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  1. What a blast from the past. I had that same 16' model in the late 80's. Tan with green floor/interior. Had to replace the deck and transom around 90. Took out the two benches and installed pedestals while I was at it. Ran a board across the transom and mounted manual downriggers. Caught loads of fish from my similar boat. Looks great!
  2. Doesn;t matter if you use a dipsey, slide diver, or Deeper Diver as long as you can dial it in and run consistently at 60-120 feet at 2.5+ speeds. I run #5 chinook divers which are close to 2-1 on wire. And if not using wire in summer, then you are checking your chart against 30lb mono (no braid in flea season) and see how much line out you need to stay that deep. Lot of guys with way more experience than me convinced me to run wire and catch rates were all I needed to see.
  3. I just had the same issue with my older backup Lowrance. The puck is likely failing. Tried factory reset and software updates but ultimately it was the puck. You likely have the LGC-2000 if it's an older one and they run about $100 used when you find them. I bet someone here has a used one sitting around if you ask in classified. Just check which model you have and ask...
  4. KeithVT - With the gear you have and Crestliner's items above, if I had to add one item on my boat it would be wire set ups. If you are fishing summer kings, I consider it a must have. There are times when the wire divers are firing for kings and the downriggers are dead. A 47LC, diver rod w/ twilli and 1000' 30lb wire can be done for around $175 and worth the expense.
  5. Fairhurst - I'm no expert but the inside waters held bait all week as there was plenty of cold water. If you get w/sw light breezes, then I would start on that inside water - 80+ and check down temps until rods start firing (flasher/fly, spoons, meat). If you get a northeast blow that brings in some cold water, then I might target offshore in the top 50-60' with mostly spoon pattern. I'm sure someone with more experience can chime in though. Only spend a couple weeks a year on Lake O so learning from everyone else myself.
  6. Sorry didn't get the chance to post earlier. Fleas - they were a horror show until the last two days when they seemed to lighten up. Wire, 30 lb mono, downrigger cables all choked with them 7/9 - 90'-115' 6-6 5 kings 12-18 and 1 steelie - (chrome two face spinnie/stud best) 50-80 down 7/10 - 75'-115' 9-13 - 2 browns (11 and 12 lbs) 1 steel, 6 kings - spoons a mix but flashers best - chrome/mirage, two face/glow stud 7/11 - 450'-510' - 17-23 12 kings 8-19 lbs and 5 steelie's 3-7 lbs 25-70 down - spoons - sea sick (gold/silver), 42nd (gold/silver), two face - flashers - sea sick/glow stud, chrome/mirage 7/12 - 450'-525' 3-5 steelies with no kings so came inside to 90'-104' and went 3-4 on kings with two face/glow stud 75 down 7/13 - 65'-105' 7-11 kings 40'-75' down spoon - sea sick, 42nd, two face - spinnie sea sick/stud 7/14 - 75'-105' 9-14 kings and 7 kings, 1 brown, 1 steel - sea sick spoons, spinnies - chrome/mirage, two face/stud 7/15 - 70'-110' - 7-8 lings and a steel - 6-9 AM as leaving - sea sick spoons and two face/glow stud spinnie handful of skippies each day that I didn't really track Outside of the day with east wind 7/11 - consistent fishing for us was fishing the bait on inside waters. Most Kings ran 12-19 lbs with sea sick, 42nd for spoons, and chrome/mirage, two face/stud, sea sick/glow stud being best spinnies. Fished a little meat for the first time and tooks 3 shots on large fish and dropped all three. Wire divers and spinnies took almost all our larger Kings. Thanks to all for the previous sharing as that helped us find fish our first time fishing the Oak. Usually fish east (Sodus to Oswego) a couple weeks a year so this was our first trip to Point Breeze. Definitely a return trip in order.
  7. They clogged wire today they were so bad at the Oak.
  8. Hope you have flea spray as they are awful today...slow grind for us 85-110 on a FF bite this morning.
  9. Thanks for all the sharing over the last week's worth of reports. I'll remember to pay it forward.
  10. I'm headed up for 10 days starting the 4th...I know it's been a spoon bite with the east wind, but has the bite been early? Or steady most of the morning?
  11. Garrymny - for the price and simplicity of it, you can't go wrong. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  12. Yes, I'll be fishing out of the Oak early to mid-July. Thank you...this link is great and will help give me some basic starting points to work from when I am there. Appreciate the pointer to the website.
  13. First time coming up in July as normally a spring (April/May) visitor. I have been reading a lot of comments and reports from guys trying to learn a few thing before I head up with my boys for 9 days. Trying to learn without having to ask guys where they are catching while I am there. Have a couple questions someone might be able to provide good knowledge on: 1) East wind 10kt or less 12-24 hours - My assumption would be temps that might have been good in 130-150 might move out to 175-200 or more depending on how long it was east wind. So I could start in the same 130' and work north into deeper water. Does 10kt have much of an impact on down temps? Or is my assumption fair? Or do I need a different approach. 2) East wind 15-20kt for 12-24 hours - My assumption based on reading threads is those good temps would slide out to 300' or more and the fish could possibly be up higher in water column 30-60 feet instead of down 80-120 if inshore. So higher junk lines would come into play. 3) West winds generally keep the fish down and inshore waters unless a hard blow? Any advice is appreciated. I know most would have no problem sharing info at the dock but I do hate asking where the fish are.
  14. That looks like it might be the one.....along the top puck does it say LGC-12W between the Lowrance words? If it does, and it works, I'd be interested. Tony
  15. Doug... looks like one of the GPS antenna might be a Lowrance LGC-12W. It would be the 4 pin NMEA 0183 gray with black connector. If you are willing to break up and the GPS module works, I might be interested in buying it. I have a back up GPS recently died and was looking for a replacement before I throw it out. They originally shipped with the LGC-1 module which was a rectangle.but those appear to be either LGC-12W or the LGC-2000 Tony
  16. Ready or Knot - it's for an older Lowrance LCX 15 that I use as back up. Fishfinder and surface temp works fine as you can disable GPS and use that only. Roughrider - saw a couple out there. They've been sitting a while at that price as likely few need those older ones. Don't mind paying, just hate to drop $130 on a back up .....and then not knowing how well it works. I can drop a few more and get a better back up unit with gps if needed. Just thought I would see if anyone had one around collecting dust. Beneficial to both parties.
  17. Thought I would fire a shot here first...Looking for a Lowrance LGC-12W GPS Module antenna. My back up unit has a bad GPS module and trying to see if anyone has an antenna before I scrap the unit and find another as a back up. Let me know if you have one laying around that you want to part with.....thanks!
  18. If you are handy with a knife (meaning can handle a stiffer blade comfortably) and can use a stone to keep an edge, pick up a couple Dexter Russell 8" Wide Boning Knife 2150 1378 with the wood handles and call it a career. They run about $25 each or so. It's a staple of the northeast ground fishery (cod, haddock, pollock) since I was a kid working on a fishing boat in the summers and still used now. My son uses the same model when he worked a few summers on the party boats recently. Simple design, sharpens to a razor since it's a high-carbon steel blade, you can sharpen repeatedly over the years and does EVERYTHING you want it to do with the right person using it. Filet, skin, chop, steak a fish... Since it's a carbon-steel blade, if you use in saltwater, take care to wash the blade thoroughly and put a wipe of veg/olive oil along the blade. Just wipe it prior to next use. Also helps to oil the handle since it's wood and prevents cracking. Pick up two for around $50 and you won't need to worry again. I say two in the event you lose one
  19. Just sayin'...apparently this guy does this as a habit. Several posts about selling boats in his profile. GLA forum - Josht05
  20. Fished there a few times around 2000. Those cookie cutters are actually the normal size of the fish there....20" is a good one. Looks like you were fishing behind Mount Kineo. We caught loads of lakers there down 65'-75' on brass mooselooks with gold taped backs. Out of close to 100 lakers, I think the biggest we took was 21". Biggest salmon we took was 16". Most of our salmon came off the Moose River mouth, Rockwood point, and around Moody Islands this time of year when we fished. A side trip to Roach Pond produced our best salmon and brookie. While Moosehead is a beautiful lake and the surrounding scenery and moose population alone are worth traveling too, the fishing (size wise) are very disappointing and have been for a very long time.
  21. Went 3-4 out of Fair Haven. 90 down over 200' king, 105 down over 400 king, 110 over 110 brown and l another brown same depth. . All spoon bite on riggers. Marked little to 550' west of chute. Came inside and found 60 degrees at 100' on bottom for brown.
  22. I'd have to agree. Spent the greater part of my adulthood chasing landlocks and they differ slightly on strain. This looks like a similar strain used on Lake Champlain. With the Province of Ontario stocking over 1 million Atlantics (2007-2009) into the Great Lakes in the last 3 seasons, it appears they are beginning to show in the creels. Nice 'Lock!
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