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  1. Funds sent address included in PayPal note Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Just seeing this will send it money and address momentarily Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Would u ship? If so $25 shipped? Pm me paypal Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Believe me I want a bigger boat... I actually want like 5 bigger boats! Way I figure everyone needs: A duck boat/Small water boat An aluminum mid size boat for trolling mid size lakes and ponds A 24ft Bay boat for inshore/flats ocean fishing A 27-28 foot baha cruiser style boat for the big lakes A 30ft center console for mid distance off shore fishing A 40ft Jersey style sport fisher for the farther out offshore trips and a 24ft pontoon boat for partying and the such. BUT I am not a millionaire yet, so I only have the first 2 so far. I like the cooler idea, better than taking a bunch of plano's off separate like I do now after each trip.
  5. So let me preface by saying I am disorganized. But I am looking for ideas as I start to accumulate more and more gear for how to store it all. I have a 19ft aluminum boat (2004 Polar kraft 198 WTC), it has storage under the floors, but its not exactly the most dry storage. So I am reaching critical mass with things like reels where I want to have them with me in case I need to try a different presentation, but they are really just a giant mess. I am looking for ideas on dry storage for my lead and copper reels, as well as my backup DR reels, as well as ways to store cowbells so they are not a tangled mess, ways to store gambler rigs after first use, and ways to store other rigs that dont go back into packages the way they came out. I currently just shove stuff in the glove box and then swear a lot when it comes out as a mess, or I stick myself with a hook digging for my law book or other item in the glove box. So what are the best methods out there? Worth noting I do not have dry storage for my boat, it lives under a cover in the summer, and it has no fully enclosed spaces.
  6. Haha! I know that game. I have learned with the slide divers to grab the rod and reel without setting the hook, only took 2 breakoffs to learn that lesson, take up the slack and it will stick the fish, but my buddies who fish with me can't grasp that concept, or the idea that different rods require different hookset methods. Often they will grab the rod, and make such a strong hookset motion they almost fall over backwards. They know the rules though, when they break off they bought whatever setup they lost. With the expert knowledge here I am going to move forward with rigging in this way. I have never used wire line before, and there seems to be a lot of different kinds, can someone make it easy and tell me what brand wire I need to buy?
  7. I’ve been using lite bites for several years on Champlain, super comfortable with them. I was thinking the mono for it’s stretch, giving a little more forgiveness to those who may be apt to set the hook to hard. But your thought is wire to braid with the wire as the rod to diver section, and then the diver on the braid with a leader following ? I have my divers on broad right now so I know that works good Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. We get them over here in Vermont on champlain. They are interesting as they seem to the very willing to be WAY out of temperature if the bait is, especially early in the day. We caught one last year15ft behind the boat while clipping into the down rigger right on the surface at like 11am in july with surface water at 73deg, and there preferred 54 degrees down 60ft, sent a flat line out and got another one a few minutes later
  9. New to this big water trolling (fish champ a lot, but have only done a charter on Ontario). I have been getting a bunch of terminal tackle for the big lake, but am now down to the rigging of reels. Over here we use Slide divers on 50lb Power pro, stealth presentation that can get down over 100ft if needed, the flaw is of course fleas, and buddies seem to not be able to understand how to set them with the right leads. So I am thinking of setting one up on wire line. I have 2 brand new Magda's, I am thinking of rigging wire, then a 50ft section of big game 30lb (currently I run a 50ft setback on the slide divers but with braid straight to the flouro leader (10lb on champ), which when I fish them is fine, but friends tend to break off a lot since there is no give at all). The big game would act as a snubber of sorts, but also make the setback much easier for my friends to understand. the diver would stay on that section of line with the diver right up against the wire. Any thoughts on if this would work? I would use micro swivels for the wire to mono connection.
  10. Looking to set up a couple 300 coppers. Need reels for it. Would buy rigged or unrigged for right price. Need 2. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. What are we looking at in terms of different setups? the picture makes it tough to see all that is there... looks like 5 rigger reels with mono, the rest are tough...
  12. Refund from PayPal received. It was worth a shot I guess... too good to be true is often that haha. The reason as a buyer I love PayPal, and as a seller I always hated them. They will side with a buyer and issue a refund 9/10 times.
  13. Way I see it is that if the $32 order I placed doesn’t show up, I get the money back from PayPal, if I get it, I got a good deal on the item. No risk situation. I changed my PayPal info after the order JIC. All that said scam is currently what it seems like. I’m on business day 24 since order placed and no item.
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