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  1. Looking for a 24' Thompson hardtop that needs new seats or a repower. Trailer would be good. I will have it surveyed for bad stringers/transom.
  2. One Cannon mini-mag downrigger (1995?) still working, just replaced on my charter boat. Fiberglass 18" boom, 200' of cable. $100.00. Mounting bases with it.
  3. Gambler says "until the alewives are gone..." but that is not going to happen with the millions I see on the spawn migration so the powers in "the know" need to figure a way around that one. I would not like to see an effort to eliminate alewives just to keep one species of fish when pike, walleyes and perch feed heavily on these numerous little fish. And the alewives do not seem to affect any other fish as far as reproduction.
  4. Since a laker is not good table fare and this one is so big, why not release it? It is not close to the state record.
  5. OK, thanks. I saw a couple charters out there running boards so I figured they were after browns.
  6. Does anybody know when the salmon start showing up around Stony Point? I steamed down there today from Cape Vincent, trolled the trench and climbed the wall. I marked a few fish but not as many as I thought I might have.
  7. Canon also makes slide releases that mount on the boat rail. They have a push-down lock that keeps the rigger in place and are easy to use.
  8. The year is the last part of the VIN, stamped on the upper right of the transom. Since this is an older boat you might want to spend the money and have it surveyed--stringers and transom are subject to rot.
  9. lundfisherman64: If extra seats do not come with the boat, drop me a line. I have a pair for my Starcraft 196 that I do not need; I needed more room for charters so I installed bench seats.
  10. How much are you asking for the compass; looks like a Ritchie. Include shipping to Cape Vincent.
  11. Geico/Boat US offers insurance for us charter boat captains--and the price is reasonable. You must specify the insurance is for a charter boat. No boat surveys required. You probably already belong to Boat US--if not, you should; it is the AAA on the water.
  12. The Fishmaster is a good boat; I have a 196-should have gotten the 210. If you are going to use a kicker, be aware of how the cables are run and the position of the kicker control. On mine the cables were too long, creating a pinch point when the kicker is trimmed up for travel--and you need to do that a lot. The cables then flexed at the same point many times and wore through in less than 2 years. Also, the control was mounted ABOVE the seat and every time the seat turned the arm rests would hit the control; it should be mounted BELOW the level of the seat. Other than that, it is a good, deep boat but for the price of a new one I would consider a Hewescraft, sold at Erie Marine in Ohio.
  13. Used Humminbird Helix 7 fishfinder. Will pay to ship. $350.00
  14. Then why is it and the other sold boats still on the site?
  15. That is the trouble with this site: it is not well managed. Things (boats, mainly) that have sold should be deleted so we can see current items.
  16. duckduckgo helps block the trackers
  17. I have a Starcraft Fishmaster 196 (19' 9") running 2 riggers and it works good. With the aft deck design it is made for trolling. The boat is very deep and handles waves as good as any other aluminum boat but you have to watch the installation of a kicker. The little motor placed on the port side will cause a slight list but it runs an even keel when planing. My Yamaha kicker control cables were too long, created a pinch point and broke because you have to get that kicker out of the water to run. It could be that the marina where I bought the boat (Bloomsburg, PA) had no experience with a forward control set-up. Also the seat was set too close to the gunwale and every time I turned, the arm rest would hit the kicker control. This boat is so deep that it is a real effort to change the bilge pump or change the water separating filter but it has high gunwales that are wide for mounting equipment. Maybe a big Lund would be better, IF you have that kind of money.
  18. Thank you for the good idea, I would not want to run short of water when I am out fishing. I will use the video on my cell phone and send it to the coast guard. Their station is only a few miles down river. A New York State boaters license will have no effect on "tourists" who show up only in the summer so this might be the way to go.
  19. Good make boat at a good price but a little too far to go. Thanks, anyway.
  20. Still looking for a boat but a 12' instead of a 10', no motor.
  21. I have heard in the near future NYS will require all boat operators to have passed a safe boating course; looks like another way for Albany to put money in their pocket. Anyone who is a member of BoatUS can take this course online for no charge, but there is a fee to get a plastic card showing course completion. The course is easy but is does take a few hours of time as many important subjects are included. What follows is the surprise test: after you pass the BoatUS test there is a NYS test that gives you no study information but is only 10 questions. This must be passed prior to being certified to get the license, but it gives 3 chances to pass the test. Something to do during the winter months, along with getting ready for the spring fishing.
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