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  1. Sorry, live out of state and not really interested in shipping since it's 4' booms. I forgot to take down ad.
  2. Most eels I have seen fishing the Oak this year. Lots of kings with bruiser eels that wouldn't let go this year. Sent many back to the lake in pieces.
  3. someone can comment on flasher/fly/meat but to give you a few spoons Dreamweaver, Moonshine, Stinger, Warrior Kings - Black/Green, White/Glo, Silver/Gold... many spoons in those color combinations that work. Vary sizes based on time of year... Carbon 14 (and variations), NBK, Green Jeans, Green Slice, Seasick, Lazer Spook, Rodfather, Green Menace, Oscar, Bad Toad, Shelly Snack, Spearmint, Chicken Wing to name a few. See common color theme? Steel - brights high in water column in early season (red, orange, yellow, green). Same as kings when they are deep works just downsized slightly but they hit mags as well. Really once you find the location with them, circle back through as they are often in pods near the temp breaks. There are many threads to review and just look for common mentions in peoples reports if you search old threads
  4. location on lake would help due to species distribution and seasonal patterns
  5. I run what Zinger runs.... #5 Chinook as low and #4 Chinook as high.
  6. A whole lot better eating though... grilled, fried, baked, or par-boiled and turned into a "crab cake" style fish cake. Almost impossible to ruin a rockfish.
  7. 10 reg sized spoons.... 4 stingers, 3 Yeck, a Warrior, and 2 Dreamweaver SS $30 shipped to you via paypal. PM if interested
  8. 7 Raider and 3 NK 28 spoons. $30 shipped to you via paypal. PM if interested
  9. Mix of 5 Raider (some glows) and 4 Silver Streak mag spoons.$30 shipped to you.... paypal. PM if interested.
  10. 10 mostly new mag spoons. Dreamweaver. Warrior, Salmon Candy, Moonshine, and Pirate 66. Chilly Willy and 42nd (silver) have good wear but rest are great shape. Good colors but just trying to cut down on the collection. $40 shipped to you... paypal.. PM if interested. Purple Thunder, Roy's, Salmon Candy Lake O, Black Beard, Bish Bruiser, Green Skirt, Pirate 66, 42nd, Kimbo (custom), Chilly Willy
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