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  1. Jjwbny

    Lakers out of the oak?

    Thanks for all the help !
  2. Going out Sunday for lakers if the weather holds . Thinking of starting in 50-60' and going deeper, sound about right or start deeper ? thanks !
  3. Looking for a cannon double rod holder to mount on the rear of a cannon mag 10 HS. Thanks
  4. Jjwbny

    Fishing equipment

    Interested in the heartlands, where are you located ?
  5. Looking for a daiwa strike SK-786 trolling rod to replace a broken one to match a set. Having trouble finding one online and wondered if anyone had one laying around to sell . 8'6" medium action . Thanks Jeff
  6. Jjwbny

    Best trolling reels???

    Good to know thanks .
  7. I may be interested in one or two. What are you asking and where are you located ?
  8. Jjwbny

    Best trolling reels???

    I appreciate all the knowledge...that's why I like this place!
  9. Jjwbny

    Best trolling reels???

    Thanks for all the input ! Seems like saltist or tekotas are the ticket .
  10. Interested in the shark , where are you located ?
  11. Stainless 42" boom with pully end, decent used condition . Stainless is tarnished in areas , but I'm sure it can be cleaned . $35 pickup roch or buffalo. Shipping available on your $ .
  12. (2) cabelas DM III 15 reels. Haven't been used in a year or so. Worked fine in 2016. Spooled with 15# mono. (1) okuma Magda 20D same line. $85 for the 3 . Meet in Rochester or buffalo. Shipping on your dime .
  13. Jjwbny

    Best trolling reels???

    How about the new daiwa sealine 45? It's seems from looking at the website that the drags are the same as the saltist but they have less ball bearings and the ratio is different . The price of the saltist worries me a little but I know they will last a lifetime . And if I fished more than a few times a month there would be no question .
  14. Looking to upgrade from cheaper okuma's. What's the best , or best for money out there . Okuma cold water , Daiwa ect ..?? Looking for something all around to use on Erie and Ontario . Good drags ect ... Thanks in advance for the input .