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  1. they sell parts for low profile swivel bases look under parts and repair cannon electric downrigger it shows parts for bases
  2. If it were me put some good dry gas to how many gallons of gas you think in the tank. Then keep some extra filters on board and see if it better. If it dont get better than pump the tank.
  3. Picked mine up yesterday great guy . they look awessome . thanks jeff
  4. shorthanded has a 36 in for sale on this page well equipped fishing gear is name of ad
  5. hachimo I got 2 cannon 10 hs 4yrs old but look like brand new 2yrs in my basement call me 585-409-7294 jeff Iam near the Oak.
  6. looking for parts for trollmaster 201 pro3 the black control box that hooks to the battery call 585-409-7294 thanks jeff..
  7. you have to have the right setting tell it what transducer u have fishing mode shallow water palatte no. 1 sensentity auto +2 u want a dirty screen anymore more questions call me 585-409-7294 jeff.
  8. could be a Mann 25 stretch green mullet holo?
  9. both launches are in with docks.
  10. Docks are in on both sides.
  11. Way to go Carl. We got a couple of months before we start chasing Trout and Salmon. I sure miss Ed.
  12. eyecatcher give me a call 585-409-7294 can talk better than type jeff.
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