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mr.mo 55

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    Oakfield, n. y.
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    Hunting,Fishing,and Trapping
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    White City II

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  1. mr.mo 55

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    iceman what is the guys name and address in albion ? thanks jeff.
  2. brand new Mag10 HS or Mag 5HS all hardware comes with it. mag10 375$ mag 5 325$ call or text 585-409-7294 thanks.
  3. mr.mo 55

    Wanted Islander

    there is 22ft sea nymph GLS just as good or better on this page.
  4. brand new mag 5HS 2ft boom, mounting base, battery cord, and hardware 325.00. call or text 585-409-7294.
  5. downrigger still availalble.
  6. Mag 10 HS brand new comes with swivel base,extend a boom, both cords, mounting base,and hardware 400.00 obo . call 585-409-7294.
  7. A-Lure-A rigger still available.
  8. mag 10 HS never used all hardware comes with it swivel base and extent a boom 400.oo obo call 585-409-7294 thanks jeff.
  9. yes extended boom and swivel base.
  10. mag 10 hs brand new never used dont have box. 425.00 call 585-409-7294 thanks jeff.
  11. mr.mo 55

    Cannon rigger wont stop when when coming up

    they will work fine once you find the leak . i though it was worth a try good luck.
  12. mr.mo 55

    Cannon rigger wont stop when when coming up

    i will give you 100 dollars for your junk riggers.
  13. thanks reels are sold.
  14. Reels are in good shape. 2 seasons old. $35 each. $125 for all 4. Call Jeff at 585-409-7294