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  1. So, 2 of us sent you free primers?
  2. I'm very thankful for this late season as my daughter hasn't had many days to hunt archery or gun with her busy sports seasons. We put three hunts together, the 1st day she missed a nice 10 pt at 75 yards (he's going to be awesome next year) day 2, we watched many deer and 3 bucks stay out of range. Tonight, the light and variable wind bite us. Many winded us and I didn't think it was going to happen. When I looked over and see the doe train coming. I said, tomorrow's weather doesn't look good if you want to shoot a big doe. She said, "no, I don't want a doe". Of course, I look at the last deer and it's a big bodied buck.. we get ready and had to stop him as they were on to us, she whacked him! What a way to end the year!!
  3. BBD.. What a great way to end the year! With my daughter whacking a good buck...
  4. With my daughters schedule full, we didn't make it out for muzzleloader. So, this will be a great opportunity for her to get some time to hunt with school being off and no sports. Originally I wasn't sold on the idea, now I see the advantages with the kids and families off together!!
  5. I agree. Matt, Check his website out...
  6. Yesterday was a great hunt, I saw 9 bucks in 1 hour! 2 hot doe had them chasing and fighting. The last buck to show up worked a doe right to me and gave me a 20 yard chip shot. This is a buck my daughter had at 20 yards during archery and we couldn't get a shot.. I checked cameras sunday mid day and found that he broke his main beam and brow tine somehow last week, I was pretty bummed but knew it would be to hard to pass him. Went back home to get my son to track him with me, that was special too!
  7. I may have some as I switched to blackhorn powder. Shoot me a pm if you cant find any
  8. Well, we weren't able to get my daughter on a buck in archery but she sealed the deal opening morning. She made a great shot at 102 yards with her shotgun.. She was so happy and I'm very proud of her! Now, I can do some hunting of my own as I've been waiting for her to score 1st!
  9. I have the same feelings about gun season but it's different this year with my daughter being 12.. between volleyball, softball pitching and basketball we didn't get many opportunities with the bow. I only hunted 2 days without her and I'm normally a die hard like you guys, it's funny what the kids do to you... I just didn't want to shoot one and have her disappointed. it's a lot of fun and can't wait for her to wrap her hands on some antlers! I think this weekend is going to be good. Good luck and stay safe!
  10. our local club was stocking some pheasants this past weekend so I donated some $ for more birds. They released them Friday, I couldn't hunt Saturday morning as my son and I were wrestling out of town. We rushed out of the tournament and made it home to get out for a quick hunt before we went deer hunting. I didn't take long to get our 2. The 1st was a hen, the second was a rooster that was a runner. Blaze would point, run, point, run. Finally after 75 yards or so he locked up tight - bang. To the treestand we went! Sunday morning I made the decision (hindsight, I should have been in a tree) to take my wife and son back out for pheasants. This was tough as there was heavy frost which made it difficult for sent! Blaze worked his butt off though. 1st bird he couldnt pin down but knew there was a bird close as he was working it flushed. 2nd- I was inside the brush and Blaze was with my wife and son and she said "he's pointing" she walked up and flushed. 3rd - he bumped and we still got it. last was the best, he locked up just as we were getting ready to finish. a hen flushed and bang. a few seconds later the rooster went up and we watched him cruise away. Monday morning - I decided to take off. I put the kids on the bus and Blaze and I went back after them. With only putting out limited birds I knew it was going to be a grind but it was a beautiful day with dew on the ground making sent great. We spent a lot of time hitting the usual small cover spots (that everyone hits) with blaze not even getting hot. One last spot to check and nothing.. heading out I hear a rooster start crowing not far from us! I looked at blaze and he's standing watching the direction of the bird.. HAHAHA. Off we go, we get to the area and he's going nuts on the sent, locks up and the bird goes up- bang. As were making our way to the downed bird, he locks up again! flush and no shot.. I watched where the bird went down (a few hundred yards) and off we go to find him. we get there and again he locks up in the thickest nastiest brush. I walk in and the bird tries to fly but cant because its so thick. off to the races they both go... it wasn't long and I hear blaze's bell coming back and I knew he caught him, sure enough out comes a pretty proud pup! It was a wonderful weekend to enjoy with my family- from wrestling to pheasant to deer hunting. Enjoy and good luck!
  11. Congratulations to both of you! That's awesome
  12. Guppy, That's awesome, man. Nothing better than getting the kids involved. Don't be ashamed of any deer, we all decide what we want to take and that's what's nice about it. You made the decision and made a good shoot. Kudos and congrats!!
  13. The last few weeks have been pretty awesome, between sitting in the stand with my daughter trying to get her 1st archery deer and spending time with my 2 "boys" in the field has been special. Some pheasant hunts that turned out great (including the hunt with Matt and Gunner) and yesterday for woodcock was excellent. There is something so special about watching these Griff's point, work and retrieve. The one picture I will add was when I was standing talking to 3 guys after I shot my limit of pheasants at a local club and these 2 chuckars walk threw the parking lot and he creeps up to point them... Enjoy !
  14. Haven't had my bow out yet but we've been in the woods the last few days and it's starting to heat up. My daughter is 12 and it's all about her this year!! Last night was the 1st good encounter with a stud, 135" within 20 yards but no shot. 3 other bucks were seen too.. Monday night she watched a buck clean a scrape violently and was at full draw twice on smaller bucks but they came in behind us and no shot. Her time is coming... I hope! Last night it was soggy and no complaints, we got home and she told her mom "that was awesome" Good luck boys, it's coming
  15. Same thing I learned fishing the keys
  16. Stud buck, congrats! Way to get us all started...
  17. thanks for the invite, buddy. Great to finally meet you and gunnar! What a great day, Blaze hasn't pointed anything but flies and grasshoppers this summer, lol. Gunnar went from a boy to a man today in no time, that was awesome!! glad Blaze Could help be a part. That last retrieve and double point was amazing! Truly some special pups...
  18. That's so unfortunate! I think that's only 1 of a few counties that didn't approve this.. continue to take things away from our youth, unreal.
  19. Awesome buddy, Let's get the boys together!
  20. He's looking good! Absolutely hunt him, Time for him to be rewarded for his hard work.. Woodcock are great for them, they follow normal migration but when I start booting them going in and out of the deer stand is when I focus our time
  21. Couldn't happen to a better guy! That is one of the best looking browns from the lake I've seen.
  22. So, your opposed to all of the new laws?
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