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  1. Thanks, I was going to dedicate the current Garmin to a panoptix machine.
  2. Has anybody tried the thru the hull transducer (not the thru hull) the one you glue on top of your hull from the inside?? Lowrance has one fo $95
  3. I have a lowrance elite 9 ti2 that I am going to install to troll with. Looking for recommendations for A transducer for trolling. I have a primary and kicker outboard. I seem to get a lot of noise from them on my current Garmin transom mount transducer . Any input appreciated.
  4. Went out of the Oak same time frame. 4 matures in the high teens, 2 juveniles and some skippies on uv190 deep meat , bam on divers. Best water was 140.
  5. Uv flashlight on Amazon. Allows you to do even large glow paddles, spoons whatever you have. It's 10 bucks on Amazon right now. Vansky. Highly recommend
  6. Do you have these or the cheater swivel clips available?
  7. Highly recommend using clip on drop weights to achieve your desired depth. Less reeling and much less gear on board.
  8. Steel is more supple, easier to deploy and more forgiving in a tangle... Make sure you get the termination kit. Will never use copper again. I have used blood run and torpedo , don't see a difference
  9. Boated 9 fish yesterday out of the oak, 29-30.5 was best. Lots of bait and marks. 3 matures and some nice steelhead and one Atlantic. Almost no spoon or meat bite, all FF. There were a lot of fish as well as bait inside, but they all had lockjaw.
  10. Not sure when you bought the probe, I believe it's s a 2 year warranty. They have good customer service. Just call them and give them the serial number inside the probe. I had one fail for temp just outside of warranty and they cut me a good deal.
  11. Just wondering what boat you are using? Looks like a nice setup
  12. What is your experience using a 9.9 kicker and a gps trolling motor as the autopilot on lake O for salmon. I'm looking at a 19 foot boat that has cable steering, and this seems to be a good alternative to a traditional hydraulic autopilot. Thanks in advance.
  13. Great report, glad you were able to get out with your family!
  14. Awesome fish, amazing net job, can't imagine it solo.
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