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  1. 470-309-5478 sry I work odd hours at times. Are these the multi positional holders?
  2. Do they attach to the outdrive to steer or do they attach to the helm to steer?
  3. I’m interested in information on what brand/model autopilot people are using on their mid/late 80’s sportcraft. I’m not familiar with the steering set up on this boat and unsure what type of auto pilot is desired. Thanks in advance for all your recommendations
  4. I’m looking into getting s sportcraft 270 coastal fisherman. It has a 350 mid mount engine on it. Just curious if others on here have this set up that I could pick your brains on a few things...
  5. Mostly conserving fuel but also having a secondary propulsion method in the event of any issues with the main... the boat has already had a kicker on it, but it currently does not
  6. Thanks, the window trim that’s needing replaced has been siliconed once it started peeling. It doesn’t currently leak, I’m just kind of a stickler for things looking clean and right. The boats not perfect by any means but I have an ‘86 PennYan 21’ that the guy wants to trade for because he wants a trailerable boat and I need something a little bigger so that’s the deal. He just paid Mikes Marina in Mexico to replace the engine.
  7. While I do appreciate the concerns the stringers and transom it is not what I need info on... I’m already aware of them. The engine is brand new just having been replaced... I just need to know what system people use for kicker mounting on these boats etc.
  8. Thank you! As far as the kicker controls the boat is an I/o so I think I can connect to outdrive. So far as I can tell the stringers seem in good shape, haven’t gotten to the transom yet.
  9. I’m looking at upsizing to a 1987 sportcraft coastal that a friend of a friend has. The boat is in overall good shape but needs some trim work and the moldings replaced around the windows (if anyone has ideas on where to buy those at I’d be much appreciative). My question is the boat currently has very little gear on it and as it sits in the slip it appears a little bow heavy. It’s got a merc 260 (gm 350) mid mount engine. So I was wondering if they are known to sit nose down a bit. Also how hard is it to hook a kicker up on one? It’s got a bracket on transom but curious about tying in the fuel lines and throttle controls etc. lastly is there anywhere that I could get the full specs on this boat and/or buy replacement parts such as hatches, windows etc? Thank you for your time
  10. I’m looking to have my boat winterized and possibly stored near Pulaski at the end of the season. I’m interested to see if anyone knows a boat mechanic in that area that can/will service an OMC cobra outdrive. Particularly I bought new bellows, gimbals and universal joints and would like those installed before next season as well as a general “once over”. I know a lot of mechanics/shops avoid the OMC’s but there’s a bunch out there so someone must still be willing to work on them... tia!
  11. I put a 10’ top shot of fluorocarbon leader on my leadcore. Would there be any inherent problems with that?
  12. It’s a brand new probe, and brand new batteries and I’m certain they were in completely. My issue has to do with a need to increase the gain due to the size of my downrigger weights. The manufacturer states that an increase in gain may be necessary when using weights less than #15 which is why I asked what others have found to be the ideal gain setting in this case
  13. I had a hard time getting my x4 to send back probe info last weekend. It would give me a read and then the probe readings would disappear and then re-appear but might be way out of calibration etc. manual says I may need to increase gain if my rigger are weights are under 15# which mine are. I’m not certain they are 10-12# off the top of my head. Anyway I was curious if anyone has had similar issues and how high on the gain you had to go to get proper readings again.
  14. I’m curious to hear the vary thoughts on wind direction and it’s effects on the fisheries between Oswego and Henderson Harbor. Not so much a discussion of wave activity but rather what people’s preferred wind directions are for favorable fishing conditions... also have you noticed a species preference in relation to wind direction? This past weekend the Browns seemed to move down from Nine Mile to Oswego with an east blow and it got me thinking if others find similar experiences and if they notice any specifics in regards to species
  15. I’m looking to see if anyone has any Okuma Coldwater 453d reels for sale.
  16. 7 okuma trolling reels. 4) 30 series Magda pro 1) 20 series Magda pro 2) classic 300L ALL work well and rarely used! Drags were always backed off when not in use. $140 plus $25 shipping included.
  17. So the front (port) left side horizontal section of my bow rail got bent. I want to replace it and wondered if anyone knows of a section on a boat for sale etc? I can buy the tubing but unsure about weather or not a co suit bender can bend the ss bowrail. I’m not interested in buying a tubing bender for one slight bend in 24” of rail
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