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  1. Likely a good point the super glow just might catch more fishermen then fish.thanks guys
  2. Made multiple times got a low glow out of them but nothing like a moonshine glow spoon going to look for another brand to try and advice will be greatly appreciated thanks.
  3. HB2 did you use createx or a different brand?
  4. Ok thanks I will try that I did white then fluorescent then glow base and failed !
  5. So I have been painting spoons with createx airbrush paints and doing well but need advice on glow paint recommendations. Tried using createx 212 glow base over fluorescent green and it won't glow even though the glow base seems to glow just fine. Any advice would be great thanks!
  6. Went to web site was very limited in details and selection did not see these flashers listed for sale .
  7. Are these the smaller size hot fish ? And do you have any larger size if the are the small ones .
  8. I take it your not selling these personally
  9. Just received my new big eye flies and CHIP from Cme trolling did a fantastic job on them they look great and the quality in the fly and tournament tied rig is the best i have seen plus a great price as well , THANKS CHIP
  10. All I can say is wow chip you have outdone your self with this great looking fly ! Thought I was all set with the ff and meat rigs that I hade already bought from you but these just look like a must have . As a charter captain I am always looking for that little thing that could make a big difference on a tough bite and these should go well in that bag of tricks. At this point i will take 1 each of #34,43,92.93,64 I will give you a call with paypal info and address thanks ERIC
  11. My guess is to run navionics is a cheaper option then a nav unit '
  12. I have one believe its a sea sick wobbler in a moonshine rv series i have not caught with mine but looks like you have by the tooth marks .
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