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  1. Have blue diamonds for downrigger and mono slide divers. Talora for wire divers. Used blue diamonds before switching to the talora based on a recommendation. Wish I had done it sooner... more money, but better product you won’t waste upgrade money on.
  2. No...it goes back to neutral and ball up process continues until the resin part on the cable connection breaks the surface. At that time the connection is broken and the motor should stop winding. If you are missing that piece, the motor will continue to wind up until you click the switch down to stop it.
  3. I still run an old pair of these mixed with new ones. The 4 prong switch is with the auto-stop. As stated, when the ball is in the water below the auto stop section, hitting up will keep the motor engaged until that resin section breaks the connectivity. If you see that behavior, it's working properly. You are getting oxidation on the motor so the housing is no longer sealed properly. When you put back together, make sure you seal the seam of the housing well to keep as much vapor out of that housing. Too much water will fry the motherboard...replaced one last year
  4. I love using #5 black chinook as a deep wire diver.
  5. Fishing shallow water in mid-May out of Olcott we had quite a few 5-6 pound salmon around banging spoons that I assume were last years class mixed in with the 15 -19 pound fish. I boated very few fish in that 9-13 pound range though and expected to see some of them missed in and didn't.
  6. Dane - Mono divers can and do work, but like everything have their place. Once the water warms, mono divers will typically target steelhead above 40'. If you get a NE wind and run offshore, mono divers can be high divers targeting early morning kings and steelhead. When there are no flea's, you can use braid as HB2 pointed out. If fleas are out, wire is needed. Personally, diver color is less important. Black is what I prefer to run and have most confidence in, but I often run chrome diver, chrome based flashers on bright days. Everybody has a fav diver color that works for them. I run 12'-13' 30lb Big Game behind the divers before attaching flasher, fly, meat. 20-25 lb flouro if spoon fishing. As already said, some days divers just light up.
  7. Are you out early or late in the morning? Colors that fire early don’t always fire when the sun comes up. I ran darks in the morning and chromes/whites when the sun came up last week with a lot of success. Actually black/green dot fires best in the early morning until it got light. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. I launched at East ramp Monday and the full week prior and there were no issues. Did the water level rise this week? Didn’t really seem to be a concern then. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Just got back from a few days at the Oak and happened to have the rare day with Atlantics. My sons holding a 8.5, 7.5, and 6.5 pound Atlantic in the same morning. Broke off what we thought was a larger one on a Lance Two Face after catching those three in the same vicinity. Completed the day with kings to 25 + lbs, 2 steelhead and 3 browns. Didn't have time to run offshore to find a coho though. Inconsistent temps, currents and action for us during the week. Fished 22' to 550' depending on the wind and temps. Black green dot spinnie with rapture black hypnotist and dragon slayer with stud were the better flashers on wires out 150' - 200'. Chrome Black Mamba with Minion Night Fury for meat on 300 copper; Mag Kimbo, Chilly WIlly, UV green alewive, Black Plague, and Lance Two Face the better spoons off riggers, 200 copper and lead lines. Broke off hogs on Night Fury w/ 300 copper and Dragon Slayer with Stud. Couldn't get a Waddler to fire no matter where I ran them this trip.
  10. USCA701M is pretty much the same rod you are looking for. I have a couple of both models (cal1100 and USCA701M) and other than a couple minor things...look, feel same to me
  11. "Sitting on top of a hill overlooking 2 marinas"..don't think there are docks.
  12. relaxer

    Spoon ID

    Dreamweaver in Chilly Willy pattern. Excellent color Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Are you running the 8' dipsy model or are you running a downrigger model for the wire diver? Do you know which model you're using TLA 802MH2 or the downrigger TLAF 80MH2
  14. Have old Okuma Classic 9' with twilli tips and looking for options. These are a little stiff and wondering what other options others use. Anyone run a shorter wire rod they like as inside divers? Not looking for rollers as I rather find a blank that fits the bill and just add a wire tip. Thanks in advance
  15. Looks like a Fishlander blank...or one Warrior might use
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