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  1. Pls pm me on where to send payment
  2. I’ll take it. ship to 14850
  3. I’ll take the fEnwick hmg and the abu revo
  4. Well done. did you mount it.? top notch
  5. do you still have these?
  6. Byerly 30 degree offset - 12 inch Gimbal Mounts. Great shape - for downriggers $60 for the set. Located in Ithaca 5$ extra if you want the brass nuts and bolts. will ship at buyers expense! Drilled for penn downriggers currently. but plenty of space left on the face for another drill pattern.
  7. Thanks for posting this. I yak fish a lot in cold water. always wear your life vest, fish with a buddy, and have a safety plan. March is not the time to become acquainted with a new kayak by any means. a little common sense goes a long way.
  8. Ok , Here it is. Selling off some excess trolling gear from when I started the game. Offering the following items as a bundle. I am asking $120 for the bundle, which includes the cost of shipping to the lower 48! The bundle includes: -14 trolling spoons-mixed variety -3 spin Doctors -two 8 inch ProTroll with e-chip -one 11 inch ProTroll Flasher with e-chip -one Luhr-Jensen Coyote ProTroll Spin Doctor -2 Rapala J-5's -one random Rapala Floating minnow -one A-tom-mic Tournament series meat rig -one Penn 209LC in fair condition -one Penn 309 in fair condition Everything on the reels is entirely functional, the clickers are a bit weak. Ship to the lower-48, I accept PayPal, be in touch with questions - I HAVE NO INTEREST IN SPLITTING THIS BUNDLE Kyle
  9. Tell me where to send payment pls.
  10. get a pair of gimbal mounts and mount the downriggers to them. Very easy to remove too.
  11. I was out on Thursday and went 6-7 in 2.5 hours and landed 2 browns. Weird as I’ve never caught a BT previously on skn.
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