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  1. Are the booms on the down riggers interchangeable? I have a mag5st and want to put slightly longer booms on them or possibly extending ones but I can find any info that says which ones if any are interchangeable.
  2. Hi all as the season is fast approaching I’m trying to complete my project needs/wants for the boat. I run a lowrance elite5 and a Hook2 9. I’m interested in hearing opinions on Navionics cards for these units. I’m not sure which to purchase, or if they’re valuable enough to invest in. I’ve never used one nor seen the images they provide.
  3. I don’t care for inline boards, but I know that trip trees work well for them, I do run catamaran boards and was just curious how well people enjoyed trip trees with catamaran boards
  4. Tom at penn yan boats still has them. I purchased new ones from him for my boat last fall
  5. Thanks! Yes the ones I’m looking at do have swivel bases. I appreciate the feedback
  6. How does everyone like using triple trees rod holders with fixed angles for planet board rods. (Not in-line planers). Looking at Picking up a pair but haven’t used them before. Looking at running three planer lines per side. The ones I have in mind aren’t adjustable for angle as those are just not in the budget this year.
  7. I appreciate it. I already have 2 mounted and plan on moving them to the transom. I do want to put a dual rod holder set up near my planer reels which would also be for dipsy use. I may go with a short track set up if I can find one with a fairly narrow track approx 21” long I may go that way
  8. I know what tracks do and offer but my gunwale isn’t very wide and I don’t want track over hanging the edges of the boat
  9. I don’t particularly want to put a track on the boat. I want something I can bolt to the gunwale
  10. Thank you for the feed back everybody, what’s y’all opinion then if the tite lok multi lok holder?
  11. Has anyone used them for trout and salmon fishing? Have yet to use them but want a couple more if they get a thumbs up for their ability to handle salmon and trout rods
  12. My boat came with one rod holder on each side that are a stainless holder with a black ball/socket swivel on the bottom. Would anyone happen to know what brand these might be?
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