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  1. hard knox

    for sale : usa Mercury 15hp

    still for sale
  2. Got a 2007 Mercury 15hp 4 stroke short shaft for sale tiller steering with electric start runs great low hours ! 1750.00 Selling for a Amish friend as he cannot use the gas engine due to there religion on the boat that it cam on . Call eric at 1 518 481 7502 for pics and details .
  3. hard knox


    Will be there this weekend !
  4. hard knox

    kicker mount

    Just purchased a 220 sea pro and need to mount my kicker looking for recommendations on a bracket would need to be able to lift up to tilt and set off transom enough to clear a trip tab . THANKS
  5. hard knox

    kicker mount

    The kicker is a 9.9 hp 4 stroke long shaft going to steer using my steering rod linkage that works of back of engine as steering will not clear engine well for big engine . Looking at some off the large brackets buy panther or garalic that way if i upgrade to a larger kicker latter i will be good . Just wondering witch brand is better then from there i will need to look at specs .
  6. Looking for a kicker mount any idea how far motor sits off transom when down need to clear a trim tab .
  7. Heading to henderson friday through monday was hoping someone could tell me how well the kings are stacking up in the trench and has water temp been stable there . THANKS
  8. hard knox

    Advise on 1999 Evinrude 225HP

    It does sound like it is in limp mode need to get a scan tool on it and read codes .
  9. hard knox

    for sale : usa Mercury 15hp

    It is a 15 inch
  10. what do you mean 4,5 , or 6 hp
  11. hard knox

    for sale : usa Mercury 15hp

    model number is 15 eh 4st will need to look up online to be sure . 3
  12. hard knox

    for sale : usa Mercury 15hp

    Its a short shaft as stated in the add i think that makes it 20 inch
  13. Got a Amish friend has a 2007 mercury 4 stroke kicker short shaft 15hp that runs great took off a boat he bought as they can not use gas engines . Just saw it yesterday and took a few picks of it told him i would post it for sale still need to find out what its worth before i do . If interested give me a call eric 518-481-7502
  14. 58 to 62 degree water is what i like near bottom or on bait just do not no that upper bay area i would think that they are heading to trips and the food from the salmon run .
  15. Looking at fishing browns 1st weakend in October thinking of going to Henderson any tips for that area will be trolling for them i have mostly fished the wall and high rocks there so thinking they will be father up in the bays pushing towards the black river
  16. Was looking for some recent info on if the kings came back in after all that ice cold water pushed the kings way offshore . Fished wensday and thursday water temp was 40 ten feet down in Oswego was a little better at Henderson temp break was at 35 caught a couple kings there and some lakers all in under 45 feet of water on the wall . Labor day Henderson was filled up with kings caught 17 kings ans 2 coho .
  17. Fished Thursday fish all but gone caught 2 kings and a dozen lakers same deal 35 to 45 down winger bight only . Went to Oswego in hopes of better conditions found ice water never even marked a fish went out to 600 and still 40 degrees ten feet down . Was worse then Henderson go figure !
  18. hard knox

    $2,000 limit graph

    I would not spend 2 grand on a sonar i spent 450.00 on a dragon fly pro 7 makes my Helix look like a piece of junk i would use the left over case for a fish hawk and other stuff you might need .
  19. I own a depth raider and they work great to around 100 feet after that they loose signal even with all new cable and hardware .
  20. hard knox

    Mostly lurked- Now I have a big boat!

    Take that boy when ever you can keeps them out of trouble besides when you get old he will be taking you as i do now with my dad . keep calm and troll on !
  21. hard knox


    Fish are staging now so all you will need to do is go right outside the river mouth look for all the boats trolling out front find out were temp break is and fish it were it is close to bottom .The largest number of fish will be holding were river channel continues out into lake and the can be in water temp around 52 . Try flasher flies ,large spoons ,j plus just get in there face and let them tell you what they like . Just got back from doing 2 day charter on henderson caught 17 kings 2 coho and 1 brown all wear on spoons but 2 on ff . You can catch some out of temp but you will catch way more in temp so find it and work it ! GOOD LUCK O the channel is just to the right off yellow buoy
  22. We need the spec details on this ride thanks !
  23. Wish it was just a little bigger just what i need for doing my charters i am outgrowing my 20 footer nice ride though !
  24. Have had to deal with lock jaw issue before it can be pain full when you cant find what will piss them off got some big paddles .6 inch flies ,j plugs ,and going to even try some large mag lips on them . THANKS GUYS FOR THE REPORT