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  1. Picked mine up yesterday great guy . they look awessome . thanks jeff
  2. Male alittle over 40 lbs
  3. shorthanded has a 36 in for sale on this page well equipped fishing gear is name of ad
  4. hachimo I got 2 cannon 10 hs 4yrs old but look like brand new 2yrs in my basement call me 585-409-7294 jeff Iam near the Oak.
  5. looking for parts for trollmaster 201 pro3 the black control box that hooks to the battery call 585-409-7294 thanks jeff..
  6. you have to have the right setting tell it what transducer u have fishing mode shallow water palatte no. 1 sensentity auto +2 u want a dirty screen anymore more questions call me 585-409-7294 jeff.
  7. could be a Mann 25 stretch green mullet holo?
  8. both launches are in with docks.
  9. Docks are in on both sides.
  10. Way to go Carl. We got a couple of months before we start chasing Trout and Salmon. I sure miss Ed.
  11. eyecatcher give me a call 585-409-7294 can talk better than type jeff.
  12. are you willing to separate some of the rod holders?
  13. sounds still like a fuel problem . did u change fuel filter in carb?
  14. ya check fuel separator and fuel filter in carb.
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