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  1. They worked fine for me when I had them on the boat. I have a pair for sale if you need them.
  2. You can try Hudon's in Barneveld. They've got 2 floors of new and used parts, and I'll bet you can get them there. https://hudons.com
  3. I ran mine at 2.5 and down around 50 degrees.
  4. Top plate dimensions are 4" x 3". They fit the standard Scotty mount
  5. The black mounting pads are part of the Scotty downrigger bases. They bolt right up.
  6. I have a pair of 9" Scotty Gimbal Mounts for sale. $85.00 shipped.
  7. I'm not so sure of that. The 50hp is 16K, which is pretty competitive
  8. I'm coming up tomorrow from Ga. I sent you a text.
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