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    another option might be warm water fish in sodus bay this time of year there should be rock bass in there looking to spawn may well also find perch smallmouth crappie (might be late) even some walleye around. that way you can shelter around islands if needed. as for trout and salmon hughes is where i launch out of the most for lake O. fishing can be good all through that area its really the weather that dictates. seneca will be crowded its derby weekend its a fun derby to fish but if your not in it I would recomend avoiding seneca. Cayuga is nice because as long as the wind isnt due south or north at least one side of the lake should be calm.
  2. ifishy

    Seneca Seneca south end

    hey now the brown comment was tongue in cheek I have spent many hours chasing them there and have a grand total of 2 in and one lost for it. I am snake bit on that lake for browns. as far as the rest of the lake I have only been fishing it for 10 years or so and recently started doing more on ontario when i got a bigger boat. I have actully met nick (very nice guy) i did a couple of the box derbys last year and enjoyed it as a first foray into derby fishing. last year was tough every time so its good to see the reports i have seen so far and all the pics show healthy well fed fish which may in fact be why the fishing was so tough last year.
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    3rd down rigger????

    straight out the back is fine in the old days thats how a lot of boats ran 4 thats what we did off my dads 24 foot trophy bayliner. try to run the same style weight on each that way they will all be affected similarly you can get seperation with depth as well as side to side. i only run a sea nymph 195 and rigger tangle is not a big problem with 3 down and my side riggers are only 48 inches
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    Seneca Seneca south end

    must have been a mirage there are no browns in seneca good deal on the silvers nice to see the reports are better than last year so far. hopeing for a better derby this year
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    3rd down rigger????

    depends on your preferences for running as well 3 riggers is nice when running in tighter groups of boats because you can turn a little quicker but its more stuff at the back of the boat and in the way. also if its not a rigger bite day than its better not to run it at all. I have a third on mine and the biggest use it gets is as a probe rigger. its a manuall so i drop it to where i want it but than dont have to crank it up till end of day. i didnt purpose buy it for that but it is how things ended up. when fish are up high i tend to run three rigger lines but when running deep i only run two. I find fewer lines overall can be more effective sometimes especially if it means you can more easily keep them running right in less than ideal conditions.
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    Third downrigger location?

    good advice i would say with no plans for a kicker the open side is the better option that way no worries about the cable and swim platform the only other thought i would have is if you wanted to run the fish hawk on the third rigger you would want it on the same side as the transducer. that way if your only running two riggers the probe can stay down even when your re-setting a line and there is less blowback on the riggers being run I do this but with a sub troll also important is that third rigger is a manual vs the two primary which are electric, i started with the manuals but when i got the electrics kept the one with the probe even though i usually only run two riggers having the probe on the manuall which i than dont have to crank up and down as much works out well for my set up
  7. ifishy

    Third downrigger location?

    Do you have any long term plans to add a kicker? Where are your transducers? Do you have a fish hawk or a plan to add one? This could influence the decision o. Side Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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    Fillet Knife?

    I have the cutco knife it works wonderfully it was a gift it seems pricy but if it lasts a lifetime is it really that much? I have a stepson in cullinariy school if you compare cutco to other high-end knifes they are really not that expensive. We also had one in a previous work setting that we abused the heck out of when we broke a tooth it got replaced even after we told them what we used it for Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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    Boat name?

    Placebo effect Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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    makes a nice wall decoration https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#[email protected]&key=cefeG~_zuM go here and you can get a pretty decent idea of the area you intend to fish. marking way points is a good idea though you'll find they lead to some good patterning
  11. a good welded ring ball bearing swivel is a must in this type of fishing. you can get away with snaps when using sticks up high but once you get into any kind of flasher fly you need a ball bearing. there are several good brands but expect to pay up to a couple bucks per swivel.. I use mostly SPRO with a costlock snap but that is because i like that snap and that is the brand I can typically find around me. I have had good luck with Sampos as well.
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    Oneida 5-5-18

    looks like a fantail on that first walleye very cool
  13. ifishy

    Cayuga Boat vs Shore fishing etiquette

    i always try to give extra space to shore guys i remember when i didnt have a boat and access is limted so i try to be nice and give extra room. the exception is when they are fishing in the channel of a bay or something and there is just no other option in that case usually everybody knows the score
  14. ifishy

    Raymarine Wi-Fish

    i have a dragon fly pro on my boat i use the Wi-fish app when perch fishing so i can see the graph when up in the bow with the electric. works very well. I just got an adroid tablet so i can have a bigger screen and have it in the back of the boat when trolling. the app works very well the biggest isssue is depending on the device you are using it can be hard to see in the sun. Thats all in the device though not the app
  15. ifishy

    How to?

    if your fishing real shallow a split shot or two a couple of feet up the line or just before the leader will keep a spoon under the surface especially at slower speeds depending on the spoon and the speed you might be a couple feet down or you may only be 6 inches under the surface but that is not neccessarily a bad thing.
  16. ifishy

    Adding another battery

    lifetime I have had enough battery issues to be done with it. main motor has its own battery electronics have their own which is attached to the kicker and gets put on the charger/maintainer after each trip. and i take a spare that is used for the electric motor on multispecies trip and nothing the rest of the time that one gets plugged into the maintainer at least once a month. they are all marine grade listed as deep cycle but are in fact "combo" maybe not perfect for there primary use but they are fully interchangeable if one dies the spare which is the newest gets plugged in and i get a new spare. piece of mind is worth it in this case
  17. was it getting shallower? straight lines and depth countours dont always match. if he was overtaking than he should have made the adjustment but sometimes a little consideration for depth can mean a lot this is especially true in the finger lakes ask anyone who fishes the seneca lake memorial day derby. there sometimes 30 feet east or west can be 100ft difference in depth and you cant always adjust all your lines that quick.
  18. As long as the tracks are well mounted they can take anything the gunnel can take big washers or even better a backing plate underneath Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. If they have good beefy pins they would be fine two screws would be better I've seen tight locs where the washer was completely stripped I have tracks for the side mounts and I test them by holding myself up I am not skinny with salmon quality gear is worth the investment even if it takes years or a lifetime Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. i have the cannon single axis and the berts ratcheting on mine one of each on each side the cannons are my first choice for dipseys by far ant the berts get used only when running 2 a side. I also have some big jons like in the second picture on Ska8mans post not the triple but two on what is supposed to be a down rigger plate on the center of my transom I use them for chute rods or a net holder or a down rigger rod or just another place to put a rod when you need to move something in a hurry. The cannon single axis are by far and away the best think i have ever seen for a dipsey the one hand thing in either direction is genius also no worry's about caps coming off and rock solid in the tracks. berts work just fine and one handed up is good for big hits but i find they sometimes get a little sticky in the ratchet mechanism wd-40 fixes it but has never happened with the cannons. the big johns are solid enough but are a two handed adjustment also the single bolt in the middle means they are prone to turning. no big deal where i have them and how i use them but I would never trust a dipsey off the side in one, though i have put a dipsey there in the center to net a fish on the side of the boat.
  21. ifishy

    Wire rods

    I like to use mono instead of braid gives just a little shock absorbtion I do not use a snubber Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. ifishy

    Spring striper help

    When we went we did best during the change and just before and after however the change was happening right during our planned fishing time so may have been coincidence Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  23. Torpedo 19 strand wire is another option it is more user friendly especially if new to wire you can also use it with your regular rod guides and tip. You can do wire right to the dipsey but if you collapse your poles for storage a 20 foot piece of 50 lb mono at the end of the wire is a good idea. When using wire spool it on under tension and always keep it under tension when setting and retrieving. This is where the mono helps because all of your wire will be on the spool when you break it down. If you go with a 7 strand and a twilli tip I like to put a large bead on above the swivel this way I can reel the line all the way tight for storage and the swivel won't be stuck in the twilli Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  24. i find if i use the grip to take it out of the net as quick as possible it helps also if you wanna take a pic get the grip on and put the fish in the water for the minuet or two it takes to get the phone out or whatever. lift take your pick than back in the water. like sk8 said if they get out of the net and flop around on the bottom thats bad for a number of reasons. no method is perfect but any release has a better chance than no release. they do make a device that is a grip with a pressure switch you clip on the fish drop it down and when it hits like 40 feet it releases. do a google search for fish descending devices there are a lot of options i think some areas/states for certian saltwater species they are almost mandatory. in fact i may have just talked myself into getting one
  25. ifishy

    Spring striper help

    i did this same trip several years ago. the wife has family near poughkeepsie so i figured lets go visit and bring the boat. trip was a blast we found a big school of them on the finder and just drifted the area. you nailed the rig egg sinker to a swivel fluro leader and a circle hook. put it down 12 to 20 thats where we were marking them. put the rods out parallel to the water with the bail open but the clicker on and sit back and enjoy the day. when putting on a fresh blood worm dont take off the old pieces leave them on you can never have to much blood worm.. you can also use sand worms if you can find them they are a little cheaper. we tried and failed to catch our own herring but its an option. best of luck it is trip every new york fisherman should try at least once stripers247.com i got a ton of info from there as well as some areas to start looking that year.