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hard knox

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    hunting ,fishing ,trapping ,taxidermy.
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  1. Looks like you had some good weather and fishing got to love that .
  2. Thanks CRAYFISH your timing will be good as any time before the temp break sets up you will find all species close to shore making for great fishing with a mixed bag of fish . GOOD LUCK !
  3. Took a ride up to Oswego this weekend for the maiden voyage in the new to fishing vessel HARD KNOX she is a 2006 sea pro 220 /wa. The day started a little rough as i had sinus issue for the first three hours of the drive there making my ride very long . Then me and my father that is now 80 hit the water to find out i had a fuel supply issue at high speeds so back on the trailer we go to try and find the problem . After a couple hours of diag and repair found the moeller fuel line that supplies the engine internal liner was collapsed and causing a blockage . Replaced fuel line with gates fuel line and back to the ramp we go after a good test drive all was great and boat ran perfect . After missing out on the best of the day we started fishing and first hook up was a double of 8 lb browns . Oswego did not let us down we caught over a dozen nice browns 2 coho .1 steelhead and 1 big king as well as lost one other nice king . Thank god for the long winter being over and lady o and good times with the old man !
  4. hard knox

    Trolling bags.

    I f your going to run bags you can hook them to forward port and starboard cleats that way they will never be in your way well trolling and fighting fish .
  5. hard knox

    Trolling bags.

    O come on 100 bucks for a cheap prop on line besides you will have a spare in case you ever find a rock .
  6. hard knox

    Trolling bags.

    I would like to think it would be easier to install a prop with less pitch and turn base idle screw down as much as you can while still maintaining a smooth idle . Would be a lot less bs in the water but thats just my opinion .
  7. hard knox

    flt spoons

    thanks gambler
  8. hard knox

    flt spoons

    So there was a post on here the other day of some flt spoons for sale and there was a couple that i would like to get my hands on .Does anyone carry those spoons any longer . Thanks
  9. hard knox

    Suspended lakers

    I think so i feel like when there up of the bottom they are chasing bait .
  10. Redman 84 there is one thing i forgot to say when you fish that colored water sticks with rattles in them work well as it helps the browns to locate them when visibility is very poor. I like mag lips and mutzua as well as flicker shad and storm jr thunder sticks.
  11. hard knox

    Sold / Closed FLT mag spoons

    the bottom one looks like a real fish killer !
  12. hard knox

    Were to stay near Oswego

    Thanks guys
  13. Well lets start with location dont no where your fishing but east end of lake starts later then west end i find Oswego and Mexico are better then Henderson early season . That being said there should be fish to catch so first thing i do is look for water with color i avoid clear water for early season browns and feel the teal colored water is best and then milky or muddy colored water witch is brought in by the creaks witch brings warmer water and food . Finding the colored water that is just a few degrees warmer is the key and thats were you begin your search for browns . I run boards and flat lines with mono . leadcore .and weighted steel with long set backs and use 15 lb floro leader . I like stick baits early when working in 10 to 20 feet of water and use a mix of natural and brighter colors . If i feel i am on a goby pattern i will try to tick bottom with natural colors if its more of a bait fish bight i will slip some spoons into the spread . When you hook up save a way point and make a few more passes you may find a spot they are stacked up on . When you are trolling allways keep thinking about what your doing and do not just keep driving around doing the same thing if it is not working .GOOD LUCK
  14. hard knox

    New Fish Finder Recommendations

    Had problems with moisture in unit sent it back only to have hummingbird send me a unit that would not power up . When called them back they would not send another unit until they received 2nd faulty unit back so i had to buy a 2nd unit and return there faulty unit for credit . Also requested if they could save my way points out of the first failed unit and transfer into new unit but that never happened so i lost a season worth of info .
  15. hard knox

    New Fish Finder Recommendations

    Funny i have had nothing but trouble with my helix and less then great customer service by humminbird !