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  1. At the risk of asking a really stupid question, was the fish at the 9:24 mark a steelhead? I'm not familiar with Great Lakes fish.
  2. Looks somewhat like a Nils Master Invincible..
  3. Mooselooks, Speedy Shiners, DB Smelt, Top Guns, and others are the go-to's no doubt, mainly due to bait size and type.. All I was saying is don't be afraid to use Lake O. type spoons (maybe not the magnum size). They work.
  4. While I do not fish Moosehead specifically, I fish that general area. Jigging works and well at times. Tubes, Fin-s-fish, swimbaits, etc. We also three-way flatfish, swimbaits, and live bait. Not sure about Lake Ontario techniques, but I use Michigan Stinger and other Lake O. type spoons successfully. (I want to try a Gambler rig at some point in time and have caught togue on peanuts stacked above a Davis rig.) As a resident of Maine, I grew up being told that the only way to catch togue was to troll flatfish or Murray spoons slowly (1.0 mph) and right on the bottom. It works but guess what, so does trolling stickbaits, spoons and other things a little faster and higher. Togue suspend in Moosehead and the Allagash Chain. Good luck and have fun.
  5. I think my question isn't worded correctly. We run nothing off the cowbells and stack a spoon above it. I was wondering if you could do the same with a peanut or SnG.
  6. I'll preface my question by saying I have never seen a spin and glow or a peanut so it may very well be a crazy idea. Can you stack a spin n glow or peanut above a set of cowbells? Here at home, we run cow bells off the downrigger ball and stack a lure 3 feet up and 12ish feet back. That we we aren't fighting the bells. We use spoons so I'm not sure how effective the others would be.
  7. I have the exact problem with my 17. Sent it to Daiwa and it was not fixed.
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