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  1. If it was just my sewer overflowing I wouldn’t be bothered, just doesn’t sit right if it’s everyone else’s. Call me old fashioned.
  2. Zero for tournaments is a good idea. Carting fish from Gallo to the river every tourney for stage time is so stupid. If they can fish with road cones and live scopes, I think they can figure out a fish-less weigh-in system that still entertains.
  3. Lower the limit to 2 a day, open the season July 1st and close it July 5th. I’ve seen enough Nascar on water and Ricky Bobbys to hold me over for a long time.
  4. Somebody help this guy before he has to ransack the place.
  5. Maybe gizzards are like lemmings and they’ll all just go over the cliff out of nowhere.
  6. I can remember Bob coming back to the dock 20+ years ago with walleyes so big I thought they were carp. Legend walleye fisherman. RIP.
  7. McWally


    I had some dime sized ball of fleas after long trolls out near stony island last weekend
  8. Got 2 Saturday evening on a spoon down 60 and a wire dipsy out 220 f/f in 140’ off calf. 2-3 hour effort.
  9. Ok, I’m tracking, know what I’m looking out now, thanks.
  10. They were thick a few days before
  11. Ok, thanks, that’s a serious hot spot
  12. I want to believe they are sporty but there were so many I’m starting think they were forage fish like Cisco. Same size as smallies. Inquiring minds want to know!
  13. Smallmouths didn’t cross mind, hmmmm.
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