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  1. Buyer beware coldwatertackle.com

    Fish usa received broken rod one phone call 2 days later a new pole . GREAT SERVICE !
  2. There is still plenty of good cold water fishing to be done in the fall as water cools fish get pretty active i hit Champlain quit often on those warm fall days there is more fish then bugs .
  3. Trying my luck hunting geese to my surprise they are good eating but i am a better bow hunter they goose hunter lol .
  4. I would fish out in front of the mouth of the salmon river last few times at henderson it was tough caught 3 each day at first light them bight died . You could go out side and target a mixed bag and skip staging kings may be more productive .
  5. Yes you will break your fish off on 4 lb no need to go that light you not fishing with dry flys for 12 inch fish . I would run very long leads like 150 feet behind the ball you could place a cheater spoon 5 to 10 feet above your down rigger ball .If you only have riggers you should invest in some keel sinkers as well as tad polls so that you can run flat lines at desired depths another option is lead core . Dont forget to run a flat line in the prop wash .GOOD LUCK
  6. If you are going for browns run just spoons and stick baits look for temp around 60 near bottom spreed you pattern out use you boards ,riggers and flat lines you could use tad poles and clip on weights to get some depth . 15 lb flouro leader and natural colors on your baits unless you are in dirty water they eat alot of gobys off the bottom .
  7. wingers

    Thanks for the info going to need to find them online as i will not make at back up that way again this year just strained my knee pretty bad so will me laying low trying to heal up for hunting season .
  8. wingers Looking to buy a pair of wingers to increase spread anyone no wear i may purchase them . thanks
  9. There is fish up that way but if we have good temp and marks you would be better off fishing the marks in temp rather then out of temp that being said they will go way up in the bay if temp is good .
  10. had a truck once wife thought it was funny to get vanity plates that said not his !
  11. best great lakes boat

    Boats lol
  12. best great lakes boat

    You need a displacement hull to slice through waves for a good ride and a 10 foot been for stability go i/o for relieability and a kicker to troll on . Boots with a keel are better but suck in shallow water .
  13. Yaa sat and sunday was bad for sure.
  14. That damn moon has been in the sky during the day but is starting to go away so i think it should get better .
  15. Heading up tomorrow any word on the bight and temp break ?