there jobs the science they put out is valid and often the recommendations that go with it are as well. the policy makers however do play to there voters and often use over gross over simplification of the science. The fact is a healthy sustainable population will use a diverse and variable cross section of the gene pool there are also factors that drive the expression of thegenes like prey abundance competition and environmental conditions so these fish could have all the abilities to get bigger but the conditions just aren't there and only changing conditions can bring back the size
  24. Loneline I have to disagree about crowds I fought more boat traffic and launch traffic than ever this Year. I see a lot of posts on here that way over simplify the science and ignore some of the real life time lines of ecology size does not necessarily equate to fit from an evolutionary stand point and the lake is different than it was 20 years ago and different than it was in the 80s and 90s it stands to reason what it can support is not the same. There are more and bigger walleye than there was decades ago smallmouth are bigger but less of them (maybe) and if we went down the list every species has a different biomass and distribution than it did 20 years ago since the clean water act in the 80s the nutrient load in the lake has dropped steadily muscles compounded it gobys somewhat mitigated that but into a lower layer. Expect change and roll with it you will be less stressed the dec should do a study of selectively breeding the biggest fish dedicate maybe 5% of egg take to it and raise them all at the hatchery. To get any real results would need multiple generations so probably a 10-12 year study we should lobby for that experiment to see if managing it as a trophy fishery is actually an option
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