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  1. KeithVT

    Must Have Gear

    Is there a benefit that the wire divers will provide over my slide divers? I have dipsy divers but haven’t used them in a few years as I found the slide divers more effective at producing strikes on champ. would the slide diver running with a shorter lead function pretty much the same as a dipsy, or am I missing something in terms of the use of wire? My slide divers have ultimate dive kits and I can get them down 100ft or more.
  2. KeithVT

    Must Have Gear

    I am from Vermont and fish Champ a lot for lakers and landlocks. We use okuma magda 20's and 30's rigged with 15 and 25lb trilene, with 10lb leaders or 20 for laker setups. I am interested in making a couple trips a year out to the big lake for kings and the great brown fishing you folks have. So the question is, what are the essential items I must have? Boat is a 20ft aluminum with 4 big jons, slide divers, x4d, trolling motor with ipilot and extended rudder, 4 segmented leadcores, I have planer mast and otter boats, as well as offshore inline board, assorted small stick baits, and small spoons that work well on champ, but my guess is everything needs to be bigger out there. So what is the must have gear to I am looking to do this super infrequent so I don't need tekota's or 300 dollar rods. Just the basic's, what size reel, what size line, how much line per reel, must have baits (green right?). Help is appreciated!
  3. Had a minor mishap that lead to champlain eating 2 rigger balls 10lb, 2 chamberlain releases, an x4d probe, and a slide diver light bite. Figure before I dish out $500 to FishUSA to replace everything I should see if anyone is parting with any of these items. I am in vermont, but will be near utica this weekend. Willing to pay shipping as well to save on buying stuff new. Let me know what you may have.
  4. Looking for a Helix 9 G2N unit with ducer to hook up to my minn kota with link
  5. I am interested in these. Pm sent