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  1. TraxTech is sold, Big Jon setup still for sale... thanks for looking AC Holmes
  2. In reply to breaking up the TraxTech package...I don't want to do that because I will be left with some bits and pieces that will be difficult to sell. I am located in Burdett, NY, 5 miles North of Watkins Glen on rte. 414 on the East side of Seneca Lake.
  3. Big Jon set up with masts, mounts, reels and Otters 50% of retail $370 TraxTech system, 36 in tracks, 6 rod holders, cleats and tool/drink stand $400 I can ship this stuff and have credit card services...shipping is probably about $30 (on both item at the post office This stuff is essentially like new with very little evidence of use. Thanks for looking, Andrew Holmes
  4. The riggers are still for sale...call me if you wish...831-241-8018 Andrew
  5. There are some guys on their way here to take a peek this AM...I told them I would wait until they get here before I consider other interested parties. I will update as soon as they decide. thanks, Andrew Holmes
  6. I have given up my charter business due to health issues, sold the boat and am now offering the gear that was installed... and am offering the following as a package and don't want to break it up. 1) Two Cannon Digi-Troll 10 TS downriggers. They are almost new and have one seasons use. Some very minor evidence of having been fished. 2) 2 stainless spools and 2 plastic spools. Stainless are loaded with wire and plastic is loaded with coated wire 3) Cannon dual axis rod holders 4) covers 5) swivel bases and all mounting hardware and bolts 6) two transducers (one never used) for Digi-Troll bottom tracking and up/down cycle 7) cable for linking the riggers together to work with one transducer 3 Intell-troll probes (one monitor) that all work perfectly and provide speed and temp on the rigger screen. 9) 2 dozen Cannon terminators and other Cannon odds and ends. $1800 for all of it. I used a 50% reduction from current retail to arrive at this price. I also have the original packaging and can do credit cards if a buyer wants it shipped on your dime. I caught a lot of fish with the cycling mode...bait fish do not swim at the same depth, so why should a lure not go up and down while going forward? I really got addicted to the probe read out on the rigger so I bought 3 of them when Cannon stopped offering the unit. I know some have had problems with the Intelli-Probe but I never did...they worked fine for me. I think the issue had to do with the boat being properly grounded. thanks for looking, AC Holmes
  7. I had some folks out last summer on the south end and we drifted on the N wind along shore with spinning rods. We caught 3 big perch on a tiny "flatfish" yellow with red dots, and also caught a nice Brown off the bottom with a day glow green rubber worm. Another day I caught a small salmon and a big perch on the downrigger right in front of the canal, on a small silver flutter spoon. We had both fish for dinner, and the perch was much better to eat for sure. Lots of different ways of fishing Seneca.
  8. Thanks for asking, The 9.9 has an ignition key and an alternator, no tiller...steering tube for cable, gas tank and nearly new marine battery included...
  9. Thanks for looking, The motor is in my garage in Burdett, NY (5 miles from Watkins Glen). The motor is like new and is a wonderful piece of engineering...Honda outboards are hard to beat in my estimation, but a little pricey. Save $2000 on this one...my loss...your gain...I have no further use for it. Regarding the stick steering setup...It is basically a cable steering device with a stick instead of a wheel (used a lot in the South) I liked it a lot...worked great. I chose it because I kept my charter boat in a crowded marina and the 350 was real loud without mufflers, so I had to have a way of getting in and out of the marina before sunrise without waking everybody up, if I wanted to keep my slip. Also, the single screw on the inboard was tricky to back up, etc, etc. There is no easy way of linking the rudder cable steering to a kicker on a inboard, so I went for a totally separate steering system. The hookup to the engine steering tube is totally standard.
  10. This is a Honda 9.9, long shaft, tilt trim with controls and cable, with less than 10 hours use. The package was invoiced to me in May of 2011 for $4987 dollars from Jamison Marine in Campbell NY. I installed it on my charter boat as a kicker, but once the 350 got broken in, I did not need the kicker to troll at 2 MPH. I have since sold my charter boat and given up my USCG papers. $3000 for the three items or... 1) Motor....$2750 Hi Thrust bracket and back up plate for swim platform from Adventure Marine, invoiced for $423.00.... 2) bracket and plate....$200 E-Z glide stick steering, about $500 new... 3) E-Z glide...$250
  11. Maybe the abrupt temp change changes the O2 level somehow and that's what kills the fish.
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