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  1. Sold / Closed

    Sold pending payment
  2. Head unit worked, minus a couple of bulbs but could still make out numbers, not sure about torpedo. web site for in Florida that repairs Ray Jeff products
  3. Sold / Closed

    I believe this Eagle is made by Lowrance and I believe you are correct that they don't service units older than 3 yrs.My last Lowrance was a 16c color unit and I was told by them, I believe after three years, that they will not service them. This Eagle unit will get someone in the game for very low costs and probably not worth the $$ to service anyway considering the low cost.
  4. Have this unit willing to ship to anyone for FREE just for cost of shipping, interested in parts or to have repaired, have web site that does repairs in Florida
  5. Sold / Closed

    If anyone is interested best offer plus shipping. Have 8'whip antenna for loran. Does anyone know whether loran system is still running?
  6. Not knowing what to do with this unit I decided to see if someone starting out could use it to get started fishing the Big O. I used it on my boat until 2003 when I bought a bigger boat, so it works. It has dual transducers 50z/200z, has split screen for plotter, Loran module, 8'ft whip antenna. Since GPS has become the standard not sure if Loran system is up and running. Even without its use it gives someone a unit for little $$ Has all mounting hardware, wires, cables and instructional booklets. $100 plus pay shipping
  7. Overton sells a non-skid paint for boats. Not cheap either but I think it is rubberized also.
  8. That is why they make it in stainless steel if you go to Airmar site I believe they tell you that under the instructional and brochure part. Buy the SS instead. I'm in the market for a B60 20 degree for a Furuno 585, ready to buy they Gil from THT. If you have what I was gonna buy maybe we can work out a deal, I can buy yours and you can re-order a SS one. Just an idea.
  9. Be careful if you clic on the mikes marina website, it took me to the site but when I clicked on a link for boat rates it sent my screen into a funk where the only way out was to call the microsoft number, only problem the number was really scammers trying to gain access to my computer, you could tell the woman was from a foreign country. Almost got me .
  10. B744V utilizes a flaring block and works up to 24 degree dead rise, other specs are same as B60, its a 600 watt transducer , cone width at 100' & 400' are the same
  11. In the process of having the transom replaced on my boat so now is the time to go thru- the hull with a transducer . Currently running Furuno 585 with a TM 260 on the transom. Although I get a good screen I can't always see my down rigger balls. At 100 ' depth using 50z transducer cone is 34 ft wide and using 200z only 11' cone. I bought my unit thru Gil from The Hull Truth who recommended this unit. I've read in the past that the B60 is all you need. Looking at the specs for the B60 the cone width at 100' is 83' using 50z. Although not as sensitive and powerful as the TM 260 you would think you would see more fish. You can get the SS246 where you can run dual transducers but you don't have to. With just the 50z transducer at 100' cone width is 45'. Anyone have any experience and thoughts on this which would be appreciated