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  1. That report means small craft warnings. Take heed.
  2. This is for a friend and I will check with him for a price range.
  3. Looking for a used center console, 18'-20' with trailer, outboard only.
  4. That is what happens in the Spring--high, fast water bringing in debris. Also, $10 is a cheap launch fee; I know of a few places near Cape Vincent where it costs $20.
  5. I have a 1988 Mercruiser engine removed from my boat but I do not know if it runs. The mechanic told me it needs a starter and after purchasing a new 5.7 I am not putting any money into the old engine. It may be an engine that needs a little maintenance or it could be only good for a complete rebuild. This is a complete engine; the block is not cracked and this engine was winterized 2 years ago and the oil is still fresh. It is on a pallet and located at Martin's Marina in Cape Vincent, priced at $500.00.
  6. 2006 Yamaha 4 stroke 8 with Garmin autopilot, 20" shaft . Came with the boat I bought and I did not try it, $500.
  7. I never have unless it is a fish caught while bringing in lines and the clients have a full catch and only if that fish cannot be released unharmed. I was asked about that a few times last season and for some reason, it is only asked if we are having a real good day. I guess the clients are thinking "the more, the merrier" but people that greedy should buy their fish from a store. For most of my clients the catch is just part of the whole experience and many practice catch and release.
  8. I have chartered in this area since 1997 and used to pick up some trout out around Charity Shoal with very few salmon in the middle of summer. The salmon seem to prefer the area around the wall and south of Main Duck, with both trout and salmon being taken around the south side of the Duck. The rest of the area is home to bass and walleye, with Wolfe Island being good for northern pike. Salmon used to run the river in the fall but I have not seen that in many years.
  9. I have the same model boat and it does have a lean to port but I lose it when I am on plane and the motor is trimmed up to 3/4.
  10. I have the same model boat and a 9" Lowrance mounted where you are indicating--no problems with the view and the ram mount allows a lot of adjustments. The cup holder is still usable but not for its main purpose. I put my water bottle in the side holder.
  11. The boat survey is a good idea; anyone know of a surveyor near the Cape Vincent area?
  12. Any charter captains know where I can get charter insurance for my 1988 Thompson? I cannot locate a company that will insure an older boat. Also, what about random drug testing for charter captains--is that really happening up here or just another governmental way of making money from us??
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