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  1. You must mean 7/11 & 7/12
  2. What I do down the chute is attached a large pike ball flouresent orange or chartreuse where braided meets the copper . When we hook up on dipseys or down riggers I let line out on copper so it is far back, then real it in where it was after fish is landed. Of course thats the only copper I have out at the time.
  3. Nice looking first mate, got to luv them goldens
  4. Look on the bright side, at least it happened pulling in to drive way and not on the highway, which could be disastrous. Been there done that.
  5. Apparently Fair Haven is open just closed to overnight camping thru 4/30/20
  6. NY State Parks Closed? Just received a telephone message from NY park reservation system cancelling our week long cabin reservation for Fair Haven Beach State Park last week of April. Never thought they would do this since we virtually don't come into contact with many people other than to buy a license and register at the park. I would consider going west to Oak Orchard but not sure boat ramps would be open especially the state/county run ramp, not sure either about Black North side ramp which I believe is county owned and operated.
  7. Also female Kings we caught were loaded with eggs, didn't know process started this early. Kings we caught seemed to be 3 yr olds, all of our fish had empty stomachs also.
  8. Congrats on nice catch, spent last week there with Thurs as best day, fished Fair Haven over 30 yrs and never experienced that many kings in spring. We ran little deeper 20-40' with riggers deeper. So question is were we late for browns or is class of fish just not there. Didn't see many boats fishing in real close either 20' or deeper.
  9. Here now. Water level at state launch about 1 ft lower than concrete Fish report caught more Kings than browns
  10. I have to agree price is about right, both my self and brother had transoms and restoration work done on 1990 Thompson 210's recently that cost $6 k each by Samson Marine in Red Creek. We will never get full amount of that back maybe half if lucky so get the survey for sure to be sure, split the cost with owner
  11. Way to go in spite, of bad report re lake flipping , I like the boat name too, good to see younger generation involved. Maybe the captain the is camera man?
  12. Swas in the forum . His method was to cast net live bait, supposedly it is done on a certain section of river, up river donaw your post and thought maybe you would be willing to share some info/advice to a fellow fisherman. Have been fighting Big O since late 80"s only fished Hudson twice , out of Kingston, gentlemen I met at Fair Haven 15 yours ago during spring brown trip who is from the area came on my boat and showed what he does which is troll big lipped Bombers near the bottom mostly along 20' water hugging shoreline. Anyway I saw one charter captain from our area was doing Charters up there, thats why I 't know where, considering a charter to reduce learning curve, couple of retired fisherman lucking for fun. By the way just came back from a week at Fair Haven, have a 210 Thompson rag top. Best at Fair Haven was 29'Atlantic, 9'8" brown. Read you post and live reports often . What are your thoughts?
  13. Just got back from FH, up all week, west was best and warmer 48", caught fish all week except Thurs went east and had clear water, only one 17" rainbow, not a steelhead, let it go of course. 9'8" brown and 29" Atlantic was best, only average about 4-5 per outing. Old black and purple evil eyes with white on back took bigger fish, orange and green fire tiger took a few . We didn't kill em but were satisfied. Hadn't fished here in ten years since we moved to Oak Orchard. Will be back annually.
  14. Head unit worked, minus a couple of bulbs but could still make out numbers, not sure about torpedo. web site for maracommarine.com in Florida that repairs Ray Jeff products
  15. I believe this Eagle is made by Lowrance and I believe you are correct that they don't service units older than 3 yrs.My last Lowrance was a 16c color unit and I was told by them, I believe after three years, that they will not service them. This Eagle unit will get someone in the game for very low costs and probably not worth the $$ to service anyway considering the low cost.
  16. Have this unit willing to ship to anyone for FREE just for cost of shipping, interested in parts or to have repaired, have web site that does repairs in Florida
  17. If anyone is interested best offer plus shipping. Have 8'whip antenna for loran. Does anyone know whether loran system is still running?
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