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  1. Both fish relate to temp breaks that you can see and record on the surface it's like a vertical wall in the water fish along it and find witch side the fish like best .Then there's the thermal bar that's horizontal in the water when lake sets up fish above,in and below it .
  2. I dubbed my buddy the Cisco kid after he caught 2 of them.
  3. Did not stop Hunter!
  4. Had higher hopes for first trip to Oswego this year fished all over the inshore for browns from alcan to Ford shoals including the harbor.Was pretty tough fishing and combat fishing the harbor was a joke people really need to get a clue about working a trolling pattern with the rest of the fleet. Ended up landing 2 Brown biggest was10 lbs a 15 lb laker 2 whitefish and a 12lb sheephead .My buddy was bummed when he learned the monster Brown he was fighting was a sheephead.😁 All fish where caught off maglips off boards.5
  5. 2005 Karavan KKRT 4800 dual axle boat trailer in good condition for sale. All lights. Rollers, bearings and tires in good condition and no repairs needed. Asking $1150.00. Call or text Eric at 518-481-7502 for quickest response as I don't check LOU regularly.
  6. Just got 4 new hot fish 10 inch fish style flashers video I saw looked like the had a nice roll and kick to them they look great as well.
  7. They have there place I have caught many a laker on a spoon behind them placed above the rigger ball. Also one day fishing for kings out of Henderson solo the fish were turned off i put verticals on both riggers with spoons 15 and 25 back and game on .A short time later a boat passed by and shouted you do realize your the only boat out hear catching fish . I was able to pick up 5 matures in 2 hours due to them pulling fish off the bottom .Like so many other things need to let them tell you what they want but you will never know if you don't try them .
  8. A little advice if your in really skinny water say 12 feet and under run all sticks so if you hang bottom or hook up when you slow down or stop all your baits will float up and it will save on losing tackle to the bottom.
  9. I would install a quality brass thru hull raw water pickup made of brass and a brass ball valve shut off .
  10. Just use the Chamberlain with the cable it will stay put until it hits rigger then slide down to downrigger ball.
  11. Don't do it you will just have to change back because of the fleas .! I tried braid on riggers was a nightmare.
  12. I believe dirty goose charters runs one saw it being used on a tv show they were fishing out of Mexico .
  13. Was reading Dan Keating big water wisdom and he mentioned browns liked higher speeds . got me thinking could I run my optimizers for them they don't start working until 3.2 mph and up. When I run them I pull only them they can do some damage on steelhead and kings on the right day.
  14. So I normally fish for browns at a range from 1.8mph to 2.5 but recently read that browns like steelhead like much higher speeds . when I an offshore in search mode for kings and steelhead I run optimizers at 3.7 to 4.0 mph and do very well. What do you think a max speed could be for a good summer time Brown bight?
  15. I signed up for seatech and got explores guide service witch turned into a total nightmare .it was bad the best thing that happened was covid hit and we started doing it by webex witch sucked but caused me to total teach my self .i ended up doing way better then I could have imagined doing if instructors were relied on . what ever you decide there are some great YouTube videos on Captains classes there is a younger guy doing a bunch of nav videos that are really good .good luck
  16. Likely a good point the super glow just might catch more fishermen then fish.thanks guys
  17. Made multiple times got a low glow out of them but nothing like a moonshine glow spoon going to look for another brand to try and advice will be greatly appreciated thanks.
  18. HB2 did you use createx or a different brand?
  19. Ok thanks I will try that I did white then fluorescent then glow base and failed !
  20. So I have been painting spoons with createx airbrush paints and doing well but need advice on glow paint recommendations. Tried using createx 212 glow base over fluorescent green and it won't glow even though the glow base seems to glow just fine. Any advice would be great thanks!
  21. Went to web site was very limited in details and selection did not see these flashers listed for sale .
  22. Are these the smaller size hot fish ? And do you have any larger size if the are the small ones .
  23. I take it your not selling these personally
  24. Just received my new big eye flies and CHIP from Cme trolling did a fantastic job on them they look great and the quality in the fly and tournament tied rig is the best i have seen plus a great price as well , THANKS CHIP
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