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  1. Anyone have any knowledge on the following: If an east wind is pushing the surface water, how far down does this affect a west current? I could not get an answer from the "learned" people who study water.
  2. Several years ago I broke down on the water near Galloo and although Tow Boat did not have a boat close, they did reimburse me for having to use a marina out of Henderson. They are the AAA on the water and their operators are pros.
  3. Did this boat come with this transom set up or did you fabricate it? My 1995 had nothing like this and I am considering trying to replicate this set up on my 240 Thompson.
  4. anywhere close to 3 3/4" to 4" would work.
  5. Should look like the spoons above, maybe with a little cream color along the edge to suggest a belly.
  6. Where did you find these? I cannot locate their site online.
  7. Just what I am looking for! I think walleye will hit these; Thanks!
  8. Fishing early season brown trout, walleye and pike feed close to the bottom.
  9. Did you ever see a green goby? I want a spoon that looks like the real goby.
  10. If I can find someone who does paint custom spoons he would get an order.
  11. Anybody know where I can get spoons that look like a gobie? It will probably have to be a custom made spoon because none of the retailers online have them.
  12. That is a TRUE buddy and should be thanks! Leaves more time for fishing.
  13. marinecrafts

    for sale : usa 1989 Penn Yan Pro Hunter

    I would NOT buy a boat this old without a professional survey because I did just that and now I am having stringers, motor mounts and transom repair done. I paid $7000 for my boat but I knew it needed work but not this much work. Survey first! Also all the electronics actually are a personal choice and that should be considered in the price.
  14. Mr 580, are you suggesting that someone who fishes only a few times a year charter or asking some buddies to fish along and pay their way? Actually chartering is NOT a solution because of all the costs involved; I know because I have been chartering since 1997. I think it would be easy to get some fishing buddies to fish that part of the lake.
  15. The Starcraft Fishmaster is a wider boat and built specifically for trolling. Weld over rivets? Your choice. I will be selling my aluminum boat when my old Thompson 240 finally gets finished because although the lighter boat is good for towing, the wind will control you.
  16. I had one that I paid $100 for new; it worked one season then failed. There must be something better on the market. Now I use a pool thermometer on my rigger.
  17. A selection of Bay Rat lures is available at the Thousand Islands tackle shop.
  18. I started chartering in 1997 and the above advise is good stuff. You will not get rich, you may not clear your expenses and expect to put in long hours, especially if you have no one to help you with the clean up AFTER the trip (forgot that part?) If you truly enjoy helping other people catch fish, it is a great "job". Your personal fishing time will be limited to finding the fish for the next trip so you can put someone on "your" fish. I am over 70 and enjoy this so much that I am having an old Thompson rebuilt so I can spend more time on the lake instead of using my Starcraft to fish the river. The river is good but I love that lake!
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