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mr.mo 55

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    Oakfield, n. y.
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    Hunting,Fishing,and Trapping
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    Point Breeze
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    White City II

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  1. markm do u still have walleye boards 4 sale give me a call 585-409-7294 jeff.
  2. mr.mo 55

    The wrong way to coyote hunt

    Nice pics Whaler1. Live and let live only certain things.
  3. mr.mo 55

    The wrong way to coyote hunt

    I am with you Whaler1. Too each it own.
  4. mr.mo 55

    Sold / Closed Okuma Reels

    hey joe ask to give me a call about coldwaters what happen jeff
  5. mr.mo 55

    Sold / Closed Okuma Reels

    joe give me a call maybe interested in the coldwaters 585-409-7294 jeff
  6. Jbfish give me a call maybe we can meet half way. i live near Batavia 585-409-7294 thanks jeff.
  7. Jbfish downrigger is still available.
  8. still 4 sale 400.00 or BO 585-409-7294
  9. mr.mo 55

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    iceman what is the guys name and address in albion ? thanks jeff.
  10. brand new Mag10 HS or Mag 5HS all hardware comes with it. mag10 375$ mag 5 325$ call or text 585-409-7294 thanks.
  11. mr.mo 55

    Wanted Islander

    there is 22ft sea nymph GLS just as good or better on this page.
  12. brand new mag 5HS 2ft boom, mounting base, battery cord, and hardware 325.00. call or text 585-409-7294.
  13. downrigger still availalble.
  14. Mag 10 HS brand new comes with swivel base,extend a boom, both cords, mounting base,and hardware 400.00 obo . call 585-409-7294.