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  1. Looks like i will give some 50 lb big game a try thanks guys !
  2. If the slammer spoons are from luhr jehnson or johnson they work very well they have a lot of thump to them in the water ! browns love them
  3. From what i have seen on line they look better the luhr jehnson but fat nancys did not have any should have cked allseason sports .
  4. you need to keep stable voltage !
  5. Try to only set it enough to hold the strain of the dipsy but i do use braid so there is no stretch and line tangled around snap on back end of dipsy is just bad deployment and bad luck but just trying to find some good ones dont like th luhr jenson ones.
  6. I didnt until brook off a couple kings due to leader got caught on snap and straitened out split rings.
  7. snubbers Looking for opinions on what company makes the best snubbers and were to get them really not very happy with the ones i have come across so far looking for quility and reliable and stealth .
  8. Black coyotes are hard to come by i have called in a lot of dogs only 1 black one and i missed and bobcats have all been when i lived in nh no open season there but i will get a cat mounted for sure .
  9. Well done mount glad you got what you paid for thats hard to find these days.
  10. I have 8 Okuma rods the only one that has broken came that way from fish usa i called them 2 days later had new rod free of charge fish usa has allways been great to deal with .
  11. try buying some brake line and slide it down into your dip stick tube until it bottoms out then pull it out and ck it to see how much oil is on the end if it shows there is still oil in there just adapt the brake tube to oil extractor stick it all the way in and pump the rest out .
  12. I will tell you when i use sent i will put it on the flasher and lure and when i boat a fish i will rub the fish slim and blood all over both .
  13. Talked with a guy at the boat launch 3 weeks ago said he caught 37 lake trout out there i was like wow great job man then this past tuesday ran into him again asked him if he slayed them out there today he replied yaa caught 37 lake trout and 4 kings .All i could do at that point is laugh my ass of to myself . My buddy had a saying all fisherman are liars except for you and me and sometimes i wounder about you ! HOW TRUE LOL
  14. Great to see them biting there is plenty of fish and bait there just need to hit it right when there in the mode to eat it wont be long and they will really stack up in the trench .I wont be back out for about 2 weeks but after that will be hitting it hard
  15. Just picked up a 8lb 130 down over 300 with a superbait behind a mt dew flasher . Just set for kings and put on some bright colored cheaters above and you will catch what wants to eat color does not really mean alot after 60 feet ck out a under water depth color chart and you will see how fast bright colors fade to gray .