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  1. I sent you a PM. I'll be gone for the holidays starting tomorrow. If you want them, I'll take them with me and send them out on Wednesday.

    A-Tom -Mik Crazy B***h was my go to.
  3. Deep six divers

    I run Deep Sixes all the time. They pull the same as a Dipsy, but they aren't directional.
  4. OK, Was It Just Me

    I haven't been able to get any content from LOU for over a week. The site wouldn't load with just an error message. The withdrawals have been terrible.
  5. All for $80.00 US plus the shipping. 6 Mag Dipsies 3 are new. 4 glow. 4 Deep Six Divers. These are Size 2. 5" long. All are new 3 Spin Drs. 2 Green and chrome and 1 Crush glow. Never used.
  6. Any idea what kinda minnow this is?

    Looks like a perch
  7. Shipping

    I use the USPS site online to ship anything. You're paying all those high prices because you're using their boxes. I remember the days when they even gave you the tape to seal it. Now they have you hooked, because Priority Mail seems like the only option. The only valued postal box is the Priority Mail flat rate box, and only if you have something heavy to stuff in there. I use the regional rate box quite a bit, their own box (though you have to order them online free shipped to your door) and they won't tell you it's weight based and a better price that's only available thru the USPS website. Otherwise, use your own packaging, and send the box first class. It gets there in the same amount of time, and is 1/4 the price. Here's the site, just sign up and do it all online, mailing label, postage, and even have them come pick it up.
  8. Dipsy Diver/ VK Flasher/ Spin Dr Lot For Sale Nice lot of flashers and divers that are just taking space up in my boxes. Most of the items were used once or never used at all. $90 Shipped to the US Lot consists of : 2 9 1/2" VK Flashers - SOLD 3 8" Spin Drs 1 5" Double Deep Six Diver NIP 3 5" Deep Six Divers 1 NIP the other 2 are New w/o pkg 4 5" Mag Dipsies 2 are NIP 2 5" Dipsies
  9. Braid Color? - (I know, I know...)

    I just bought some P-Line teflon coated braid in green to try next season for fleas