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  1. New rod holder track for sale. This was never used or installed. Inside track dimension is 3” so it should work for berts and traxtech rod holders . $60 Local pick up only in the Syracuse area. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. What are the dimensions of the top plate? Thanks !
  3. That's perfect, and very reassuring to know. I agreed that adding more screws would help but if you had all that on that piece then i think the screws there are more than sufficient ( that rigger is going to pull a lot more than that diver). Kind of a side question, I've heard the Bravo outdrives have had some issues with corrosion on the outdrive. Have you noticed any issues with that having the boat slipped? Ill be slipping ours next year so curious if that's a real issue or not. Thanks again for the help/info !! we're getting the boat next year so super excited to get it rigged up !
  4. Does anyone out there have a proline and have experience with mounting rod holders to this top piece that i circled in red? it seems like that trim piece is just held down with a couple small screws and may not hold up as is to 2 steel diver rods. I could be over thinking it so I'm curious of others thoughts on the mounting. At a minimum id put in some backer plate to distribute the "weight" but possibly upsizing the screws on the trim piece as well get a better hold on the boat.
  5. Nice work ! So glad you had a great day while bringing our veterans out ! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Set up in 85 fow out of the Chute around 530 and trolled north. Had 2 hits on the wire dipsey 1.5 setting and 115 feet back around the 150 fow mark but couldn’t land them. All hits were before 8am. Fished until 1030 before calling it quits. Even without the fish in the boat it was a great morning to be on the water! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Yeah the boat traffic is definitely picking up at an earlier time. People were waterskiing within 30 yards of us at 9am ... the boat traffic seems to cause the fishing ( especially for silvers) to shut down very quickly Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Thanks for the report Mako! We ended up going out that saturday and ran our program through the 40-60 ft of water and couldn't buy a fish. Talked to a guy at the launch who did really well with the Lakers trolling the bottom. Has the rainbow/salmon fishing declined in recent years or is it just me? It seems like big rainbows were "easier" to come by in years past. Have you noticed similar things?
  9. Hey guys , thinking of keeping it close and going to Skaneateles. Anyone been out there recently ? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Fished from 530am - 10am. Went 1-2 and that one was a small 6 lb king. Fished 80FOW to 200 FOW and threw the kitchen sink at them with little success. Moved in to try for browns and thats when we caught the king ( 55' down, 70FOW). We were in the process of picking up for the day when the rigger fired....
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