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  1. I'm coming up tomorrow from Ga. I sent you a text.
  2. This is an article my son wrote for Business Insider 5 years ago to show how easy it was for a security company to not only break into power stations, but also to get into their systems. I'm pretty sure since then it's even become easier with hackers. https://www.businessinsider.com/red-team-security-hacking-power-company-2016-4
  3. The best mix I've ever had was Dawson Food Products Fish & Chip Batter Mix. You can buy it at Price Chopper, but you have to look for it in the Seafood section. They normally keep it on a floor level shelf right in front of the Seafood case.
  4. I did the same as you are now, moved to Ga. and next Sept. will be 2 years. The plan was for me to take a month or 2 on Lake Ontario, but Covid changed those plans last summer. Now that I know how hot it could get here, and my double dose in my arm I hope to tow up to NY this summer, and take advantage then. Though I haven't put my boat in down here yet, I'm hoping to troll for West Point Lake Stripers while the waters still cold. It'll be strange competing with water skiers instead of fisherman. Good luck with your new place
  5. It is a jigging box. They still have it listed for parts and how to set it up https://www.reelschematic.com/wp-content/uploads/schematics/Cannon/pre2007/Cannon excitor pre 2007.pdf
  6. A lot of mixed reviews here. I'd call your card co. and tell them.
  7. I've also had some straighten out. I run spoons now hooked to the snap.
  8. Anyone have a phone # or contact for Hank at L&M? I sent him a PM and just want to be sure he sees it. Thank you
  9. They can be replaced with carbon fiber drag washers. It's really not that hard to do them.
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