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  1. It is a jigging box. They still have it listed for parts and how to set it up https://www.reelschematic.com/wp-content/uploads/schematics/Cannon/pre2007/Cannon excitor pre 2007.pdf
  2. A lot of mixed reviews here. I'd call your card co. and tell them.
  3. I've also had some straighten out. I run spoons now hooked to the snap.
  4. Anyone have a phone # or contact for Hank at L&M? I sent him a PM and just want to be sure he sees it. Thank you
  5. They can be replaced with carbon fiber drag washers. It's really not that hard to do them.
  6. Do it yourself. Believe it or not, reel repairs aren't that hard to do. Just have a schematic available and a lipped pan with a towel on it to catch all the small items that fall.
  7. Just watched the Mayor's live feed when the question about Wrights came up. He says there are 3 things going on why the launch will stay closed. The virus, the high water and construction going on, and due to that the launch will stay closed until July, and will maybe open "If at all" this season. Apparently there are plans in the works to raise the entire marina in the planning stage, and that construction will be going on into next year when it starts.
  8. It won't damage anything. I run 2 beads all the time a few inches apart. Just make sure you have the yellow for steel and the black if you have braid
  9. This was just published in the Daily Mail. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-8195441/Haunting-pictures-6-000-shipwrecks-lie-North-Americas-Great-Lakes.html
  10. I'm also fishing alone most of the time and finally ended up putting an autopilot in. But before I did, I would turn and drop the riggers with the wind, and then make a turn back.
  11. Thank you Harvey, the weights look great.
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