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  1. I’m curious to hear the vary thoughts on wind direction and it’s effects on the fisheries between Oswego and Henderson Harbor. Not so much a discussion of wave activity but rather what people’s preferred wind directions are for favorable fishing conditions... also have you noticed a species preference in relation to wind direction? This past weekend the Browns seemed to move down from Nine Mile to Oswego with an east blow and it got me thinking if others find similar experiences and if they notice any specifics in regards to species
  2. I’m looking to see if anyone has any Okuma Coldwater 453d reels for sale.
  3. 7 okuma trolling reels. 4) 30 series Magda pro 1) 20 series Magda pro 2) classic 300L ALL work well and rarely used! Drags were always backed off when not in use. $140 plus $25 shipping included.
  4. So the front (port) left side horizontal section of my bow rail got bent. I want to replace it and wondered if anyone knows of a section on a boat for sale etc? I can buy the tubing but unsure about weather or not a co suit bender can bend the ss bowrail. I’m not interested in buying a tubing bender for one slight bend in 24” of rail
  5. Are the booms on the down riggers interchangeable? I have a mag5st and want to put slightly longer booms on them or possibly extending ones but I can find any info that says which ones if any are interchangeable.
  6. Hi all as the season is fast approaching I’m trying to complete my project needs/wants for the boat. I run a lowrance elite5 and a Hook2 9. I’m interested in hearing opinions on Navionics cards for these units. I’m not sure which to purchase, or if they’re valuable enough to invest in. I’ve never used one nor seen the images they provide.
  7. I don’t care for inline boards, but I know that trip trees work well for them, I do run catamaran boards and was just curious how well people enjoyed trip trees with catamaran boards
  8. Tom at penn yan boats still has them. I purchased new ones from him for my boat last fall
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