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  1. What time do you fish until typically?
  2. Fishers in the mix as well video638437135772348150.mp4
  3. Have gotten a lot of bobcat activity in my neck of the woods lately. Usually only 1 pic a year but seem to have pair hanging around now video638432376381122231.mp4 video638427606022218691.mp4 video638389069484949671.mp4
  4. What kind of light is on your scope or what would you recommend to someone trying to get into predator hunting ?
  5. I got bit in may and came down with Lyme in July. Not fun. Brutal fever for 5 days straight and broke out in a whole body rash. I know it’s not scent friendly but the permethrin clothes spray works wonders. Won’t go in the woods without it now
  6. Found a planer board last night 9/17, coming back into the state launch at Mexico point. No name on it. Message me what you lost and I’ll send it back.
  7. Any king reports outta Oswego this week? Thinking of heading out tomorrow
  8. Mjnoff21


    I targeted the shallow rocky bottom at dusk a few time last week trolling with shallow challengers and bay rats. 8-14ft in the bays with success. Purple and black seemed to be the ticket.
  9. Mjnoff21


    Trolled 730 to 9 last night in shallow. 2 keepers, 1 was 21.5 and a big bowfin. Was a beautiful night.
  10. #2 - 22in Amish outfitter buggy bags. Used once. Too big for my boat. Need 15in or 18in. Will sell for cost of new 15in bags, $55 a piece shipped or local pickup near Syracuse
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