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  1. We were only able to get out about 3 days each week, forgot to mention that the two bigger browns came on inside rigger 6' down, 65 back on Michigan Stinger small mixed vegetable stinger
  2. Four old farts spent last two weeks at Fair Haven State Park, best cottage (#42) in the park, right up from boat launch at top of hill. First week caught one small brown. Second week, thank goodness for Coho's. They were in close ,brown trout water, nothing real big but help keep the skunk out. Was starting to have doubts about the brown trout fishery when on the last day ( Thurs ), we ended up with two nice browns, one male and one huge female. Scaled at 11 1/2, and 16 1/2 . The female had some eggs in her but not a lot, looked like the skien was pretty much emptied. Also had a lot of fat in the belly area which was unusual. I imagine it had spawned recently, last fall or spring I would guess in one of the tribs. Some of the cohos we caught were on smaller size, thinking maybe 1 - 1 1/2 old and all had eggs in them.
  3. Why does the level have to be one extreme or the other, is it that hard to manage a normal level?
  4. cheeseyrider

    Sold / Closed Boat for sale

    Man that sounds like a deal, I'll give you $9 k for it unless someone outbids me. Looks like a restored Thompson
  5. Video still worked,thanks for sharing , where/when on LO does it freeze like that
  6. What I do down the chute is attached a large pike ball flouresent orange or chartreuse where braided meets the copper . When we hook up on dipseys or down riggers I let line out on copper so it is far back, then real it in where it was after fish is landed. Of course thats the only copper I have out at the time.
  7. Nice looking first mate, got to luv them goldens
  8. Look on the bright side, at least it happened pulling in to drive way and not on the highway, which could be disastrous. Been there done that.
  9. Seems to be an Advertisement
  10. Apparently Fair Haven is open just closed to overnight camping thru 4/30/20
  11. NY State Parks Closed? Just received a telephone message from NY park reservation system cancelling our week long cabin reservation for Fair Haven Beach State Park last week of April. Never thought they would do this since we virtually don't come into contact with many people other than to buy a license and register at the park. I would consider going west to Oak Orchard but not sure boat ramps would be open especially the state/county run ramp, not sure either about Black North side ramp which I believe is county owned and operated.
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