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  1. The I pilot minn kota remote is pretty comprehensive , you can set the autopilot and cruise control functions right from the remote as well as hit the anchor button. I fish two to three days a week year round and really don't see the need to tie it into a chart plotter. Just my opinion based on my application. You can also add a foot controller to it depending on your application which might be useful.
  2. I fish Florida and Ontario. I have friends with the Rhodan, I have had 2 minn kotas. The minn kota is superior in technology, reliability and fit and finish. Rhodan is a new comer and has a lot of growing to do before it can match minn kota. The vast majority of boats in Florida every day on the water are running minn kota.the Minn kota web site tells you how to measure your boat for the correct shaft length . Would highly recommend minn kota I pilot.
  3. I used superglue on mine. still good 3 years later.
  4. I have a 200hp outboard and a 9.9 kicker. I run 2 Scotty riggers, 2 dipsy rods and 2 copper or leadcore rods on ninja inline planers. I think that's a pretty decent spread for most days.
  5. Jeremy, Thanks for your support of this worthy cause and your dedication to the sport.
  6. Lake flipped last night. Little bit rough this morning, dropped in at 250, no hits until the 29 line. ,one Skippy 2 matures about 19 pounds. No spoon bite for me, gold 42nd took a hit but no takers. Meat on a 300 weighted steel took 2 kings, Warhammer glow meat rig took the other mature on the 100 DR A bam fly with a 2 faced pro troll went on a 240 dipsy, mature broke the leader. Didn't really see any bait until about the 29 line either..
  7. Nice job Jeremy, Went 5/8 out of the Oak Saturday, couldn't get a mature, all juveniles.
  8. What is a silver board? I have never stacked anything above a flasher. Thanks
  9. I assume most people are targeting kings and cohos , never see any reports of browns or Lakers in the Oak reports. Anyone catching any?
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