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  1. sszoldra

    Life of a FishHawk probe

    My X4D probe died during the second season. Of course it was just after the warranty expired. It read 3.4 on the lower temp scale, which according to their website is the kiss of death. I bought a new one before I found out that Fish Hawk will replace them for $100 cheaper than what I paid at the tackle shop if you send it back to them. So I .guess I'm going to have a spare when I do that.
  2. sszoldra

    Fish hawk x4 issue

    To check mine once before I blew the wheel with an air gun. Spinning the wheel by hand won't do it.
  3. sszoldra

    Looking for Observer for A-Tom-Mik Invitational

    I'll do it for you Bob. 203-233-4936 Stanley
  4. sszoldra

    Ethenol Free octane question

    I was buying E-free from the Fastrack in Oswego for years, and last week when I went in for fuel, the E-free sticker was taped over with a 10% ethanol sticker now being sold. Luckily I saw it before I put any in. I went over to the Valero instead.
  5. sszoldra

    Top 3 atommik flies

    Crazy ****, Pro Am, Hammer
  6. sszoldra

    Dipsy divers and meat

    I ran meat behind a smaller flasher off my riggers this past week and it worked really well. Used it just like a spoon, 25 ft back.
  7. sszoldra

    Dipsey diver fishing for salmon

    I use snubbers. I run braid on the diver rods and there's no stretch, and after losing a bunch of fish I figured they were pulling out the hook. I haven't lost any after adding them.
  8. sszoldra

    Sold / Closed Poultry Plucker

    I haven't seen one of these since I was a kid going to the farm market with my Dad every Saturday 60 yrs. ago.
  9. sszoldra

    Boat fish cleaning station ideas

  10. I did the Observer thing last year for the A-Tom-Mik Invitational. I fished with guys I never met on Friday and observed on tournament Saturday. I'd do it for free, just for what I learned from being on those 2 boats.
  11. I wouldn't mind fishing the tournaments, but with only a 20' boat, if the weather doesn't co-operate, I'm done before it started. The A-Tom-Mik a few years back comes to mind, I'm sure even the bigger boats had 2nd thoughts about going out.
  12. sszoldra

    Tie bar for kicker

    Here's some pics of mine. It's pouring outside so this is the best I can do now. I'l be in Oswego late tomorrow for a few days if you want to see it.
  13. sszoldra

    Tie bar for kicker

    My 2 Honda's have a L bracket coming off the motor, and I have an arm connecting them with a small tie rod end on each end and a bolt down thru. I did show it in a pic to another guy trying to do the same thing, but I don't know how to search for that thread.
  14. I've got 2 Okuma Coldwater CW 303D's still in the boxes that I spooled but never used.