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  1. Brown trout

    Depends on size and set back but they dig pretty deep .
  2. Florida school shooting

    People kill people what they chose to use is a mute point a killer will always find a way to kill ! Please lets keep this forum about fishing .
  3. COHO

    Lots of people chasing kings but was wondering if there is any good staging/ spawning runs for coho on the east end i fish from Oswego and east ?
  4. Brown trout

    Waiting on a dozen mag lips allways looking for that silver bullet.lol
  5. Big Browns Spring trolling

    And somebody once said nothing beats ice fishing What a fool !

    Would like to buy a couple of the large VK2 flashers but cannot locate any good dealers in usa with good colors in stock any info would be great .Thanks
  7. Hydrofoil recommendations

    I have used them and they do help but on a 15 hp suzuki outboard that i tried one on it robbed the water to the water pump and burned the pump out and on my big boat it helps it get on plain but still not happy with results just bought a pair of sx smart taps ck them out i think they will do the trick and pretty fair priced as well.
  8. Blade sharpener

    my work sharp works great .
  9. First year browns

    Sutton 41 spoons work well they catch everything .
  10. Meat

    Was thinking of running more meat this year then i have in the past and have made some meat strips out of king salmon skin with pretty good luck but was thinking i might try buying some large shiners used for ice fishing and brine them then just pine them into meat heads has anybody tried this ?
  11. Whitefish

    Use small silver spoons close to bottom 3 inch and down do not set hook hard i catch them out of heanderson .
  12. Meat

    Any fish can be brined so use what you want to fish with all you need is box of kosher salt you can add some mule team borax or backing soda helps with color .Key is fresh fish lots of kosher salt and ice water let sit in brine 6 hours drain and package and freeze . There are vidios online if you need more info . I am going to try some jack smelts and jumbo arkansa shiners .
  13. Found-Hunting Beagle (Painted Post/Erwin)

    I have lost my beagles a couple times and its hard when they are like your kids so i spent the money a bought garmin tracking collers have not lost a dog since .
  14. Meat

    For the large pike size shiners i would brine them fresh and freeze then thaw and use as need i would leave them whole . Back when i fished for bluefin tuna we would use kosher salt and ice water on fresh machs and they looked great when we thawed them out to troll with .
  15. Have you seen these?

    Looks like it will work well as a flasher but not sure it will add any action to a flasher fly .
  16. Going to be adding some weighted steel outfits to my set up i normally run okuma classic pro glt downrigger rods was wondering if i can use these with torpedos weighted steel or do i need to steep up to a roller guide rod .THANKS
  17. Sold / Closed Pro Trolls

    I can see 4 flasher in pic 1 and 3 that you should be running !
  18. Meat

    I am thinking it should work just fine and a lot cheaper .
  19. torpedo weighted steel line

    You have a couple options you could use power pro hollow ace for backing in 80 lb you can goggle it to see how its done but you could use a smaller diameter braid and get more backing on by using a albright knot and you can do this for mono as well . When you cut tag end of wire wrap with dental floss and super glue to hide sharp edge . I like the albright !
  20. torpedo weighted steel line

    Yes my plan was for a mid depth flat line rod and if i wish to go deeper i could use a dipsy in front of bait of choice or at the end of the wire to backing i could clip on a torpedo weight to get greater depth i use the torpedo weight with very good results .When a torpedo is used say 50 feet in front of a spoon then a stern plane attached say 150 feet from the weight and set way back down the shoot it can be deadly .I have caught many big salmon this way !
  21. Flutter spoons

    Those look like sutton blanks somebody that paints should pick them up and make some great trout and salmon spoons i think thats a sutton 41 .
  22. Down rigger- cable or braided line ?

    Could not really say witch one catches more fish it does have less blow back and noise just dont go to light on lb test and use a polmer knot to terminate .
  23. torpedo weighted steel line

    Just got my new weighted steel rod all set up used a Okuma glt copper leadcore rod with 45 dxt from fish usa 85 bucks feels really nice and spooled up with 450 feet of 80 lb power pro 200 feet of torpedo weighted steel and a top shot of 40 lb mono fits perfect cant wait for spring winter boredom only cost me money .
  24. Whats the point use your sonar to track your down rigger ball.
  25. Planer Board and Mooching Rods

    Cant bet Okuma classic pro glt rods with dxt reels for the money fish usa has all the combos you could want cheap with free shipping and the best customer service .