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  1. Kicker charging output

    I know when I crank my Scotty's from the deep my 9.9 Honda 4 stroke will slow down some, especially when the auto pilot's on. I'd go for the biggest charging output you can find. Bigger's always better.
  2. for sale : usa Tip Up Tote

    I use one of these to hold my 2 Black Betty rods with the reels attached. Nice way to protect them and light weight. Free Bump
  3. new sled for shanty

    How about putting some aluminum tape they use on duct work on the holes?
  4. Lightweight Rain Gear Suggestions

    I use a light weight Carhartt rain suit I picked up in the Cabela's Bargain room
  5. You had me until I read about having to replace the counters when the battery dies.
  6. Spring Browns

    Ludington Special and Black Ice for spoons Black and Silver Rebel Jointed Plug
  7. Someone posted a pic on here from Mexico. The lake looked knarley, but the launch was doable.
  8. X4 TO X4D

    Right, and the X4D Display and X4D probe can be used with the X4 wiring and X4 transducer.
  9. X4 TO X4D

    That's what I did when I switched. The new owner got everything new but the X4 screen and the probe
  10. I sent you a PM. I'll be gone for the holidays starting tomorrow. If you want them, I'll take them with me and send them out on Wednesday.

    A-Tom -Mik Crazy B***h was my go to.
  12. Deep six divers

    I run Deep Sixes all the time. They pull the same as a Dipsy, but they aren't directional.
  13. OK, Was It Just Me

    I haven't been able to get any content from LOU for over a week. The site wouldn't load with just an error message. The withdrawals have been terrible.