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  1. What does under way mean? If I am fishing using the trolling motor to hold my position is that underway? If I am anchored is it ok to not have one on. That law makes no sense. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. That's your problem you need a much lower priced one like evan green label or old crow Kentucky...nothing well when naked salmon fishing Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. The real problem is the whiskey ... Everyone knows size does not matter Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. I have run buckets before they suck ..they bang on the sides of the boat and drive you crazy . Also they are not as easy to store they take up a lot more room than bags. But if you do use buckets drill holes for 2 reasons they actually slow you alot more with holes bc it let's water flow though them not just around them . And second it makes it alot easier to pull them out of the water a bucket full of water is heavy and if it's rough at all it's hard to reach over it dump them..all and all for the few dollars bags coat it's well worth it ..just get the small ones no need to go to big. They slow you alot .. on my boat it's over 2mph slower when I dump the bags in.. I run mine all the time even when I can get slow enough. It moves the boat handle so much better and let's you get your motor rpms up so they run so much smoother Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Oh and forgot ...the rear rope is a savior if you ever forget and take off running with them out. The front rope breaks and the bags just skim across the water behind.. trust me ...I been there . Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Trust me many years of trolling never ever do a plate ...they suck you loose your steering and they are not good for your motor.. buy 2 small bags and run them all the time..you can keep the rpms up makes steering in wind easier and your motor will run better.. make sure you hook them to the from of the boat if you have cleats in the front use those or use the front eye you use to trailer it. Then run them about 3/4 way back the boat with a rope on the back tied off to the back of the boat..does 2 things makes them easy to pull..grab the back rope and they dump out the larger front ...and keep the rear rope kinda tight it keeps them right on the sides out of the way and makes the boat control so much better .. and always run them both ..better buying 2 small ones and run them both..if you run one the boat will pull to that side all the time.. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. That boat is fine most days ..if it's too rough for that boat it's not fun on any boat. I fish a 18 foot alumicraft all the time. Watch the weather pick good days and catch tons of fish. I think smaller boats actually catch more fish some days. The nice thing about smaller boats is you get more use out of them because you can trailer and launch them easy..of all your going to do is fish lake Ontario then get a bigger boat bit if you want an all around fishing boat 17 and 18 footers are great Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. You did not hurt my feelings at all or offend me and i know one pier fisherman that is at almost every single meeting ( that's was to Gamblers response also) and I am not really a pier guy it a river guy anymore either. And yes every boat has had a great few Summers on the lake imcluding me. I used to fish probably 70 or more days a year in the rivers or streams mostly for steelhead. I don't do that at all anymore mostly because I have found other sports that I enjoy at that time of the year. And I don't really ever target steelhead I any way anymore but I did help with the pens this year. And if asked will don't again next year. I would have help with the salmon I offered but was never asked after I offered. I have fished this lake since I was around 5.. I kinda left fishing for salmon on the lake for a few years while my kids were younger and I was traveling alot for work. But I always kept my eye what was going one. Yes this lake has changed huge.but the basics of the salmon are the same, all spring and summer they follow the food and every year the mature fish head up some river to spawn. I don't know the total reason they have left using the western end rivers but sure be nice if they would return. And it might be as simple as the huge number of fish we catch all year are not the ones stocked here. We might be fishing Canadian fish, eadt end fish and wild fish. So maybe the ones returning here are all that are left of out imprinted fish. But I do know this if the river and lake guys hate on each other and dont work together it won't improve Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. This is such a bad way to represent this fishery , not every person has the means to have a 30 foot plus boat and thousands of dollars in electronics. A long with down riggers , divers , lead core, copper, meat rigs. This was not made to be a rich guy sport. Don't get me wrong I love to catch salmon on the lake all year. I don't find them to be great table fair anytime. I keep a couple a year to eat, mosty ones I hurt so I can't release them.. it's only a sport to me, I would never eat one of the fall dark fish but I will never shame anyone if they want to. And just because you don't enjoy something why tell others they can't . I have caught 1000's of salmon. Every way posable , spring trolling , summer trolling , fall wall trolling , casting from the pier , drifting in the stream, trolling I'm the creek. Every way has it's own fun and skill. To me dragging a 400 copper or a 500 copper and catching a 15 pound salmon is horrible. Would much rather cast at the pier and fell one hit than ever drag a copper line to catch one...but I don't tell people not to drag a copper fish around at 3 mph and reel for 20 mins while it fights the line...so if guys want to fish for pier fish and enjoy it you should not belittle them. This just my opinion every angler that buys a nys fishing license should have a fair chance at catching the fish our DEC spends that money to stock. Not just the ones who book a charter or can afford the equipment to fish them in deep water. If anything the everyday angler should hate the charter fleet for only paying the same license fee and get the chance make a living off it. Now don't think I think that way because I don't but trust me some of the guys that can't afford that fishery sure hate that is the same price them as you. I get the whole picture charters bring huge dollars to the fishery , everyone that books has to stay, eat, drink, and pay for a fishing license. Those money's are a huge part of nys income. But also there is some huge dollars spent each year by shore and small boat fisherman. My entire point is this is a huge fishery with many people making money off it and many people enjoying it. If you take away one part the other will suffer .. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Well Vince as always you showed your class. You could have easily stooped to his level. But you just defended your self with facts and honest opinions based on what you have seen in your many hours on the water. And I remember when you started your charter business many many years ago and I have always been impressed with your attention to detail and how you always paid attention to every little thing, all to make you a better fisherman. I am sure you have taken note of alot more than most anglers so I like hearing your point of view on what's happening in the lake. Keep up the fight for all of us fellow fisherman Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. I am with Vince back when I was in school I would always catch a salmon in the creek before I had to go back to school the day after labor day. And some times the water in the creek would be high 70's. I know know the water is clearer and that has some effect. But my point is water temp to mature salmon is not that important.. the want to spawn can make them go to water they are not comfortable in. There are a ton of factors that is making the salmon returns on the west end poor at best. I pointed them out and probably the smallest factor is water temps of the streams and rivers. The lake getting all messed up right at staging time I am sure is the biggest along with poor imprinting. But on a side note why are there not alot more salmon in the salmon river either? If all our fish went there they should be over run but looks like just a normal run? Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. I been doing this a long time and the imprint issue is for sure real. But if the fish are living close to out western ports they return, well at least a fair amount of them. We sure had the fish all summer I am sure alot of our fish went to freezers that does not help. But the salmon river has fish so not got caught. One major problem we saw this year was the weather late . Just as the fish started to stage we had crazy winds hard east..all the water was cold inside , then hard west bam hot water inside to hot. Then east blow ice right back. And repeat it again. The 15 to 25 mph west winds blow for 2 days. After that one the matures were gone. Either we were catching Canada fish and ours were already gone our it was our fish and they booked east. No matter what the vanished. I don't think the imprint is strong enough to draw them back when those things happen . Plus the smaller streams had almost 0 flow at that time due to the dry late summer . All added to gether and you get what we have, a very poor return Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. It looks like the easiest quick fix might be to just turn over your receiver I can't tell for sure but it looks you have the receiver in with the curve going up take the ball off turn it over in over so it has drop not rise and put the ball back on that will help a bunch. I would still look in to moving the boat forward too. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. I have towed a bunch of trailers and I can tell you right now your biggest problem is your tongue is light and your truck hitch is to high you can see the trailer is not making your truck squat at all and it should. I would do 2 things get a hitch that is lower and move the winch tower about 10 inches forward to start with . I would not tow it any more like that it looks dangerous. I have seen people crash because of trailers just like that. People don't understand how dangerous it is to tow a trailer that has bad weight balance and light tongue weight is the worst. It can actually pick the back of the truck up so much in on a curve that it pushed you off the road or in to on coming traffic. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. If your getting it caught on the main line from the rod to the cannon ball my guess is you are letting the main line get to much slack. Keep the reel in gear and just back the drag off so the rod stays bent some . I normally put it in free spool but keep my thumb on the spool to control it . The other thing is try and keep the boat a going as straight as possible while setting the lines. Also when posable set your deepest rigger first so it does not have to go by the already set rigger .. if you catch a fish and the other riggers are down still just make sure your going straight when you send the deep rigger past the others . Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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