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  1. Great catch please do your self and the fish a favor as the water gets warmer it is almost impossible to get released Lakers to go back down to depth . Buy yourself a sequelizer of Amazon for around 50 bucks and send them back down to the thermocline. I hate when I release a fish and do to air and heat exhaustion that can't go back down . Just set depth on sequelizer and send down on rigger it releases at set depth . Great job on some nice Lakers !👍
  2. 50 degree surface temp I would say the boy is nuts . Lol
  3. Caught 31 fish in a day and a half out of Mexico over a dozen lampreys on them . That's more than last three years combined not as good sign for things to come.
  4. I have had multiple slide divers cut two different brands of braid off very disappointing as they do catch fish but can't justify throwing 25 bucks away every other trip .
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice going to make some calls between buying a bigger boat and the charter insurance thing's are adding up fast.
  6. Looking for suggestions on insurance for a charter boat holding oupv 6 pack license. Just received this year's quote went up by 200.00 bucks for just liability insurance at this point its getting out of hand . Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. How bad was the oil spill? 😟
  8. I always run 4 riggers 2 off the corners at 45 degrees and 2 off the sides at 90 degrees . The 2 off the sides have wingers that cause them to glide away from the boat . I can still add in dipseys and boards without issues.
  9. Use a Duramax swivel 8 ft up leader and a good duolock snap and your good to go.
  10. Good luck hope you snap out of it not everyone has a good experience with it .
  11. Hello and merry Christmas to all looking at buying a 25 foot camper that appears to be a great deal . I am afraid that if I can't find a reasonable place to put it for the season say may through September near Oswego / mexico that it won't get used . Anyone have any recommendations on reasonable priced campgrounds or someone with private property that would rent a spot for a fair price to a respectable person . I fish alot out of Oswego so would be nice to have a place to stay other then the cabin of my boat . Thanks
  12. Both fish relate to temp breaks that you can see and record on the surface it's like a vertical wall in the water fish along it and find witch side the fish like best .Then there's the thermal bar that's horizontal in the water when lake sets up fish above,in and below it .
  13. I dubbed my buddy the Cisco kid after he caught 2 of them.
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