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  1. sszoldra


    Make your own. They are easy to make. Get an assortment of meat heads, my favorite 2 are the clear UV and the white glow.
  2. GoPro Hero 5 Black w/voice control, 2 batteries & charger, remote voice control for windy days, (you wear it) case, cables, and a sack full of every GoPro mount known to man with tripods,extensions and extra bases and screws. $300 shipped.
  3. sszoldra

    Making a Meat Rig

    Or you can make them yourself. These guys show you how and sell the material. https://www.purpletacoflysupply.com/videos/
  4. In the Classifieds there's a guy that's selling fixed cheater snaps, and there's 150 posts to it. I've seen how to use a sliding cheater, but how exactly do you use the fixed cheaters?
  5. sszoldra

    Rigger rods

    Tica is my choice, they have 3 different lengths, the 8'6" is what I use
  6. I've got a pair of Tekota 500LC's for sale. 1 is new and spooled with 30# braid, and the other was used sparingly, and has a bit of boat rash next to the clicker button. $240.00 Shipped.
  7. sszoldra

    Getting/keeping your fishing boat clean

    I have a rough vinyl type floor so I spray it down with Krud Kutter and brush then rinse
  8. sszoldra

    Okuma Reel Question

    I grew up on Polish jokes. There's nothing funnier than laughing at yourself. Too bad those days are gone.
  9. sszoldra

    Okuma Reel Question

    I just figured that out also. I guess I'm the reason Polish jokes were created.
  10. sszoldra

    Okuma Reel Question

    They decrease. Instead of going from 1-9 they go from 9-1
  11. sszoldra

    Okuma Reel Question

    I recently found a Okuma CT305Da reel that I was looking for for quite a while, and bought it even though it was broken. I got all the parts and new drags from Tuna Tom, cleaned it all up, and got it working really nice............... except for 1 thing. The line counter is running backwards. I didn't touch the counter, but for all I know it was working that way before I got it, as some gears and the worm shaft were bent or stripped, and I couldn't try it before I repaired the broken gears. I was just going to replace the counter, but looked on TT's website and the counter is back ordered from Okuma and just looking on Google gave me 2 hits, Tuna's and a guy in British Columbia which I'd rather not go to. Any suggestions on how to get it going the right direction? I'm sure at some point it had to run the right way, and something must have spun inside it, and there's a trick to getting it right, kind of like getting a recoil on a lawn mower working.
  12. Why would a dealer not want to sell a motor? How about the Merc Dealer in Rome?