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  1. I will take them. PM sent.
  2. Please put me in line behind bout time.
  3. Sold / Closed rs

    Drop this guy a PM and see if the sale went through...
  4. Donating blood. Want the tracks. Will call shortly.
  5. Put me down for the tracks if Sutton44 backs out.
  6. Wanted Big Jon Triples

    I saw two NIB sets for sale in the classifieds on the Great Lakes Angler forum.
  7. Fair enough. Get ahold of me if you change your mind.
  8. Would you be willing to sell the extensions separately?
  9. Interested in some dipsys. Sizes? Colors? Pics? Good luck with the move.
  10. Wanted Sinkers and diamond jigs

    There are usually a few guys selling diamond jigs in the fishing section of the classifieds on the Not as heavy as you want, but here is an example. There is also a guy that is selling sinkers for a flat rate. Pretty sure he can make whatever you want. Put up a WTB post and I would be surprised if you did not get what you need rather quickly.
  11. Hit the "Start New Topic" tab on the right and enter your pics and information. If you have any questions, it is best to start a new thread so you do not hi-jack the original poster's ("OP") thread.