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  1. If something happens and the sale doesn’t go through, let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. LazyRiver585

    Wanted deer sheds

    Awesome. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I'm looking to buy or barter for some antlers. Dog’s favorite chew toy and I need more. Due to some current health issues it’s not ideal for me to be out there myself looking. Would appreciate any help I can get.
  4. LazyRiver585

    Predator 2018-2019

    If I just want to tag along with some buddies on a predator hunt, do I need a license? as in; I have zero intention of pulling a trigger, or even carrying a gun, and just want to sit out and watch the process; does my participation require me to have a license?
  5. LazyRiver585

    for sale : usa Crank baits stick baits

    Got any 3-5” stick baits? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. no. still have all. still listening to proposals
  7. I don't NEED to sell so i'm not set on a price for any, or all, of it. i'm willing to take trades, cash, or trade cash combos. definitely willing to deal. make me an offer
  8. ~ silver kingpin r2. barely ever used. ~ 14' Raven IM8 3 piece in great shape ~ 11'6" Raven RPX 2 piece in good shape looking to sell or trade. send a message if you have any questions
  9. LazyRiver585

    Salmon cures

    how old is it and does that $60 include delivery?
  10. i have two R2s i'd consider parting with. possibly the Zeppelin. let me know if interested
  11. LazyRiver585

    how did the pen projects turn out?

    thanks for the updates, guys. tight lines out there.
  12. how did the pen projects turn out? I was curious to hear about the success of the 2017 pen projects? I had heard due to the conditions this spring that some ports were unable to host and that others faced abnormally high number of fish dying in the pens. Any updates would be greatly appreciated as I am wayyy out of the loop.
  13. Thanks Sent from my VS930 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app