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  1. That's a tough choice. I figure it this way. If you would shoot it on the last day why not shot it on the 1st day??
  2. From the very 1st picture on this thread/topic i started. This is the 8pt in the back on the right side of the pic. Not the biggest in the world but i'll take him.
  3. You've got some nice looking animals around your place!!
  4. That sounds about right for me too! At least a quarter of my pics are either blank or dark.
  5. Another hunting season is coming & coming fast! Post your trail camera pictures.
  6. You'll get them Kevin. Any turkey hunter who says they've never had a bird come in on them silent or missed a bird is lying...or just started hunting turkeys & hasn't ever taken a shot! They're a tough bird to consistently fool into range. I swear they can see you breath & blink! Keep plugging away & I'm sure you'll get your bird! Good Luck to all!!
  7. Whaler, head to the fields when it rains. I always seem to find them in the fields when it rains. As long as it's not a downpour. My 1 buddy is a turkey savant (former president of our local NWTF a few years back) told me the same thing. Got him on Saturday Pa's opening day.
  8. With the archery season approaching (in Pa.) just a little note to all.
  9. Nice fish. It's tough when you're by yourself! Especially when you're fighting a rough sea. Well done!
  10. Sorry to hear about your equipment getting snatched. Fat Trout's idea is a thought for the future. Inexpensive & effective. I'll remember to keep your theft in mind when we're in Olcott for the Fall Derby.
  11. Great report! I have a month to go before I can hit the Big O. Keep those reports coming! Be safe!
  12. Nice job! Reading these reports & living vicariously through them! Keep 'em coming!!
  13. I have to say that this was probably the best Spring Gobbler season I've ever seen! At least in Pa. it was. Most of my hunting buddies tagged out with 1 or 2 birds (allowed 2 gobblers with an extra tag in Pa) and those that didn't fill a tag at least had an opportunity. I don't know if I'll see another season like it in my lifetime. I hope all the turkey hunters on this site had the same great experiences I did. A great thing too was that I didn't hear of a single accidental shooting in my area. Next on the hunting agenda, a lot of us will be picking up our bows & taking to the trees in pursuit of the wily whitetail. Be safe!
  14. Nice report! Too bad about the last day. Nice pictures. Man, on that 1st pic be careful. That hook is awful close to your hand! That salmon does a head shake & that hook is likely to end up in your hand. Hate for something like that to ruin a trip! Good luck!
  15. That looks like the beginning of a beautiful fishing partnership! Now you'll both have a memory that will last for BOTH your lifetimes! Congratulations!
  16. We're allowed to shoot them in Pa. all year. As long as we have either a valid unused tag for that season or a fur takers license there's no season & no daily/seasonal limit.
  17. Congratulations to all! You can't make this stuff up. My bro-in-law & I went out Sunday evening searching for gobblers for his next days hunt (I got a bird the 1st morning). We found 4 gobblers chasing bugs in a field around 7:30 pm. Being so late in the day we figured they would roost close by where we last saw them. The plan was simple. Come back the next morning & set up on the ridge we knew they roosted on periodically. So, come 1st thing in the morning we're set up & are waiting for them to sound off & fly down. Hmmm, no gobbles while they were on the roost (odd). We gave a few soft yelps to let them know hens were around. Once they flew down we heard a few gobbles. OK, we're in the game. Within 1/2 hour, 45 minutes we had 2 mature gobblers within 45-50 yards, From my angle (15 yards behind & to his left) I had a clean shot & could have reached out on either of them. But my brother in law didn't have a good angle & couldn't make a clean shot. So, I guessed correctly he passed on forcing a bad shot selection & waited hoping they would continue in closer. They started circling around towards our right & I'm just waiting for the big bang. All the sudden I see some movement behind the gobblers. At 1st I think that they're deer. Upon staring for a bit & seeing them get closer I notice they're not deer, Here come 2 coyotes sneaking up, taking the same line as the birds came in on. Here I am. Sitting there helpless. I can't motion to my bro-in-law what's happening. He's in front & concentrating on the birds. He doesn't see the yotes...yet. All I can do now is hope he gets a shot at one of the birds before the yotes bust up the party. Yeah, well. It's good to hope. But it didn't happen. Seconds later the birds spooked & took off running over the hill. He couldn't get a shot at the birds as they ran off (it happened so fast) & he didn't realize what happened till a few seconds later when he saw 1 of the yotes. He was so surprised because how fast it happened he couldn't even get a shot at either of the yotes! Not a successful hunt but a good story to share. Wish I had a video camera for that one.
  18. Great job everyone! Beautiful birds!
  19. Gun @ about 45 yards. Dead before I got to him.
  20. Got lucky the 1st day of Pa's gobbler season! Nine & 3/4" beard & 1 1/8" spurs.
  21. I was a tick (not chick) magnet for years. I've pulled at least 8 attached & 3 dug in ticks off of me over the last 10 years. Thank the Lord never got anything bad but bite marks. I've been using Gamehides "Elmi-tick" clothing for about 4-5 years (on my 2nd set of clothes) & hardly if ever see ticks on my clothes. And haven't had a tick attached since I've been using the clothing. I wear the clothing even when I'm skinning animals. Better safe than sorry. I do use Permetherin spray on my normal clothes & it also works great. But like Dawsonscreek said you don't want it on your skin. One, it doesn't work on skin & two, it is strong stuff. Good luck to all!
  22. Seems like white oaks put off acorns once every couple of years. But if you search the woods you're sure to find 1 or 2 putting off acorns. I would rather have 1 or 2 white oaks trees putting off acorns instead of all the white oaks. Makes it easier to figure where to hang your archery stands, at least for the 1st 2 weeks of the season. I've seen deer walk past a standing corn field & not give it any notice to get to a white oak tree putting off acorns. Red oaks put off almost every year. I don't see deer give red oak acorns much run (a few exceptions, chestnut oak) . They must be a bit bitter. They'll eat them. But usually save them for later after most other options are gone. Looks like red oaks are set to drop quite a few acorns this year. Around my area we've got apple, crab apple & hickory trees loaded with a bumper crop. Butternuts are spotty. Like someone mentioned earlier walnut trees are loaded to the hilt. Good luck to all!
  23. Here's a couple bucks I have on camera. Trouble is like all bigger bucks I hardly ever see them during the season. That's why they're both mature older bucks. They disappear every hunting season. I have 1 other 23" 10 point on camera but can't get the computer to read the SD card. So I can't attach the picture. If I get it to load I'll attach it later. B Safe!
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