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  1. relaxer


    If you are installing transom mount transducer, I second the GT51 as you have Chirp down and Chirp side. I run 7600 series combo and a plotter to a GT51 and really like the overall performance both inshore and offshore.
  2. relaxer

    Graph Opinions

    Garmin GPSMAP 742 which in the non-sonar version pre-loaded with BlueChart G2 map is the $850 mid-range market. This is different from the GPSMAP 742XS or XSV as those are sonar enabled. If you were to ever want sonar though, you would need to network a second unit or purchase a unit with XS or XSV capabilities initially and just not use the fishfinder. Garmin CS is very good as well compared to some others. I have 7600 series networked. Simrad Go7 Xse can save you a couple bucks and supports Navionics cards. For the money they are good units and my buddy has one. Navigating through menu's a little more to get used to though. Lowrance and Simrad use the same CS support.
  3. relaxer

    Gear Organization

    You can get a similar one with 6, 8, or 10 pockets from tackle direct. I use these for blades and some saltwater items after seeing my friend use them. https://www.tackledirect.com/nantucket-bound-small-roll-up-lure-bags.html
  4. Here is another place that can help you.... I have ordered from them a couple times and would not hesitate to again. https://capt-chuck.com/shop/fishing-gear/okuma-convector-cv55ls-pre-spooled-reels/
  5. relaxer

    Pickerel - How to not get cut?

    as a cool water "fishing" glove these are good. Serius all weather glove - $30 on sale usually Well fitted so you can manipulate most things. I fish the fall/winter Chesapeake Bay Rockfish season (striped bass) rarely taking them off and catch/release hundreds of fish some days with them. They will probably handle pickerel teeth..not sure on a large pike though. Do not expect these to keep you warm all day in weather below 30... but as a glove to grab and handle hooked fish in wet conditions, these are reasonable. Mine get pretty smelly by end of season even after washing them. You'll need a warm glove when not reaching into the hole or grabbing fish though since these are "cool weather" gloves and not intended for ice season. Days that we fish the bay below 30, I often need to warm my hands a couple times or keep those $1 hand warmers in the palm of my glove.
  6. Specs: Built-in support for Garmin CHIRP traditional sonar plus CHIRP ClearVü™ and CHIRP SideVü™ scanning sonars and compatible with Panoptix™ all-seeing sonar (transducers sold separately) If you have the Echomap Plus 73SV - here is what it normally ships with if a package deal......... CV52HW-TM transducer Here is info I found that should help you.... The Garmin CV transducers do not have a center element but do have two side-facing elements, and therefore, offer better coverage to the sides of the boat. The area directly beneath the boat is covered by the combination of these two elements and will work in waters down to 250 feet deep, in ideal conditions. This technique has been proven in the industry to deliver clear sonar pictures with full coverage under the boat, and the Garmin CV transducers do just that. The Garmin GT transducers have a center element which allows for improved depth performance over a CV transducer, but a narrower coverage area that limits the display of returns to the side of the boat. Please see the illustration below: https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=gIrXJ4RZGm0ypilqQFGs0A&searchQuery=cv
  7. relaxer

    Crestliner Eagle Owners.. Fuel Sending Unit

    That’s all I did and it resolved itself. My guess is it created an air pocket not allowing venting easily.
  8. relaxer

    Crestliner Eagle Owners.. Fuel Sending Unit

    dt5150..... I had a 2150 and had same issues. If I remember correctly, the vent hose sagged and created a trap point. When I pulled the floor section to replace a rotted board, I moved the hose and corrected it. Prior to that I simply put a "no spill" container over the vent when filling and that sufficed until I could correct. Been a while but I am pretty sure moving that hose and eliminating the point causing the trap was all I did.
  9. relaxer

    Dipsey leaders

    Wire dipsey to flasher - 8lb line and no break offs?
  10. There are a couple available on Ebay...I am sure the price doesn't excite you though.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lowrance-LGC-3000-GPS-Module-Antenna-Tested-Working/273421702477?hash=item3fa934154d:g:8X4AAOSwfxFbfXSV I had to replace a puck on a back up unit and it ran close to that price.
  11. What you are running for a transducer..not just the head unit? I am running a Garmin 7607xsv with Garmin GT51M-TM and 7608 slave unit networked and it is bar far, the best combo I have run. I run the fishfinder on the 8 and use the 7 for plotter, mapping. Power up one and both power, waypoints saved redundant, maps, wireless, supports autopilot control, radar and engine data.. easy to use after several hours of use. The customer service as stated is great as they helped with the transducer questions I had. The 73SV gets good reviews so you might want to think through your concern before scrapping it.
  12. relaxer

    Must Have Gear

    8” spin doctors in double glow white, white green dot, chrome, two face are a couple to start with... but everyone has their own preferences. Key is to run what you get comfortable with and find success.
  13. relaxer

    The green boat revived!!!

    What a blast from the past. I had that same 16' model in the late 80's. Tan with green floor/interior. Had to replace the deck and transom around 90. Took out the two benches and installed pedestals while I was at it. Ran a board across the transom and mounted manual downriggers. Caught loads of fish from my similar boat. Looks great!
  14. relaxer

    Must Have Gear

    Doesn;t matter if you use a dipsey, slide diver, or Deeper Diver as long as you can dial it in and run consistently at 60-120 feet at 2.5+ speeds. I run #5 chinook divers which are close to 2-1 on wire. And if not using wire in summer, then you are checking your chart against 30lb mono (no braid in flea season) and see how much line out you need to stay that deep. Lot of guys with way more experience than me convinced me to run wire and catch rates were all I needed to see.
  15. relaxer

    "GPS module not responding"

    I just had the same issue with my older backup Lowrance. The puck is likely failing. Tried factory reset and software updates but ultimately it was the puck. You likely have the LGC-2000 if it's an older one and they run about $100 used when you find them. I bet someone here has a used one sitting around if you ask in classified. Just check which model you have and ask...