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  1. sszoldra

    Venison donation program needs your help

    I get my out of state license online every year, and this is the first time I've ever heard of this. There's nothing on the DEC website that has information unless I just don't see it. I'd gladly give a buck to this program.
  2. sszoldra

    New Salmon net

    I actually have that net, and I cut the bottom of it because it's huge.. There's a big split ring on the bottom so it's easy enough to do. I fish alone so I was looking for something bigger than the Rangers.
  3. sszoldra

    Netting speeds

    Lift it by the hoop instead of the handle
  4. I know I've got some in the boat, but I can't get in it at the moment
  5. I have a couple Shimano Tekota 300lc's with 30# braid. One was used, the other sat in a rod holder.
  6. Check the NY forums on iceshanty.com
  7. sszoldra

    Looking for kicker steering options

    Just tie the 2 motors in the front. If you look underneath, you'll see a 2 bolt flat. Bend a 90 degree angle to a piece of stainless and a tie rod and you're in. If you look at my post on this thread, you'll see the pics I posted and get some ideas from other guys. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/72512-tie-bar-for-kicker/?tab=comments#comment-539466
  8. sszoldra

    ISO new deer hunting firearms

    I use a Browning A-5 with a 2.5X Bushnell scope. I bought the gun the day after I turned 18, way back when all you had to do is walk in a gun shop and fill out a form.
  9. sszoldra

    Downrigger Wire Repair

    I just cut mine off and put on a new loop. I use the Cannon loops. They are pretty easy to put on.
  10. sszoldra

    kicker cable routing

    I was lucky to have had a boat made for a kicker. The company ran the battery wires to a plug in back so they are only 2' long or so going to the kicker, and I added another control like the main control behind it and ran the cables together with the main.cables.The 2 motors are connected with a bar for the steering using the bolt pattern under the main steering cable.
  11. When you're looking for something that's discontinued and you happen to luck out and find a willing seller, the worst thing you can do is insult them with a lowball offer. My 2 cents.
  12. sszoldra

    Pellet Smokers

    My dehydrator's lowest temp is 165, and I can crank it up from there, but the meat dries and tastes better at 165. I've also done jerky in my oven. It has a convection feature, and that also is set to 165.
  13. sszoldra

    Pellet Smokers

    X2 Can't beat a Bradley. I just run the smoker alone most of the time to do salmon. It stays at about 130 degrees, and the meat comes out fantastic.
  14. I don't hit the lake, let alone the ice for Lakers. I leave them all for Gambler