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  1. Friend of mine his uncle makes them and paints them
  2. Yours come in the box too
  3. I have a spare roller rod I’m gonna use that
  4. I have one on a penn roller rod I use for Seth green rig and I have another I found that spool of copper and thought might better put it to use don’t have a copper rod in the boat
  5. Found some copper my dad had was wondering if I could put it on an old penn 49 reel and use it
  6. Got some new weights for the downriggers to try out I thought they came out good
  7. Me and my brother will be fishing it out of this
  8. We lost some nice silvers south of deans south troll
  9. Only kept one boated six lost five forgot my net at the house
  10. I’m headed there now ten minutes from my house
  11. Give this one something to do lol
  12. I have one just looking for a nother for the other side of the boat
  13. Fishstix I live in the finger lakes no shipping needed if your close enough
  14. Looking for a Seth green rig let me know on price
  15. Johnson 6horse runs good comes with tank don’t need it got a four stroke
  16. Got a 1990 merc ran in march starter too a dump it all there 500 obo posting for a friend
  17. Here’s a little bow we got this am
  18. Put your riggers at the depth you mark fish
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