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  1. Well I can’t be much help today. We ran out to 400’ passing the pack of boats in 150’. Has a great screen there and out to 530’ but could not manage getting anything to fire. Coldest water I found out there was 59 down 110. My first skunk in a looong time. Guess I should have jumped in with the rest of the boats. We’ll see what the morning brings
  2. We just go up here and are headed out on the water around 3 so i can give a report tonight. Sounds like the lake turned with that NW wind they had so the temp is going to be a mess but at this point the temp isnt too important. If youre trying to decide where to go I would definitely say the west end this time of year. Anywhere from sodus to Mexico
  3. I’m heading up to Oswego tonight and will be fishing till Tuesday. At this point of the year you will find fish from 80’ out to 700’. The trick is to find the active ones. What area are you fishing?
  4. I’ll second that. I’ve been slowly switching everything over to Talora’s. Ive tried pretty much every rod out there and these shimanos are unmatched
  5. I’ve got a few done by fish wish and they look like they just came out of the water. My father had one done by her when I was a little kid and it still looks amazing. Don’t listen to the replica hype. A good skin mount will last as long as you will and actually look like a fish. Most of the replicas I’ve seen look like they have a remote and sing.
  6. That would be great if that’s all it is. Thank you guys
  7. Hmm I guess I’ve got to figure out where the compass actually is. I wish I had the boat home to mess around with it but I’ve got it dry docked up in Fairhaven. The AP was on the boat when I bought it and the boat came from Lewes Delaware so he was trolling at high speeds on both engines im guessing. I’m thinking Tall Tails advice about the AP not recognizing my speed makes a lot of sense the more I think about it. I do remember reading in the manual that it shows a small dash on the screen for the speed. A high dash for high speed and a low dash for low speed. I’m going to have to see what it’s reading next time I get the boat out. Appreciate all the responses from everyone.
  8. I thought this may be the issue as I added my fish hawk screen on my helm above where what I believe to be the compass is (big black box that says Robertson). I thought this because even after calibrating the compass and configuring in the difference to my compass on my helm sometimes the auto pilot reads nowhere near the helm compass. At other times it reads right on with the helm compass. BUT again the autopilot holds the boat perfect while running both engines and on plane. It just seems to not like steering the boat with one prop pushing the boat at trolling speed.
  9. I know it is networked with with my GPS but I haven’t figured out yet how it all works together. I guess I really need to just put some hours on the boat without rods in the water to get familiar with everything. Those rods going off just keep getting in the way of playing with the boat.
  10. Hmm interesting. I know for sure mine is wired into a fuse block so I will definitely give that a shot. Thanks for the advise
  11. Hey guys, so I just got got back from my second trip with my new to me boat. I was super excited to finally have autopilot but it just constantly fails. It’s a simrad ap11. I’ve tried re calibrating the compass and adjusted rudder/ counter rudder numbers but still fails after a few minutes. The weird thing is that it works great with both engines under power. Just fails while trolling with one engine. Just looking to see if anyone else has run into this problem or has any input. Much appreciated. Matt
  12. Just got back into town from an OZ trip. They are there but you’re going to have to put some miles on you’re boat. We fished from 450-700 and took most of our fish between 625-675. This was actually my first time ever fishing past 500. We did a few on spoons but it’s primarily a meat bite. Put meat on everything. Greens and chromes with green twinkies. We took a pretty even pic of matures and teens but there are definitely some slobs this year. The next month should get interesting
  13. I actually hoping to get up there next weekend. 15th-17th for my first trip of the season.
  14. Definitely going to look into bay ridge. Thank you guys.
  15. Hey guys, I’m considering on fishing out of sodus this year instead of Oswego just to switch things up. I live about 3 1/2hrs from both ports, so I figured I why not. Where are you guys launching/docking from? I usually come for 3 days at a time or so, and like to keep the boat docked for those days just to keep it easy. Also if anyone has recommendations on places to stay, and places that dry dock that would be awesome. If there is a marina that does all of the above, that would be Ideal but I don’t mind moving around a little. Lastly for the guys that have fished both Sodus and Oswego am I making a mistake by moving?? I always appreciate the help and knowledge from this group. Thank you. Tight lines Matt
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