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  1. Cause if its not a shiner I don't want it in with the shiners and it needs to be a different price.
  2. Its not simple cause there are different types of minows and I want to know what that one is
  3. Rocky bottom .place is called spring river lake
  4. Thanks I really appreciate it cause I would like to know cause if its not any sort of shinner or emerald species . I don't want to sell it as bait at my bait shop
  5. So u think that fish i posted is a emerald not a chub?
  6. Cause I found this and they look the same is the a difference between the top picture in thus pic n the one I posted? Help
  7. Is it more of a round mouth? Ratner then pointy?
  8. I don't know it looks like a spotted tail shiner but I am unsure
  9. I caught this in maine can someone please tell me if this is a Spottail shiner or a chub ?
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