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  1. OSWEGO AND HENDERSON Fished Oswego thursday morning was pretty slow fished 100 feet to 300 best screen was 125 to 200 on the scum line ffrom river flow to the east of port was some marks and bait but nothing great caught 2 steel head a 6.5 and a 6 lb and 1 small king and a couple bump offs .Tried just about everything but only got spoon bites up high .Hit henderson latter that day for a evening look around found alot of bait and tons of nice marks around 50 feet and 100 feet temp brake at 100 but only in small pockets ,Fished for 3 hours and missed 1 and landed 1 coho and had double bump of fished just did not want to play had high hopes for am but woke up to a down poor at the ramp so much for scattered showers ,THANKS NOAA. GEAT OUT THERE GUYS LOTS OF FISH OUTSIDE OF STONEY POINT LIGHT JUST EAST OF THE WALL
  2. Never fish without it !!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. nice job guys nothing like rods going off one after the other .
  4. thanks icewalker 74 good to hear going to take my dad he has not been out that way for along time need to spend time with him well i can .
  5. OSWEGO AND HENDERSON Looking to come out and fish this weak was looking for a little info on the bight around Oswego and henderson any help would be great thanks .
  7. 14 miles from green harbor plymouth mass may be a little father to nw corner .O there are some big stripers out there feeding on sand eels as well as bluefin tuna .
  8. i like the akuma classic pro 8 -6 med downrigger rod with a 30 on it fish usa like 80 bucks for the combo
  9. Not true have a charter for tomorrow for lake trout do to salmon catch rates have been next to 0 on lake Champlain after all some people just like to catch big fish . Lakers can be alot of fun on spoons with no cowbells attached .
  10. Even bad reports can be help full just keep trying and you will find them .
  11. Sorry to here of the slow bite but thanks for the report been wondering whats going on there there has been a real lack of reports lately .Last time i went to oswego there were 20 boats and the only report was mine .
  12. I would think if that is a surface temp map it really is not of a lot of help i would ck to see if any buoy temp ,depth data is available and look at water current maps to see were that may be concentrating warmer water and bait and find the best structure in that area and start there .Then well under way and while fishing scan for birds all day long find them and you have found fish .GOOD LUCK
  13. I just catch a salmon and use its hide for my meat rigs on the next trip works for me.
  14. the owner to a hunting camp next to my property got busted for hunting deer over a bait pile 100 dollar fine what a joke no loss of license !
  15. Nice action looks better then spin doctor