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  1. For the money...the Okuma Classic Pro GLT's are hard to beat in the ~$30 range. I have used Daiwa Great Lakes, Okuma Blue Diamonds (still have some), Shimano TDR, Ugly Stick (still have some) and a handful of others. Save your money and get the newer Okuma GLT... they have the triangular front grip you asked about. For the money those are about as impossible to beat as any. The only rods I like better were Talora's and I got some of those for divers now after using them on a friends boat.
  2. I've purchased transducers and other products...great service and prices.
  3. Chamberlains...agree with Capt. Rich
  4. I have the Seagate running that setup and you have plenty of room for backing on the Seagate. The Sealine is likely same size.
  5. These typically work for me after the early bite wanes and sun gets higher (maybe 8-10 or evening bite if I am out) when I am up the month of July: Stinger - NBK, Lance 2 Face, Green Alewife UV, Tri Klops Dreamweaver - UV Blue/Green spotted, Chilly Willy, UV watermelon Moonshine - half moon Atomic Melon and Green Shorts I tend to keep a Mag or reg. Chilly Willy or an NBK Stingray running on a 200' copper in the water most days once the sun gets a little higher. One or the other produces consistently and all species pretty equally.
  6. I have fished some of those patterns when Russ made them on spinnies. Stud and RGV chin music (green) have been great on a spin doctor blade with stud flies for me the last couple Julys. Kryptonite has taken a few fish too but have not found the right fly to work best with it. I haven’t fished opti blanks but assume they likely catch similar. Think dragon slayer was one of his before being made as a standard pattern and that has also done well.
  7. Daiwa Saltist 30, takota A, Penn Fathom II line counters are all great reels.......or the Okuma 303 is likely a slight upgrade from the Daiwa SG47LC3.
  8. Daiwa SG47lc hold 1000' of 30lb 7 strand and are fine unless you fish regularly for kings. Then you might consider upgrading.
  9. Fish USA still has them...I recently bought a smaller one. https://www.fishusa.com/Trinity-Special-Mate-Tackle-Box?quantity=1&L-Size1=889
  10. FYI....algal blooms (colonies of algae) can make the air difficult to breathe and cause throat irritation. Anyone who fishes in South Florida gulf during the summer can attest to the irritation. And yes, they can occur in freshwater but are typically the cyanobacteria blooms (blue/green rather than the red or pink seen in the gulf). Nitrogen, phosphorus, animal manure, wastewater overflows, warm temps and stillwaters all contribute. That being said, likely just be the pollen like others pointed out.
  11. I run #5's on the 2 setting (wire) and if current is fine (meaning not running into a 3 mph current) that it is accurate.
  12. The black chinook #5's are the bomb...pull great, basically 2-1 ratio on #2 wire around 2.5, rarely have a false release once dialed in...couple dollars more than others but who said fishing is cheap. IMHO..If you can afford, I also agree with another response about the talora rods....the parabolic action make fighting these big guys easier. I run the 8' med/heavy as inside divers and won't go back to the cheaper rods...unless you are bringing young muscle after a couple wire fish.
  13. I will take a set... paypal sent. Tony
  14. Morning went west in 100-125 and found a few smaller fish. Finished 7/8 and dropped a big Atlantic at the net. Looked offshore for better signs but nothing so pulled plug at 11. 65/75 riggers and 180 diver... no pattern to colors. Went out at 4:00 and found fish at 230’ in front and east of oak. 65/75 riggers and 180-190 divers. Lance 2 face, UV alewife spoons... chin music / hypnotist spinnie did damage... 8/8 including 20,21,22 lb kings... plus 3 skippies. Lots of bait 60-120 down setting up last two nights out at 230’... worth a look if anyone out again at night. Green/ silver really worked well the last two nights in that water.
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