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  1. I'm still waiting for you to give me a price with shipping for 2 16# torpedoes
  2. I found this on another site today Amazing What We Think We Need Kind of reflecting on the state of us Westerners today. We thought we needed all of our wants....entertainment, sports nonstop, pleasure, comfort and ease, pampered appointments, videos.....etc. Needs in reality are health, family, food, security, companionship, and empathy enough to be servants rather than the served. Maybe when this is over a lot of us will realize what we can REALLY do without......and what we cannot do without. Get to know your family, do something that doesn't involve a video game, build a campfire, cook something special, call that elderly friend who lives alone, look at your spouse with no distractions, teach your dog a new trick, finish with excellence all the projects and honey-dos you have put off for so long, sleep hard, pray for each other and our leaders. Availability is the greatest ability in the world.
  3. He's looking at a Pacific Cruiser I think. That's what I had in mind. https://www.hewescraft.com/products/pacific-cruiser/
  4. I almost bought one this past December, I just didn't think the price was justified, even though my wife told me to buy it. I instead picked up a 2007 Trophy Pro with the Alaskan cabin, and hopefully I'll be able to get it out this season.
  5. There's one in Oswego. I forget his name. He's across from the dog pound.
  6. lf you want something to fish for that is rare, the Flint River in Ga is, (from what I’ve heard from a Game Warden) one of very few places that you can catch Shoal Bass. I understand that they fight as hard as a salmon. Boat launches for smaller boats are available all over where the Flint crosses major roadways.
  7. I can attest to this post as I moved to middle Georgia last year and the hunting and fishing is fantastic. The south is an unknown opportunity for sportsman. Another great lake to fish for bass is Lake Eufaula, known as the bass capital of the world.
  8. I agree with John 1947's post. That's exactly how I do it, and never had one break off. I also don't use wire, only Blood Run Tackle sea flea.
  9. Thanks Bob. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  10. 22-26' Boat needed for next season trolling Lake Ontario. I prefer a single outboard (w/ or wo/ a kicker), but a nice fishing deck without a doghouse, and a cabin is what I'm looking for. Don't wait till spring to sell. I have cash in hand for the right boat. Pics can be sent to [email protected] or text to 203-233-4936
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