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  1. my friend interested give him a call 585-590-1376 dan thanks
  2. check points and spark plugs had one bad plug made a popping noise. also had a high speed skip needed to put a ground wire from alternator to block. good luck
  3. go to setting you have to tell it what transducer your using silver tag on transducer cord. setting shallow water . dont be afraid to run screen a littlle dirty pallet picture no 1
  4. bought mine online for about 200 have to do some rigging and they work nice or go to cabelas 450 for smooth move seat . it was some tractor supply place can not remember the name. good luck.
  5. markm do u still have walleye boards 4 sale give me a call 585-409-7294 jeff.
  6. Nice pics Whaler1. Live and let live only certain things.
  7. I am with you Whaler1. Too each it own.
  8. hey joe ask to give me a call about coldwaters what happen jeff
  9. joe give me a call maybe interested in the coldwaters 585-409-7294 jeff
  10. Jbfish give me a call maybe we can meet half way. i live near Batavia 585-409-7294 thanks jeff.
  11. iceman what is the guys name and address in albion ? thanks jeff.
  12. brand new Mag10 HS or Mag 5HS all hardware comes with it. mag10 375$ mag 5 325$ call or text 585-409-7294 thanks.
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