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  1. Sorry, live out of state and not really interested in shipping since it's 4' booms. I forgot to take down ad.
  2. Most eels I have seen fishing the Oak this year. Lots of kings with bruiser eels that wouldn't let go this year. Sent many back to the lake in pieces.
  3. someone can comment on flasher/fly/meat but to give you a few spoons Dreamweaver, Moonshine, Stinger, Warrior Kings - Black/Green, White/Glo, Silver/Gold... many spoons in those color combinations that work. Vary sizes based on time of year... Carbon 14 (and variations), NBK, Green Jeans, Green Slice, Seasick, Lazer Spook, Rodfather, Green Menace, Oscar, Bad Toad, Shelly Snack, Spearmint, Chicken Wing to name a few. See common color theme? Steel - brights high in water column in early season (red, orange, yellow, green). Same as kings when they are deep works just downsized slightly but they hit mags as well. Really once you find the location with them, circle back through as they are often in pods near the temp breaks. There are many threads to review and just look for common mentions in peoples reports if you search old threads
  4. location on lake would help due to species distribution and seasonal patterns
  5. I run what Zinger runs.... #5 Chinook as low and #4 Chinook as high.
  6. A whole lot better eating though... grilled, fried, baked, or par-boiled and turned into a "crab cake" style fish cake. Almost impossible to ruin a rockfish.
  7. 10 reg sized spoons.... 4 stingers, 3 Yeck, a Warrior, and 2 Dreamweaver SS $30 shipped to you via paypal. PM if interested
  8. 7 Raider and 3 NK 28 spoons. $30 shipped to you via paypal. PM if interested
  9. Mix of 5 Raider (some glows) and 4 Silver Streak mag spoons.$30 shipped to you.... paypal. PM if interested.
  10. 10 mostly new mag spoons. Dreamweaver. Warrior, Salmon Candy, Moonshine, and Pirate 66. Chilly Willy and 42nd (silver) have good wear but rest are great shape. Good colors but just trying to cut down on the collection. $40 shipped to you... paypal.. PM if interested. Purple Thunder, Roy's, Salmon Candy Lake O, Black Beard, Bish Bruiser, Green Skirt, Pirate 66, 42nd, Kimbo (custom), Chilly Willy
  11. Started in 95’ as screen looked good. Picked up a quick king and a nice Atlantic, then the bite died for us. Worked north and west with very little action until we moved offshore. Around the 29 line we found a down break of 3 degrees and immediately hit a 22lb. Then a shaker, steelie, another teen king, steel, couple small kings and then shut down. Trolled around offshore picking a few other steel and kings. Before that dries up. Came inshore to 90’ dropped down, quick laker and nothing else went so call it a day. Slowest day for us in 2 weeks. Maybe the moon or maybe my turn with tough grind. Nothing particular… green BAM, white green jeans/uv 190, green slice moonshine, steelie stomper gold, green goby, couldn’t remember others since no consistency, started 50-60 down inside and 40-50 down offshore.
  12. Winds brought in a lot of warm water. Temps inside were down 80’ or more. Rather than fish the bottom of the water column, we worked north. Hit a small break with a couple fish down 75 at 275’. Nothing coming back through so worked north until 400’ and hit another small pod. Keep north until 510’ and start finding some fish. Picked away from 29n to 31n with a few kings and steel. Maybe 15/18 or so came to the boat today. Some nice steel to about 10 lbs and a few kings to 20 lbs. Usual mix of some small kings as well. 7 steel and rest kings…. Bam w/ bam fly took best king. No particular pattern other than deep temps and fish for us. Afternoon troll in looked like cold water moving towards shore and temps coming up. Temps better in 275’ this afternoon with bait appearing 50-100 down. Didn’t get any to go but didn’t stay with that long. Give it a try in the morning.
  13. Headed out early morning.. peaked in 100’ and picture didn’t look good. So picked up and headed to 200’. Dropped lines and had one on by the time downrigger set. Another 35 bite day of kings and steel. Half being 1-5 lb kings. Best king was just shy of 24 on a kryptotron /glow leprechaun on 150 wire. Mostly a spoon bite but best sizes came on flasher/fly. Down 35-50 over 225-250 best west of outlet. Pickle seed, green goby, orange slice, and green slice best colors. Can’t get away from the small kings the last few days. But there are some nice fish mixed in….
  14. Headed out around 6:00 pm and by 8:20 totaled 20+ bites. Dropped in around 180 and had a teen going in 5 minutes on moonshine pickled seed. Mix of kings and steel with several 1-5 lb kings. Best 17 lbs.. on mix of moonshine spoons. Oscar, pickled seed, Lance two face moonshine down 40’ over 180-250.
  15. Anticipated the wind would move yesterday’s water so headed west towards deeper water. Put down in 200’ and screen started to look good in 225’ but temp wasn’t great. BAM/ goblin went on 120’ wire with teenager and a few minutes later steelie on rigger jumps. So we work 235-255 west and keep hitting a mix of teenagers and steelies. BAM went a few times, Alty’s stud, and dew stud fired. Sigg, moonshine orange slice and helmut fired in riggers. Finished with 6 steelies and 20 mixed sizes of kings to 17 lbs. couldn’t find anything better on the kings with the cold water. Slid out to 275 and inside to 200 but 250’ most consistent. Fewer skippies today and best steel maybe 8 lbs. 35’ to 50’ down best on riggers with 120-150 wires working.
  16. Good bite from mostly 90-110 for us today. 3 browns, 8 steel, and 30 or so kings to the boat with half being teenagers to 22 lbs. Mostly a spoon/rigger bite for us today. RV green carbon 14 and moonshine Sigg 187 standout along with moonshine orange slice. Few on Shelly’s Snack, fireball, and menace. No hot flashers… green jeans/ lime mirage and BAM / glow goblin probably best today. Lots of bait, lots of active fish and lot of drops today. Fishing number wise has been great if you sort through some smaller fish. Steelhead all small to 6 lbs…. 40’ - 50’ down was the magic number today for us. Forgot to mention… seeing a lot more big snakes attached to the kings this year… sent most of the snakes back with injuries.
  17. Set up in 200 and didn’t see much. Hit 275 and started getting bit with mix of spoons and flashers. Best spoon was Warrior Menace again… green jeans/ UV 190 and black mamba / stud best flasher combo. Grind through 20 bites with mix of mostly kings up to 20 lbs. Half adults and half 1-5 lb small kings. Best water 300’ west of Oak for us.
  18. What a bite today at the Oak. Beat up 90-110 of water until 11:00 with 35+ fish… moved out to 200 and hit a quad, then double, then picked away between 190-225. Finished w/ a teenager at 165. 60+ fish to the boat. Laker, couple browns, 6 steel, and 50+ kings from 1-20 lbs. green jeans/UV 190, Alty’s Stud /UV 190, 2 face doctor/ flow leprechaun, black mamba doctor/ stud and BAM / glow goblin were flashers on fire. Spoons were Warrior Menace, DW frog, hot lips, gold spook, orange slice. Warrior Menace mag to 20 bites alone. Had to pick through 1-5 lbs kings to find the good fish. Likely 70 bites today… 3 times had mainline/ slider doubles.
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