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  1. We had a "gnat" (just for 1 year, in 1 or 2 counties)that hung around water holes & was biting the deer transmitting a disease called Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease(EHD) that would make them thirsty, seek water & die, either in the streams or ponds. It was terrible. Anytime you were around water you would find a dead deer. The woods smelled like death. But it only lasted 1 year. Being that it only lasted 1 year made it seem odd. But that was the official story the Pa. Game Commission was sticking too. But the deer population took a noticeable hit.
  2. That's a tank!! Nice job!
  3. This happened quite a few years ago during the rifle deer season. I was hunting in the evening & watched 2 horned owls "drive" a grey squirrel up a small valley towards me by taking turns flying back & forth across the valley till 1 of the owls snatched the squirrel off the back side of a tree not more than 20 yards away from me. One of the craziest things I seen in the outdoors. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it.
  4. Nice sausage! Like PAP said, you can't eat the horns. Nice job!
  5. Beautiful deer!! Congrats to your buddy! Once in a lifetime deer!
  6. Nice bucks Giz! Hope you can connect with one.
  7. Great Buck! Congratulations! Glad you got to share it with your son. Memories that will last forever!
  8. Beautiful pics!! I think that Alaska is a bucket list item for a lot of us on this site!! Keep the pics coming!
  9. Wow! Hope she's harvested soon. That's gotta hurt!
  10. Did anyone happen to see that Bass Pro just purchased Cabelas?!? Hopefully the deal works out for outdoorsmen & women.
  11. Skinny. I do everything by the letter of the law set by the Game Commission. If you don't like my practices well that's your opinion. I done trying to explain it to you. I'm not going to get into a pi$$ing match with you on a site where we're supposed to talking about & enjoying our outdoor sports. We get enough of that from politicians & anti's. You have your opinion & I have mine. You be safe & have a safe hunting season.
  12. Skinny420, Please stop calling the items I am discussing a snare. I do not, have not & will not use snares on my trap line. I use a cable restraints. They are 2 different things. If you look thru all my posts on this thread I've never called them snares. Please get your facts straight. As far as lowering my loops on my restraints. They are set at 6-8" off the ground if I'm targeting fox, 10-12" off the ground if I'm after yotes. The loop diameter is small. About 6" for fox & 10" for yotes. I have never set a restraint at hip level. Again, get your facts straight. Yes I have killed 3 deer over the 10 years I have been using restraints. But every incidental kill was followed by a call to the Game Commission. Also, in those 10 years of using restraints I have removed over 35 yotes using restraints. You run dogs, probably for small game. Do you think I hurt or helped the areas I trapped for small game? If you've trapped like you say you have. Are you going to say you've never had an incidental catch? Say someone's house cat? And had to put the animal down because you couldn't get the cat out of your trap without getting ripped to pieces? As for being a real trapper. I've been doing this since the mid 70's. Were you born yet? You want advice ask me. I have 40 years of knowledge. Idiot? Maybe take a look in the mirror.
  13. Thanks Giz! You do the same.
  14. RD3. Not a big deal posting 3 times. I like hunting the 1st week & the last 2. But I do hunt all thru the season (as most archery hunters do). The season is so short. You have to be out there as much as you can. Can't shoot them from work.....or the couch! Good Luck!
  15. This area always has had great genetics & it shows in the bucks. My problem is (like a lot of people) come the season I only catch glimpses of them. Although we do get lucky & we do harvest 1 now & then. I've pulled 3 real nice bucks over the last 10 years on this property. And my Brother in law has taken 2. The largest was about 145 class & the smallest out of those 5 was about 130 class. We've never had them officially scored. I see no reason. They're not world records but for Pa it's somewhat respectable. It keeps you coming back when you see pics like these.