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hard knox

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    Malone, NY
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    hunting ,fishing ,trapping ,taxidermy.
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  1. I use duelock snaps at the spoon and 8 feet up were leader meets main line i run duramax swivels .
  2. I run torpedo weights behind boards and stern planers they catch there fair share of fish and some days out fish the riggers !
  3. Been some really nice browns we have landed a 10.5 ,12 and 13 lb brown so far this year with not much time fishing for them .Also been getting some good steelies way out deep .
  4. I run 4 riggers on a 8.5 beam without ever a issue i use torpedo weights from Harvey trout man track great i also use scotty riggers and decent speed is not a issue !
  5. I am in malone ny fish out of Oswego and yes they are still for sale .
  6. Hello do you still have the down riggers for sale?  Interested in them if you do.  I fish out of Hughes in Williamsville.  Let me know and stay safe

    1. hard knox

      hard knox

      yes still available call me .

    2. longbow


      Hey man disregard I fixed mine, or rather a buddy at the Marina did.  thanks

  7. I have 2 big john electric down riggers with boom extensions and 2 swivel bases both work as they should call eric at 518 481 7502 for details and pics .
  8. Looking out the window at my boat and 2 big toms !
  9. Have 2 big john electric down riggers for sale with boom extension and swivel bases both in good working condition no rod holders with them . Asking 150 .00 each call eric at 518 481 7502 for more info and pics thanks
  10. Cool glad to see you found some fish i see your boat name is Knot hers my old Tundra had a license plat that said Knot his my wife thought she was pretty funny when she came home with the plates for it lol.
  11. Fished late Monday ad Tuesday was very slow not to many kings left in the trench only a couple boats out there managed 3 kings a couple browns and some lakers. Temp break was at 35 feet and still marked a few kings but bight was slow was not the hot and heavy bight that i was hoping to have .
  12. Been using 100 grain rage for years and they work great leave a big gash and fly great the swhacker broad heads also work great and cost 10 bucks less . You will likely wast a bunch of money trying to find a fix blade that shoots the same as a field point your bow needs to be in perfect tune and still need to find the right arrow and broadhead combo . I can tell you that can be a pain in the ass with crossbows they just dont like broadheads at 400 fps the only thing my crossbow will shoot is nap sling blades and swhackers . GOOD LUCK
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