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  1. Hello all This weekend I got my best brown trout, at 32” 17 lbs out of the big lake. Looking to get a skin mount done and seeing who in the CNY/South shore area does good work as this is a fish of a lifetime for me. I appreciate your input! Pics below for enjoyment!
  2. Weeds were bad Saturday and Sunday on east side of lake near taughannock. Mostly fished west side just keep weeds of the line. Fleas were worse though
  3. I run both pretty much whenever I fish FL. Usually spoons on riggers then mix it up on outside rods with deep diving sticks and other sticks and spoons on leadcore. Morning when fish might be up higher in water or toward shore sticks take a lot of shots in my experience, and I’ll start moving over to more spoons later in day as fish sometimes are found out deeper. I’ve had better luck with certain sticks than others but that depends on the day. Best is to mix up what you have out there and see what consistently gets fish and different species as that’s a good indication to me of what more fish want.
  4. 2015 Mercury 9.9 4-Stroke Series 9.9EH. 15” shaft. Used as a boat kicker for 20 foot trolling boat. Pull and electric start. Like new, Always serviced and stored inside during off-season. Very quiet, starts on first try and will run all day. Sips gas. More specs below. All fluids changed last service, just needs a gas hookup, a transom to mount to, and a lake to go on. Would work well on adjustable bracket on bigger boat without the need of a long shaft, that is how I used to run it. Price is $1750 firm. Located in Preble NY. https://www.nadaguides.com/Boats/2015/Mercury/9-9EH/32059297/Outboard-Motors
  5. Haven’t made a report on the finger lakes page in a while and now that I’ve moved to the area full time I hope to be having more to report. Fished Owasco Saturday with my old man out of our fishmaster. Got setup with 6 lines out and as soon as I got all the lines out it was on. Had a steady pick of good size Lakers and a bomber rainbow with 1 small brown and Atlantic. Ended the day 12 for 17. Threw sticks and spoons on riggers, cores, and deep diving stickbaits. It was all working at a variety of depths. Made fish cakes 2 ways with the Lakers. Threw most of the back but smokin’ them is not the only way to go as far as I’m concerned!
  6. Hello all I’m picking up my Starcraft fishmaster next week and am looking for recommendations on rod trees. I want ones that I can adjust the angles on the mast depending on what I’m doing and be able to adjust the pitch of the rod holder itself. Would like hand knobs for less tool carrying on the boat. Was looking at something like the link below, but not sure if it works with berts tracks. https://millennium-outdoors.com/product/spyderlok-rod-tree/ Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. I built my own rod trees with aluminum tubing and clamp on adjustable angle and position rod holders. Got a flanged base and mounted it. Also put on planer board masts on them. I used springs on the planer pulley and shock absorbers at the boards to not ware down the masts. Overall they work great you can move them all around in different angles and cost a way lot less than anything you could buy. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. I fished Monday/Tuesday and there were lots of fleas Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Go to Cayuga. All the lakers you could possibly ask for. We got about 40 last week in taughannock surrounding area Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Thanks Brian. I have inlines, they pull great but can be cumbersome with 400 copper and a king on the line! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Stayed at Taughannock for our annual week at Cayuga. Fished cayuga Sunday to Wednesday and hit fair haven Thursday. At Cayuga we did about 70 fish in the 4 days we fished. The first three days were mostly lakers as we were fishing deeper water and moving all over the place. The last day my buddy and I wanted to change it up so we trolled some shallower water and caught a ton of silvers but all very small. We did get the grand slam though that day getting 2 rainbows, 2 lakers, 5-6 small LL’s, and about 15 browns. That was cool even if they were small. We stopped netting fish and taking pictures because we were catching so many in those 4 days with beautiful weather! Only kept some lakers the first day, about 7 of them and were catch and release the rest of the trip. Biggest fish were lakers around 9.5 pounds, and a lot of that size. Couldn’t break 10 pounds! Great time and great weather. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Little late on the post as I have been staying on Cayuga with bad service. Fished fair haven on 27Jun with my two buddies and hit the water around 7 after making the long trek up. We had just set the downriggers up and my buddy was letting a 10 color out when it start to pull hard and he looked at me and I’m like you’re right that’s a fish!! Anyway, the day followed suit and we limited out going 9 for 12. Mostly high teen Kings with some slightly smaller ones in there as well. We had 2 doubles which was hectic but a lot of fun. Everything was working, riggers, dipsys, and 400 copper ( ending breaking off my 400 copper due to bad condition which is my fault). Spoons, FF, meat all did it. This was my first limit as I am still learning the art of salmon fishing so I was pretty excited. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I recently put masts on my boat to start running big boards. I had a set of super skis like the ones below. My question is does anyone else use them and like them? They don’t seem to plane hard enough even with ideal speed in ideal weather. They seem to drift back more than I like and doesn’t allow me to get my coppers out far enough from the boat as I would like. Just wondering if there is any tuning that may make them run better or any suggestions on better boards. I don’t want to build my own. I have enough work on my hands! Appreciate the help. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. I’ve had dipsys twists before similar to your experience. I use braid so I don’t get cut but does make for a rough heavy reel back in. I blame my letting out too fast and also in the finger lakes I usually put cowbells with gambler rig on the dipsys near the bottom with sometimes hitting the bottom depending on boat speed and depth changes. Subtle bumps on the bottom but my guess is it causes the dipsey to bounce and go around the lines and twist. I have to work on my dipsey depths a little but it produces fish so it makes me hard headed to change sometimes [emoji51]. Always let out with the clicker and let out slow as mentioned. I usually keep my thumb on the spool to make it go out with some resistance as well. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. I am trying to do this as well. I plan on running the second line to my kicker off my separator with the check valves as well. Will my kicker have an issue pulling from the main fuel tank if the main I/o engine is off? Or will the kicker create its own vacuum to pull and I should not have an issue? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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