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  1. I had a similar deal I paid 1200 io with 400 hours it’s a 86
  2. Yes you can buy a lot but also limits ya on what you can do I can cut ladders or whatever I want my wife uses it more than I do that’s the only reason we have one she makes custom tumblers
  3. Mad River is the man to get it from
  4. Cricut maker pm me if you’d like
  5. Something I made I gotta add a little strip of foam to top to hang spoons
  6. All we ever fish for is silvers an end up with piles of lakers lol
  7. I painted a buddy of spoons for prizes that never got handed out that won’t happen again either
  8. Yes we fish the upper 50 most on ten color with a spoon
  9. Got tons of bows this past fall an a decent landlock
  10. I run this down th chute with 3-5 spoons on it never get into the other rods
  11. I have a 12 with paperwork for 300
  12. If it came with the gear there should be some of my spoons in there
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