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  1. Here's my Archie
  2. I have 40lbs of lead in my shop. So how do I get a hold of Harvey?
  3. There's no need to go out that deep fish are all around 125-200
  4. I have a Willie, similar to the Falcon that this company makes and love it. I think I'm the only one on the lake that has one. I know when I ordered it they told me it was the 1st powered rig they had built for someone in the east. I've seen some Hewscrafts on the lake. I believe the Oswego Fire Dpt has a hardtop. I wish I had ordered a hard top when I had it built, as the canvas is always up when I'm fishing, and a cabin would be a harder thing to break into if I kept it in the water. If the price is right on these boats I don't think you'd be making a bad decision, I like the way they look, but I didn't get into the specs. If you do happen to order one I'd take a look at the other manufacturers to see their ideas, and maybe have them design it into the boat. I know I'd like to have some features on mine that weren't available like locker storage when I had it built. Also, if you're spending that kind of money on one it's a good idea to always go bigger than you think you'd need. The difference in price would be negligible, and the resale price you'd get would be a lot better. I was just on the Willie website and found that out myself, as what they are getting for similar used rigs is more than what I paid for mine when I had it built. By the way there is a hard top Hewescraft on this site that's for sale. Here's the link.
  5. Looks like a great boat for the money. Free Bump
  7. Here's a site for permits. Apparently it's easier after getting the 1st one, and probably worth the $25 they charge you for filing.
  8. Funny I don't have much luck with the Spin Doctors. Flashers and flies do it for me.
  9. I also use the Stingers and have caught steelhead with them
  10. I agree with you. It seems like the new mayor has other priorities besides Wrights Landing. I stopped by earlier to buy a new launch permit to find the shack still boarded up, 2 days before the season opens. On the one hand they're not charging guys to launch, on the other they're losing some revenue, but maybe it doesn't justify paying someone to collect a few bucks.
  11. I had Willie Boats build mine a few years back and they sent me pics of the build while it was going on. I had a hot shot driver from Oregon trailer it for $1500 cash, and I met him along the route in Ohio, so he could get a back haul nearby. Saved me money that way. Lately I've been looking at boats with a cabin, but since I mostly fish alone, and I'd never be able to replace my Willie if I didn't like the bigger boat I'm hesitant to do it.
  12. Pro Troll sells just the chip Here's another
  13. I just use wire leaders like these with snaps on each end.
  14. I actually made a 4" high storage box and used the seat as a lid for it. It's really pretty comfortable.
  15. I love my FX 50. Been using it for 6 or 7 seasons now.