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  1. General knowledge in the event anyone is looking for one or more..... If you are a Cabela's Club member... Amazon has CW303D for 109.53 shipping from Amazon....... Cabela's will price match down from 129.95 if you call plus 5% discount. Then apply Spring Club Days discount code for another $20 off. Price match brings down to 103+ and then another $20 off for Club Days discount... or $83.98 plus tax. Thought I would pass along if anyone is looking for any right now.... Amazon prices fluctuate so the agent needs to verify they can view price from Amazon shipping... take advantage quickly if you need any as its a $46 savings. 129.99 to 83.98
  2. looks like Creek or Lake chub... could be either as both close to same. Have caught some in the rivers trying to catch brookies.
  3. I have taken some better browns east of the river on the bottom... also what Gil said... and Tinfin gave a good tip as black/purple white back has worked for me in warm water there.
  4. slidediver.com/s/shop Don't save deep links as favorites.... but if you do, just remove the directories until you get to the root.... slidediver.com and then navigate from there. Small companies often update page URL's and neglect URL forwarding when they are making those changes.
  5. Bright sunny days I likely don’t have crushed glow flashers above 70’ if at all after 8. Just me but I am normally fishing nice days.
  6. I run green and chromes...often on a high diver or later in morning or depending on conditions. Just not in 10" spinnies. Black green dot 8" w/ #57 glow frog or #4 Mooneye and sea sick spinnie w/ glow stud are good blacks for me in the right conditions. Green/chrome 8" spinnies I like.... stud, UV 2 face, chin music, dragon slayer, white /green dot and white 2 face. I keep it simple and start with a stud or glow stud fly behind these and switch from there (sometimes to blue/green hammer, pro am, UV 190). In a smaller boat, I personally do better with a spinnie versus a paddle because of the speed tolerance of a spin doctor. If it's flat, I mix in paddles and let the fish dictate. Can be a little hard to control speed in a small boat with down current and chop so I lean on spin doctors or OKI flasher. Just find what works for you (pattern, spread, conditions) and repeat is the best advice though.
  7. I like running a black diver w/ 10" carbon 14/carbon 14 meat rig or a chrome black mamba/night fury meat rig on the deep divers. If I can't get black to fire, I am running a white crush glow 10" with some version of white meat rig. Everyone has their favorite that fires though. If I run a 10" black spinnies, its normally in that 70'-90' down window. Otherwise, I am running white/glow deeper..
  8. Can't recommend a charter boat, but if staying the north side of Myrtle, Little River has charter operators. If staying southside, look towards Murrells Inlet. Inshore - Reds/trout, nearshore - spanish and plenty of sharks to tug the line, offshore - dolphin, kings, amberjack, sharks or bottom fish. Bring the sunscreen... it can get hot!
  9. You sure that's a king? hard to tell from the angle of the picture, but resembles an Atlantic or Coho at first glance.
  10. ErieBuck - if you have narrower guides where the knot catches going out, some glue can help smooth it out (somewhat). I just deal with the annoyance though since I know the knot never fails.
  11. FYI.... you can Albright knot any of the lead core lines and if tied properly, it will NEVER let go. The knot is a little larger since the lead core is doubled over, but I have never had one fail in 40 years of fishing. FYI...it's rather easy to tie once you have done it several times.
  12. This is probably just ignorance, but that never stopped me before, so here goes. So one of our wonderful government agencies decides that there should be protections placed on certain species, like cormorants and seagulls. For what purpose? It seems like both species' populations are out of control, to the point where they are causing environmental damage to other important species. Historically, were the cormorant and seagull populations ever as high as they are now, became depleted, and they are now trying to manage the populations back to previous levels, or what? I wish they would explain what their goal is by placing ridiculous protections on these birds. It doesn't take a Ph.D to know that populations out of balance with their environment can cause major harm to their surroundings. It's kind of ironic that protections are placed on these birds which have, in my opinion, minimal value to the environment, while allowing them to overpopulate and do serious damage to a resource valued in the tens of millions annually. Why are the folks responsible for these stupid migratory bird regulations placed on cormorants not addressing the issue more seriously considering the money that's involved? Typical government incompetence, inaction and pass the blame! They were depleted during the 60's due to DDT use. When that stopped, the population began to rebound just like the American Eagle which has become a common sight. When the alewife population exploded in the great lakes, the birds breeding success increased to the point where we are today. And it was groups of various environmentalist's and nature lovers who pushed against the US F&W to stop the culling in 2016 because the birds are also included in the list of birds as part of the Migratory Bird Species Act. Even now, as culling talk has increased and US F&W is looking into better controls, there are groups who are gearing up to stop them. Here is a good read to understand what you are up against with the cormorant fight. Not saying don't take it on...but powerful groups (Audubon Society) oppose culling. They are organized and have money for the battle. https://www.audubon.org/news/without-solid-science-government-plans-expand-cormorant-killing-efforts
  13. I don't believe the DEC can do much to control cormorants because a 2016 ruling said that killing thousands of them violated the National Environmental Policy Act. The tree huggers won that battle. So have to prove they are polluting the water, destroying native species or some other reason to control the population. If it were up to the tree huggers, the lake would be filled with lampreys and cormorants.
  14. My apologies.... I didn't read close enough when you said "dodgers". Assumed you meant the flashers.
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