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  1. Monster Fishing Tackle is top shelf. I also have just started buying from Sportsman's Warehouse
  2. Re-tapping it may work or in the absence of that, a Helicoil will probably do it since it's aluminum. Any way you look at it you're going to have to buy a tap or a kit. I have a machine shop in my basement if you were closer.
  3. I think you'll be hooking more lines than you will fish.
  4. Wanted

    I bought the one with a 6 ft handle. Believe me it's big and beefy, and probably the last net I'll ever buy unless it goes overboard. If you sign up for the email alerts you get 15% off and free shipping over $100, so be prepared to buy something else you need.
  5. Wanted

    I just bought one of the P-Line Beckmans from Sportsman's Warehouse. Some are in stock now, but they sell out quick and I had to keep watching them to get one. Here's the link.
  6. All my rods are Tica's. You used to be able to get them off the Walmart website
  7. GJP has pretty good pizza and Italian
  8. Krud Kutter. It's biodegradable and is used in power washers. I keep a spray bottle to clean my coolers and anything else that gets fishy. Best cleaner I've ever used. You can buy it at Lowes.
  9. Don't forget there's a tournament in Oswego this weekend.
  10. for sale : usa

    I think I have 6 or 8 Spin Drs. that I never use, and have never used just taking up space in my flasher box. I'll be in Oswego next week for the A-Tom-Mik, so I can check for you. I sent you a PM.
  11. Here's my Archie
  12. I have 40lbs of lead in my shop. So how do I get a hold of Harvey?
  13. There's no need to go out that deep fish are all around 125-200
  14. I have a Willie, similar to the Falcon that this company makes and love it. I think I'm the only one on the lake that has one. I know when I ordered it they told me it was the 1st powered rig they had built for someone in the east. I've seen some Hewscrafts on the lake. I believe the Oswego Fire Dpt has a hardtop. I wish I had ordered a hard top when I had it built, as the canvas is always up when I'm fishing, and a cabin would be a harder thing to break into if I kept it in the water. If the price is right on these boats I don't think you'd be making a bad decision, I like the way they look, but I didn't get into the specs. If you do happen to order one I'd take a look at the other manufacturers to see their ideas, and maybe have them design it into the boat. I know I'd like to have some features on mine that weren't available like locker storage when I had it built. Also, if you're spending that kind of money on one it's a good idea to always go bigger than you think you'd need. The difference in price would be negligible, and the resale price you'd get would be a lot better. I was just on the Willie website and found that out myself, as what they are getting for similar used rigs is more than what I paid for mine when I had it built. By the way there is a hard top Hewescraft on this site that's for sale. Here's the link.