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  1. I just use a foot of 20 lb mono and quick release that cannot fall off do not use a pinch pad release or you will loose your torpedo .
  2. just park in henderson public launch area it says no overnight parking but nobody has ever bothered me about it .
  3. Dont forget lake o special fishing regs
  4. I dont feel i spook many fish with a small diameter braid as a main line then small swivel and a 8 ft leader then a duel lock snap at the spoon .But if you want do a wined on floro leader of what ever length you want but you still need a good swivel about 8 feet in front of spoon for line twist if swivel is to far away it will affect spoon action.
  5. I tried a budys copper rig and caught a king but did not like it at all like fishing with leadcore just no fun torpedos run deep with next to no resistance and then you can remove and fight the fish as well as the are directional .I realize a lot of guys use copper but not for everybody !GOOD LUCK AND TIGHT LINES
  6. Should be able to but power wash sand and clean with acetone
  7. I really like torpedo divers but a tadpole might be a better choice behind a board .
  8. Note you can get bottom paint for towed boats just be shur to buy the correct one.
  9. You would need to sand then clean with acetone but most bottom paints are designed for boats that are left in the water all year so there is really no point to bottom paint due to there is a type of living enzyme in it to fight algae and that stops working when the boat is left out of the water .
  10. I would strongly suggest trim tabs that are adjustable well under way you will find them very helpful due to changing weight loads and sea conditions that you will have and help with roll due to a v hull with a torque steer issue that you have .
  11. I like 30 lb braid for main line then floro leader last much longer then mono and much less likely to break due to wear from rigger clips also better hook up ratio on strikes due to no stretch .
  12. THANKS Just wanted to say thanks to all those that share there fishing tips as well as to the staff at fat nancys for sharing valuable info on tackle and techniques on how to catch the great fish lake o has to offer .I know all to well how much longer it can take to become a really good fishermen when no one wants to share any info as i found out back in my bluefin tuna fishing days .thanks for sharing !
  13. OMG

    nice salmon chop
  14. As gambler said you cant trust mass produced products when it comes to fishing line i have bought some meat rigs that when i shock test with bare hands they brake like ten pound test .I always rebuild them myself.
  15. I would go online and take a look at a 5w icom handheld good radio for under 200 i have one and really like it ., read a few reviews and pick the one that you like.