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  1. sszoldra

    Boat fish cleaning station ideas
  2. I did the Observer thing last year for the A-Tom-Mik Invitational. I fished with guys I never met on Friday and observed on tournament Saturday. I'd do it for free, just for what I learned from being on those 2 boats.
  3. I wouldn't mind fishing the tournaments, but with only a 20' boat, if the weather doesn't co-operate, I'm done before it started. The A-Tom-Mik a few years back comes to mind, I'm sure even the bigger boats had 2nd thoughts about going out.
  4. sszoldra

    Tie bar for kicker

    Here's some pics of mine. It's pouring outside so this is the best I can do now. I'l be in Oswego late tomorrow for a few days if you want to see it.
  5. sszoldra

    Tie bar for kicker

    My 2 Honda's have a L bracket coming off the motor, and I have an arm connecting them with a small tie rod end on each end and a bolt down thru. I did show it in a pic to another guy trying to do the same thing, but I don't know how to search for that thread.
  6. I've got 2 Okuma Coldwater CW 303D's still in the boxes that I spooled but never used.
  7. sszoldra

    evinrude water pump issues

    The impeller has to go in a certain way. You may want to check out this video. Look at 1:38 and see if your impeller is facing the same way
  8. You are over thinking it. I fish solo most of the time and netting is the hardest part of it. You're going to make mistakes, but you get to laugh about what you did after the pictures are taken, and setting up for the next one is done. When that fish is in the net, you can relax and think about how to do it better the next time. When you do hook up, give your son all the room in the back of the boat, and encourage him with all the stuff he's doing right. You're going to be as excited as he is, so helping him along with encouragement is a big thing. Being prepared is another. Keep your net in the holder until you really need it. Kings have a tendency to take off near the boat, especially when a net comes near them, so don't be in a rush to get him in the net. If you hand line, make sure your wearing a glove.The line will cut thru your skin like a knife if he decides to make another run. I use those yellow sticky gloves, they also help with holding the rod. If you lose him, so what, there's plenty more fish in the pond, and it's a lesson that it's fishing, not catching, and losing a fish is part of it. I wish you luck on your trip. I fished a few times with a friends' son, and let him fight away while having as much fun watching him as he was having. I still keep the pictures on my phone of that 1st fish he put in the cooler. Later this season my son and grandson are flying in from Cal. just for a guy fishing trip that I'm going to have plenty of memories of, and hopefully I'll have another 1st fish picture to add to the other. Good luck fishing.
  9. sszoldra

    Pumpout Station At Mexico Point Launch?

    I don't think there is one there. Wrights has one.
  10. sszoldra

    Where to launch pinegrove/selkirk or mexico?

    I'd launch and dock at Mike's marina. It will fit your needs for a couple days. Pine Grove is shallow, but you can dock at the marina at the end of the river. I wouldn't use his launch though as there was a big drop there at one time on the end of the ramp.
  11. sszoldra

    Slip questions

    I run 5 hrs. from Ct every week, store my boat there and have a seasonal campsite. I'm up at least 3 days every week during the season weather permitting. And I happen to live 40 minutes from the Sound, and have only fished it a handful of times in my lifetime.
  12. sszoldra

    Coast Guard Boarded My Boat Yesterday

    I have them come to the house house about every 2nd year, and if I happen to see them working the launch I'll have them check me out then in the off years.
  13. sszoldra

    Boat storage in Oswego area

    There's a couple storage places just outside of town towards Fulton.
  14. sszoldra

    My Flys are killing me

    I agree. I have too many flies on board to remember the names, but I tend to remember the ones that get hit consistently and use them the most. If they don't produce, I'll switch them over to the other side rigger before I completely go to a different one, and go back to them for the next day.
  15. sszoldra

    losing lake trout

    Count yourself as fortunate when you lose it.