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  1. nature 12 give me 585-948-5587 my name is jeff thanks.
  2. how much for angler pals if you separarte? thanks jeff
  3. interested in rod holders call me 585-409-7294 jeff thanks
  4. Chamberlain Release

    brian i will take it yor 12 dollars jeff call me 585-409-7294 .
  5. Lowrance hds7 gen2 touch

    jeremy give me a call 585-409-7294 jeff
  6. HDS7 ?

    lineman49 forgot to ask is it a touch screen? jeff
  7. HDS7 ?

    just go to your sonar page and make sure its on auto. jeff
  8. sorry big dave sent wrong message just wanted to know price on swivel base with cannon mount? 55
  9. Downrigger Motor Rebuild

    If its not a wiper motor it might be power window motor out of older chysler product.
  10. Darryl I have 10 hooksters 7 colored with white bottoms and 3 silver. call me when you get back from Fla. my # is 585-409-7294 jeff.
  11. pap there is one on ebay for 149 dollars. make the guy an offer. its under gps module. good luck.
  12. 4 stroke vs 2 stroke power

    My son just put a new 115 Yamaha on his 19 ft. sea nymph runs great trolls great real quiet . trolls around 1.9 so far 39 mph. top end but still breaking it in. it is a 4 stroke. we like it.
  13. moemoe if still have gift certificate call me 585-409-7294 mr mo thanks.