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hard knox

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  1. Cool glad to see you found some fish i see your boat name is Knot hers my old Tundra had a license plat that said Knot his my wife thought she was pretty funny when she came home with the plates for it lol.
  2. Fished late Monday ad Tuesday was very slow not to many kings left in the trench only a couple boats out there managed 3 kings a couple browns and some lakers. Temp break was at 35 feet and still marked a few kings but bight was slow was not the hot and heavy bight that i was hoping to have .
  3. Been using 100 grain rage for years and they work great leave a big gash and fly great the swhacker broad heads also work great and cost 10 bucks less . You will likely wast a bunch of money trying to find a fix blade that shoots the same as a field point your bow needs to be in perfect tune and still need to find the right arrow and broadhead combo . I can tell you that can be a pain in the ass with crossbows they just dont like broadheads at 400 fps the only thing my crossbow will shoot is nap sling blades and swhackers . GOOD LUCK
  4. Weather looks great for Tuesday and Wednesday going out of Henderson really hoping for no ice water and plenty of fish as the east wind will be present and likely slow the bight a bit . Really wanting one last good trip to finish the season on a high note before chasing white tails for the rest of the year .
  5. Really wanting to get up and make a run at some mature kings but with it being mid September and having all this rain i am worried that the mature fish will have pushed up into the rivers . Any reports for the Oswego or Henderson staging fish would be appreciated . Will likely be up Tuesday and Wendsday thanks .
  6. Not shire how old they are i use 13 lb torpedo weights on 2 of them and 10 lb balls with wingers on the other 2 .
  7. Many broadheads will not fly the same as a field point the larger the fixed blades are the worse they tend to be the smaller fixed blade broadheads seem to be better but you will need to ck any broadhead that you try . Out of my pse i use 100 grain rage broadheads and they fly great just like my field points the faster yor bow is the harder it will be to shoot broadheads .As a example i have 2 crossbows that shoot over 400 fps and i will tell you they are a pain in the ass to find a broadhead that they like fixed or expandable. I have found arrows with more weight forward to them and also using 125 grain or 150 grain tips make them shoot better because the arrow has more steering ability . Out of the crossbows 1 likes nap sling blades in 125 grain with wing blades set horizontal and the other likes Shwacker 150 grain with wing blades horizontal . To adjust blade position put a little teflon tape on broadhead threads and tighten down and set position .Shwackers come with a practice tip and are fair price i would try them . GOOD LUCK !
  8. Sorry was not trying to say that that the 2116 and 1116 are the same as i see the motors are stronger as well as a few other things . I will likely be up to Henderson this coming weak i think you may be near Mexico area please get in touch with me as this would make it much easier to ck them out and bring them home if we strike a deal . THANKS
  9. Ok i have to ask why are you selling them i am in the market for 4 scotty riggers and was going to buy the 1106 or 1116 models witch are all the same rigger with just some changes to rod holder set up . I can get the 1106 for 498.00 and free shipping and full warranty so if you wish to try and work out a deal i would be happy to talk with you about it thanks eric 518 481 7502
  10. Weighted steel to braid or mono i use a albright knot!
  11. I have 4 big jon electric down riggers for sale for 200.00 each come with rod holders swivel bases and extra boom sections as well as any spare parts that i may have . All are currently still installed on my boat and being used till end of season witch is just a couple weeks away . If interested call ot text 518 481 7502 for info and pics ask for ERIC
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