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  1. Daiwa Saltist 30, takota A, Penn Fathom II line counters are all great reels.......or the Okuma 303 is likely a slight upgrade from the Daiwa SG47LC3.
  2. Daiwa SG47lc hold 1000' of 30lb 7 strand and are fine unless you fish regularly for kings. Then you might consider upgrading.
  3. Fish USA still has them...I recently bought a smaller one. https://www.fishusa.com/Trinity-Special-Mate-Tackle-Box?quantity=1&L-Size1=889
  4. FYI....algal blooms (colonies of algae) can make the air difficult to breathe and cause throat irritation. Anyone who fishes in South Florida gulf during the summer can attest to the irritation. And yes, they can occur in freshwater but are typically the cyanobacteria blooms (blue/green rather than the red or pink seen in the gulf). Nitrogen, phosphorus, animal manure, wastewater overflows, warm temps and stillwaters all contribute. That being said, likely just be the pollen like others pointed out.
  5. I run #5's on the 2 setting (wire) and if current is fine (meaning not running into a 3 mph current) that it is accurate.
  6. The black chinook #5's are the bomb...pull great, basically 2-1 ratio on #2 wire around 2.5, rarely have a false release once dialed in...couple dollars more than others but who said fishing is cheap. IMHO..If you can afford, I also agree with another response about the talora rods....the parabolic action make fighting these big guys easier. I run the 8' med/heavy as inside divers and won't go back to the cheaper rods...unless you are bringing young muscle after a couple wire fish.
  7. I will take a set... paypal sent. Tony
  8. Morning went west in 100-125 and found a few smaller fish. Finished 7/8 and dropped a big Atlantic at the net. Looked offshore for better signs but nothing so pulled plug at 11. 65/75 riggers and 180 diver... no pattern to colors. Went out at 4:00 and found fish at 230’ in front and east of oak. 65/75 riggers and 180-190 divers. Lance 2 face, UV alewife spoons... chin music / hypnotist spinnie did damage... 8/8 including 20,21,22 lb kings... plus 3 skippies. Lots of bait 60-120 down setting up last two nights out at 230’... worth a look if anyone out again at night. Green/ silver really worked well the last two nights in that water.
  9. Was finally able to sneak out with lines down at 2:30... found them at 3 and steady bite until pulling lines at 7:30... 12/19 with all kings except one. Broke off two majors on the atommik treble. Spoons and flasher/fly. Spoons down 45 and 55 while spinnie ran 139 on wire. Lance two face and chilly Willy spoons... stud/stud glow spinnie and dragon slayer/ stud uv spinnie. All bites 229-234 west of oak.... loads of bait and fish active tonight. Best about 21 lbs but others ran similar.
  10. Since we had a wind change overnight and my area west was drying up, I worked right out front today before the rain. With a good south breeze, the cold water was inside so I worked 60-80 for a few kings. Then as the warmer layer kept pushing offshore, I moved deeper to 120-150 and later 175-200. Picked away at kings in each zone finishing 7-12 plus a skippie. All kings last two days with today’s big fish at 22. 30-60 down... gold spook, carbon 14 taking spoon bites and dragon slayer /glow stud and gold 42nd /42nd spinnies accounting for 5 bites. Picked up at 11:00... grind but found enough to keep it interesting today.
  11. Fished to the west a few miles again. Today’s bite was 55-70 on riggers, 300 copper, and a few on wire between 150-190. Carbon 14’s early w/ silver 42nd mid morning, and Chilly Willy later in the morning. Carbon 14 meat rig/Carbon 14 spinnie, UV two face W/ stud. Mostly kings with a few steel... biggest king 23' over 95-115 water. Ran a 200 copper all day and nothing to show. Finished with about 20 bites again...
  12. Fished west around golden hill today. 130-150 best for us... spook (gold) best spoon.. carbon 14 and 42nd (gold) did well. Gold 42nd/ 42nd spinnie fired with multiple fish. 60-80 on riggers and 160-180 on wire divers. Lots of fish around with a mix of good steelhead. Steady bite until 10:30 or so for us.
  13. Lake Breeze Marina has a station to use with a small donation. But I had to run out and dump the carcass back in the lake since the Park grinder was closed in early June. Following responses to see if anyone has a better idea.
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