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  1. I did that right away after reading someone else's post about legacy vs advanced. Good to know my motor is working same as others. seeyawader, I used to clean my fish in the kitchen but finally had to put a sink in the basement so I could clean them there. Now everybody is happy
  2. Sorry about that pap. My wife took that in our dining room. You can tell she likes modern art from the painting on the wall. Me? Not so much. I think this is going to be a great year for salmon fishing. When I fished out of Olcott during the derby the depth finder screen was lit up with fish.
  3. It’s from Ecsboats.com. Basically extends the skeg already on the motor
  4. I'm going to try and put a skeg on and see if I can use a lower setting. I'll let you know how it works.
  5. That's the speed I had mine at. I was hoping I could get by with it at 1 or 2 setting to save battery power. Also looking into the possibility of a skeg to help the motor. I have a 17 foot aluminum boat with a 5 hp kicker
  6. Pap. what setting do you have the TM set on?
  7. Got to the launch around 5pm and it was deserted. Not a good sign I thought. I knew most of the salmon were still on the west side but wanted to try out my new terrova trolling motor so catching fish would just be a bonus. Definitely a learning curve using the i-Pilot. Trolling motor would get over powered by my kicker if I didn’t have the TM set on at least 4. Got the hang of it and had a rigger release after awhile. Started taking line out so thought it could be a salmon but turned out to be a big laker. Put out a 10 color LC with mag Carmel dolphin on planer board and got a small salmon that I ended up giving to a woman fishing on the bank. Let out the core again and within a few minutes got another hit this time with the planner board being dragged backwards. Finally got enough line in to take the board off and landed this guy. Was fishing in 125 to 140. Was about 53 degrees on surface and 46 down over a hundred feet. Ended up 3 for 3. Very pleasant day on the water.
  8. I've now install my bow mounted trolling motor. Wondering where do you put the rudder on? I've seen ones attached to the shaft but then how do you stow it on its bracket? And this question is from left field but why aren't there sacrificial anodes on a trolling motor? I believe I've read they do put them on ones used for salt water.
  9. Thanks guys. Very helpful information!
  10. Thanks for the info chowder. I think I've considered most of the things you mentioned. I will be using a kicker for propulsion and the TM for direction. I've heard people put a rudder on the TM to save battery power. I've also learned the hard way (wasted money). The best way I've found to make decisions like this is to talk to others who have similar boats/set ups.
  11. Thanks for the feedback Frogger. It's hard for me to believe the answer hasn't already been determined and it would be standard for all trolling motors. Probably because everybody's boat is wired differently. I guess the best thing is to try it one way and if I see interference, change it.
  12. Hi, I'm retiring at the end of this year and my plan was to buy a bow mounted trolling motor with ipilot and spot lock as my reward for the 30 years I've put in at my work. Well, I said the hell with it, if I'm going to buy one anyway might as well buy it now. The question I have is with regards to the TM battery. My boat comes equipped with a plug at the bow. Do I have to worry about connecting my starting and TM battery's negative posts or just keep the batteries isolated? I'm worried about the electrolysis between my aluminum boat, the starting battery and all that is connected to it, and the trolling motor when it is in the water. I've searched online and everyone seems to have a different opinion. Am I overthinking this?
  13. I also have one but its about 6 years old.
  14. Thanks Les and NYbassin. I got my boat stuck in that muck one year not knowing the south launch got so shallow. Luckily I was able to use my boat hook to push myself out to deeper water. Never used the Union Springs launch. I'm assuming if parking has been full, the perch fishing must be pretty good. I want to take some friends fishing who've had limited fishing experience-and would rather take them to Cayuga where I'm pretty confident we'll have good action as opposed to taking them to Lake Erie where it can be hit or miss, not to mention the seasickness possibility.
  15. Anyone launch out of the State Park recently? How is the water level and are the docks in? Thanks.
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