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  1. Johnson 6horse runs good comes with tank don’t need it got a four stroke
  2. Got a 1990 merc ran in march starter too a dump it all there 500 obo posting for a friend
  3. Here’s a little bow we got this am
  4. Put your riggers at the depth you mark fish
  5. Put your riggers at the depth you mark fish
  6. Got it on a leadcore black and silver stick bait
  7. Here’s one we got Monday out of deans
  8. It’s on county road 1 in hector looked to be a nice boat outboard and four cannons from what I seen thought I’d pass it along
  9. Just got this all rigged ready to wash some lures
  10. Drill some wholes in a 5gallon pal it will work in a pinch
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