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  1. Fished 29 line for 2 hours went 0/2. Lake was about 4'. 78 down was 40* ... didn't like what I seen so ran inside. 125 fow loaded with bait. Inside dipsy got hammered but dropped it. 0/1 in there. Here for 14 days will work with whoever hopefully we can all get a few
  2. looking for the old school bagley deep divers (bangos) thanks!
  3. I had a set of quad trees fabbed up for me the way I wanted but with how my cover goes on and off it's just too hard to keep them on the boat. They were mounted on the boat for about a week. The bottom rod holder is offset for a dipsy holder was well. Swivel bases. Track mount...Headed to olcott on the 8th if anyone wanted to meet me there so we don't have to ship that would be great! $350
  4. Whats your cell ill send you a couple pics. Pm me
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