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  1. Henderson Harbour this weekend. Good morning everybody. I'm looking for a little insight on what to expect weather wise this weekend. I see rain on Saturday and some wind. Have fished there quite a few times. We will be running a 21' Mako CC. With the wind forecast, what should I be expecting for wave heights. Will be staying at Wescott Beach state park. Am I better off driving into Henderson to launch or is it close enough to just run out of the park. Was planning on fishing the finger but shipping lanes are possible depending on waves. Thanks for any information anyone would like to share. Mitch. Blue Mako CC. Red Bimini. White F-250 King Ranch.
  2. If you already have hydraulic brakes, check out kodiak brakes electric over hydraulic system. I have hydraulic discs on my Ace custom aluminum trailer. They are the best. Found on high end horse and travel trailers. I don't know if they will work with drum brakes but gives you another option. We have a 201 Mako CC that we pull from Ottawa to Port Charlotte Florida. we have about 17,000 miles on this trailer and I still love it. The activator is about $700 but if it will work with your drums that may be all you need. Our tow vehicle is a 2008 F-250 King Ranch and the Mako comes in around 5000lbs I think. This combination tows amazingly well. Good luck. Mitch.
  3. Copper and wire similar ??
  4. You guys are making it sound good! Can't wait til Wednesday . Hopefully get the late afternoon fish in! Keep up with the great reports.
  5. Good luck to all for this weekend. Looking forward to next week. Thought I was going to have to cancel next week after finding out we lost a bearing on the trailer either coming home from Florida or heading up to my parents place on the lake. Spent today putting new bearings in left side wheels. Right side grease looked good but will change out cheap offshore bearings for good US or Canadian bearings when I get back.
  6. Hopefully things are going to improve. Coming down to Henderson Harbour Wednesday to Sunday with my wife, parents and sis in law and brother-in-law. Hoping things calm down as my wife doesn't like much chop even though we have a 21'CC. Call sign is Dun-Good if you see a blue Mako with red Bimini. Staying at Westview.
  7. Do you have surge brakes on your trailer now? I bought a new Ace custom aluminum trailer from Ace in Gibsonton Florida 2 years ago. It came with electric over hydraulic brakes . As folks say, IMHO it is the best system going. We have towed our boat, a Mako 201 back and forth from Florida to Ottawa,Ont. I love the system. It may be more than you are looking to do but we are pulling around 6000 lbs on the back of a 2008 F-250 and when I need to stop you can really feel the trailer help the truck. I know 6000 lbs is not a lot for this truck but we have 15,000 miles on this trailer and I am really happy with this system. It came with Kodiak disc brakes on both axles and stainless tubing to the calipers. I looked at a comparable trailer in Port Charlotte. The guy tried to tell me I didn't need brakes. I said thanks for your opinion and left. A good trailer guy is sometimes hard to find. Etrailer.com has a good supply of parts. The one drawback to electric over hydraulic system is that it doesn't operate on all brake controllers. There is a Titan adapter some controllers need to run the pump. It may be way more than you want to do but for my application , with the high mileage I put on my trailer , the cost was worth it. There is my 5 cents Canadian so 3 cents US. Good luck with your project. The Kodiak calipers are very easy to work on. We blew a seal the last day before heading home and pulling the caliper and changing the hub took less than an hour. I had problems finding a grease gun. Should have been about 20 minutes. My Ace trailer came with the spare mounted on the winch tower on a spindle on a spare hub. Brilliant thinking. If you do a lot of long distance traveling a $35 dollar hub makes a lot of sense to carry. Hope I didn't run on too long.
  8. Hi Todd. I have the older versions. Original Digitrols. Bought them about 5 or 6 years ago. Mine work great. One of the led readouts failed so I bought a counter and installed it. They have auto-stop and work very well. I have mine set on gimbal mounts that go into the flush mount rod holders on a Mako 201. We fish Henderson Harbor in the summer. They are easy to run. I also have the PDF file if you want it. Mitch.