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  1. It is all for the love of money--BIG money. This is their "job" because they do not have enough skills to get a real job so they push themselves on us sport fishermen so they can find some kind of glory. Last year when they were in Clayton I made the mistake of going to the Shurfine market, and what a mistake it was. Bass boats taking up all the parking lot and fuel pumps; good for the store but bad for us customers. These "bassholes" are they maximum of disrespect for a community. They should be sent down to the 1000 Islands Tackle Shop to fuel where they will not be taking up all the parking lot. I guess because they get to be on television, where should be in awe of them--totally wrong!! The just upset me and I am sure that I am not the only one.
  2. Fishing between Carlton Island and the mainland can be rewarding BUT what is with those morons running the big boats through the area? They come down on a smaller boat (20 foot) like they want to push us out of the way and then come so close that if I threw a water bottle I would hit them. Every one I saw then proceeded to run down the shipping channel so why not run the channel AROUND Carlton and avoid Featherbed Shoal? Little known fact: it is against USCG regulations to pass within 100 feet of a vessel that is at rest if your boat is making more than idle speed.
  3. If it makes money for the state, the DEC does NOT listen. Being a local of Cape Vincent I see WAY too many bassholes doing the catch and release starting in May. Where is the DEC then?
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