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  1. Mexico

    Thanks for the info Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Anyone been out of Mexico this week? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Only my second year as well but you learn the do's and dont's quick out there by yourself. Hardest part is netting while steering and not tangling all your other lines. I had plenty of practice with the lakers this spring
  4. Quick solo trip this morn. West out of the chute and found a decent temp break at 200ft. Temp was about 47 at 70-75ft. Landed one decent King and on a purple dreamweaver mag spoon and lost another after a decent fight. Off the water by 9am
  5. Fish Hawk Problem

    Thanks for all the replies. Finally figured out that my outboard didn't have resistor spark plugs and was causing the unit to shut off when i was trolling. Changed the plugs and everything works fine.
  6. Fish Hawk Problem

    Ran fine with everything off except the fishhawk. Will be connecting to main battery this afternoon.
  7. Does anyone have a problem with wiring the x4 to the fuse box and not directly to the battery? Recently installed an x4 and it powers up and displays boat and probe temp and speed but intermittently turns on and off. It's a pain to run wires to the battery so I was hoping not have to do that. Thanks for any replies
  8. Oak 5-18

    What makes that an Atlantic? The tail? I wondered my self whether or not it was. It was released either way
  9. Oak 5-18

    Passed you at the launch on the way out of the chute. Trying to escape the lakers and ended with 1 big laker and a nice brown . F/F and spoons from 70-200ft west almost to golden hill from the oak. Brown hit a orange and black NK 40ft down over 120
  10. Boated 5 lakers solo Friday morn from 630-930, 100-120ft right on bottom. All hits came on cowbells and peanuts. Anyone catching any salmon out of the oak yet?
  11. Just received my weights today. Rich is great and makes one hell of a weight. Can't wait to try them out. Highly recommend!
  12. Mexico Today

    Yes that was us in the trophy. We went west and didn't get a bite. Guess we shoulda went east.....
  13. Mexico Today

    Will be at wrights around noon. Any info is appreciated
  14. Anyone fished out of wrights landing lately? Going to try tomorrow afternoon. Looking for any info