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  1. thanks for the invite, buddy. Great to finally meet you and gunnar! What a great day, Blaze hasn't pointed anything but flies and grasshoppers this summer, lol. Gunnar went from a boy to a man today in no time, that was awesome!! glad Blaze Could help be a part. That last retrieve and double point was amazing! Truly some special pups...
  2. That's so unfortunate! I think that's only 1 of a few counties that didn't approve this.. continue to take things away from our youth, unreal.
  3. Awesome buddy, Let's get the boys together!
  4. He's looking good! Absolutely hunt him, Time for him to be rewarded for his hard work.. Woodcock are great for them, they follow normal migration but when I start booting them going in and out of the deer stand is when I focus our time
  5. Couldn't happen to a better guy! That is one of the best looking browns from the lake I've seen.
  6. So, your opposed to all of the new laws?
  7. All about the kids!! , finally..
  8. Nice job buddy. I'll take a medium and a large for Cortni and I.
  9. Thanks guys. I did not score him, taxidermist gave me a rough score of 158". Personally, I believe he is higher than that. Regardless, still a great deer and couldn't be happier for her.
  10. My wife got her buck back last week and as usual it looks great
  11. That's incredible! What a beautiful fish...
  12. Looks like it was on Monroe County legislatures agenda for May 25th! Sent from my SM-G781U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Chautauqua County passed this as well! Sent from my SM-G781U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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