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  1. I agree with John 1947's post. That's exactly how I do it, and never had one break off. I also don't use wire, only Blood Run Tackle sea flea.
  2. Thanks Bob. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  3. 22-26' Boat needed for next season trolling Lake Ontario. I prefer a single outboard (w/ or wo/ a kicker), but a nice fishing deck without a doghouse, and a cabin is what I'm looking for. Don't wait till spring to sell. I have cash in hand for the right boat. Pics can be sent to [email protected] or text to 203-233-4936
  4. Thanks to all. I'll have one done.
  5. I'm looking at a really clean Carolina Classic and I asked about a survey and the owner told me that it had one 2 years ago for insurance. The boat actually sits in a boathouse and you can eat off the motor. So, should I trust the 2 year old survey, or have a new one done for myself?
  6. OK, so here is what I read. There's a bit more than buying a pair of pants. http://www.ybaa.com/aws/YBAA/pt/sd/news_article/81689/_PARENT/layout_details/false
  7. Meeting isn't the problem. The paperwork and money exchange is. When I saw your post I looked into it and there's too much hassle for my taste. A Customs Broker would make it easier, but you never know who woke up on the wrong side of the bed at the border when you get there, and they can make it a bigger deal than it is.
  8. Anyone know the results of Sunday's tournament?
  9. Yes it is. I'm sorry nobody has jumped on it before I leave for Oswego this morning. There's still some time. My cell 203-233-4936
  10. Yep, my mistake, it is a 55. This will be the 5th season and a new battery was put in last season
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