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  1. Getting a kicker is a very good idea BUT getting a tow service is also a good idea. My family and I were stranded out in the lake several years ago, and both my main motor and kicker had issues. I had the tow service through my insurance so I didn't have to eat the $800 towing fee. I think Towboat is $79 a year last I looked. So if this is available in your area, I would highly recommend it.
  2. There is a learning curve. You will get better. I suggest reading the Dan Keating books. That will increase your knowledge and give you more confidence on the water.
  3. I started having trouble with my fishhawk with the transducer mounted on the same side as my kicker. Don't know why it started acting up because had been fine for the past 3 years. I switched the FH transducer to the other side of transom with my fishfinder transducer and now no problems. I can even use the 83 hz setting with no problems.
  4. Very different water temps than the last time out. Set up in 140ft and it was 43F 75 down. Had to change my game plan. Had 5 rods out- 5 color with a 2 oz snap weight with a spoon; dipsey with f/f set out at 200; kevokian spoon on rigger set at 90; mag dipsy with mag spoon and f/f on the other rigger. The kevokian spoon took 4 of the 5 hits we had. The dipsy with f/f took the other hit with what seemed to be a decent salmon on but he got off soon after. Fished from 5:30pm to 7:30. Was supposed to calm down towards evening but never did for us so we called it a night after getting our last fish.
  5. Brought my neighbor's two sons out fishing Lake O for first time. Launch at Sandy's at 4:30pm and set up in about 140ft trolling east. Had a 6 rod set up with two riggers, 6 color leadcore, on planer, a 350 copper on a planer, and two dipsys on wire with f/fs. Had a hit right away on the copper before I could get the second rigger set. 16lb king. Little did I know that would be our only fish. Warm water all the way down until 120ft. Only a couple other boats out. Very nice day out there. Anyway, the younger of the two sons had a great time bringing in the only king of the day. His biggest fish by far.
  6. Started at 7:30am fishing with my son in about 120ft with a 6 rod spread. 63 degrees on top and had to go down to about 80 to get some cooler water. Had a 3 and 5 color leadcore out, 2 dipsies with FF, and two riggers, one with spoon and one with FF. Didn't move a rod until we move out a little deeper and we hit this laker on a green dolphin on the rigger set at 80. Turned around and started west and we got the nice salmon on the other rigger with powder blue spin doctor. Got one more small king on the dolphin and called it a day after 3 hours going 3/3. Didn't hammer them but it was nice to get out with my son. Later he played violin for my wife's church for father's day. Pretty perfect way to spend the day. Hope all the fathers on here had as nice a day as I did.
  7. Started in about 120ft around 7:30am. Very calm today. I have never caught a coho so I set up a 6inch red dodger with a peanut fly on a 5 color leadcore on a board. Before I could get my second rod in the water I had one on the dodger. Ended up losing that fish but soon after got one on f/f off my rigger about 60ft down. Didn't get another hit for about an hour so I started out towards deeper water- went out to about 200 when the same rigger goes again. Better salmon this time. Every year I try to get a new type of presentation in my spread so this year I wanted to start using torpedo divers with 3 color leadcore with a church board. As I'm setting this up, my other rigger goes with 3 color leadcore and a spoon. Turns out to be a nice rainbow who got tangled in my torpedo line. Ended up going 3/4. Nice way to start the season on LO.
  8. I keep trying to run Torpedos off my Church TX 44 boards but they just seem to get over powered by them. Any tips on how run those off boards? I tried today with I think it was the 8 oz and my board just wouldn't run right.
  9. Launched from Deans at 3:30pm and set up about two miles south of there. Took my neighbor's son Salman and his friend Abdul. They had never been fishing on a boat so I wanted to make sure we got them into some fish. 6 rod spread included two downriggers with f/f, two dispeys with f/f and two lead cores on planner boards with jointed rapalas- a three and five color. For the first hour and a half just one hit, then a flurry of 3 hits in a few minutes when we went into some shallower water around 60-70 feet. Ended up with 5 nice lakers and a few lost fish. Very polite and appreciative boys- couldn't thank me enough. Wanted to get them into a salmon but probably should have set up with a shallower program. This is the earliest I've ever fished this part of the lake so wasn't sure what I'd run into. It was 51 degrees down 45ft and 57 on top. Everything took hits. IMG_2476.heic IMG_4591.heic IMG_2476.heic
  10. It's true small businesses are hurting badly but this is where our government needs to step in and put politics aside, which in the end I think they will. Winston Churchill said it best, "America has to exhaust all other options before doing the right thing." It isn't just about opening up. It's about doing it correctly by social distancing and wearing a mask. My wife is from South Korea and her home town got hit hard. But the government's response was swift and they didn't shut down. Why? Because the people in South Korea have more trust in their government AND they have a sense of duty to all in society. Here in America we are much more independent minded and resist any freedoms being taken away even if they are for our own good. Remember the resistance to the seat belt law? If we just "go for it" we may prolong this pandemic and have to shut down again. If we can avoid more people dying, shouldn't we do it,since all those young people have parents and grandparents?
  11. x2 If you have a question on fishing, ask a fisherman; if you have a medical question, ask a doctor; if you have a question on science, ask a scientist. None of us would like to be told by someone who doesn't know anything about our specialty, how to do our job. Why should we think a politician knows about a medical or science issue more than a doctor or scientist? Many people bash New York State but we are in much better shape than many states because we have listened to the experts. Are experts always right? No. But neither are we. And Gill-T is right, we are all in this together. Our actions impact others.
  12. Thanks !I usually set up in 130ft but yesterday I had no idea. Thought about going way out in 300-400 ft.
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