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  1. KeithVT

    Experience with fishingbigstore.com?

    Refund from PayPal received. It was worth a shot I guess... too good to be true is often that haha. The reason as a buyer I love PayPal, and as a seller I always hated them. They will side with a buyer and issue a refund 9/10 times.
  2. KeithVT

    Experience with fishingbigstore.com?

    Way I see it is that if the $32 order I placed doesn’t show up, I get the money back from PayPal, if I get it, I got a good deal on the item. No risk situation. I changed my PayPal info after the order JIC. All that said scam is currently what it seems like. I’m on business day 24 since order placed and no item.
  3. Pm sent for spoon lot 2-5 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. KeithVT

    Experience with fishingbigstore.com?

    Item is showing as shipped in the system as of Thursday. Waiting to see if anything ever arrives. The site says 25 business days when u choose free shipping. So that means I’m still 4 weeks out on the item. PayPal allows me 180 days from order to file a dispute, and banking rules also will cover me as the extracted delivery time will be inside the dispute window there as well. I think even if the reel is a Chinese knockoff, it will still be a decent deal, as I can’t imagine it possible to build a Lc reel much cheaper than the Magda series already is haha
  5. KeithVT

    Experience with fishingbigstore.com?

    I ordered a Magda 45 from this site as a test. $32 was IMO a worthwhile risk. So far so good. Confirmation email and 2 status emails. Will see I guess.
  6. KeithVT

    Experience with fishingbigstore.com?

    The PayPal page that you are brought to is real PayPal. And I use 2fa for my PayPal. That is why I’m not super concerned about it from the stealing my info perspective. Just wonder if they actually ever ship the item or if it’s a knock off.
  7. KeithVT

    Experience with fishingbigstore.com?

    There is no “the local guy” for me I live in central vt. We don’t have stores that cater to trolling unless I drive an hour, and no one around here sells the sort of stuff that I’m looking for. The “local guy” for similar products is fishusa and walleyetacklestore both online as well. As for shipping back, I wouldn’t buy anything expensive without buying something cheap first. I was going to buy a Magda reel which for $32 would not be a loss if it were a knock off. But figured I would see if anyone had experience with them.
  8. Came across this site. seems too good to be true, BUT they process payments with PayPal, and Paypal has buyer protections. The company clearly ships from China, but are selling name brand (and lesser known name brand like the entire line of Cisco rod holders, planer motors, boards, etc.) fishing gear for often 50% less than elsewhere. I am skeptical, especially based on the fact the items ship from china, but I also know that most of this stuff comes from china anyway. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them.
  9. I wouldnt say the Big Jon's are junk. Look around and you will see motors from the 80's and 90's all over the place. They build a long lasting product. I just in the last year replaced 2 old style motors that were older than I am with their new HD motors, and they work great. That said 1/2 the price is a selling point on the cisco ones. Big jons are like $200 now, almost 50% increase from like 4 years ago. They do seem to have a theory that they can offset volume of sales with higher prices
  10. KeithVT

    Fly lot

    Dm sent
  11. KeithVT

    Sold / Closed 60+ Spoons

    What are you asking for them?
  12. Can you send me pics? I will dm a cell number to send them to
  13. What is the length of these spoons? Can’t seem to find info online about them.
  14. KeithVT

    Must Have Gear

    What size dodger/flasher should I be buying? On champ I run 00 luge Jensen metal dodgers but they are only 6 inches. I see 8 and 11 for sale in classifieds a lot, there are also tons of types any specific style I should buy as a first purchase?