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  1. Thanks for the update guys! You both did great in rough conditions!! Lyk2fish how long does it generally take for Owasco to stratify?
  2. Way to go Stillwater!! You look pretty happy in that picture!!! Did you catch any trout as well? I want to get out again soon but I need a fairly calm day. What's the best temperature range for walleye, rainbow and brown trout?
  3. Yes! How things have changed!! I can remember the Mayflies, catching Cisco's and lake trout spin casting little cleos just before sunset. Going smelting and catching all you could clean.. The water in Owasco was so clean most camps just pumped it right out of the lake.... In 60 years Owasco has changed tremendously! I think Owasco would make a super Walleye lake with all the forage and weed growth it has now...why did the DEC stop stocking Walleye???
  4. Way to go Stillwater!!! Beautiful Walleye!! You got what you came for.... Did you get him on a diver? Sent from my SM-S205DL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Stillwater, I've ordered 7 spoons and a 4 in diver! I'll post a picture if I get lucky!! Thanks for sharing!! Best Wishes!!! Sent from my SM-S205DL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Stillwater I have looked everywhere I can think of and can't find the blue dolphin silver.. bass pro, Amazon, fish usa, and Cabellas... Do you have a source? Any other colors that you like?
  7. You ROCK!!! THANKS!!![emoji846] Sent from my SM-S205DL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Stillwater, I'm looking at the spoons, are you using the Michigan slammer scorpion spoon which is the smallest of the 3 sizes?? Thanks again! Sent from my SM-S205DL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Awesome!! You posted the answer before I asked it Thank you sooo much!!!!
  10. Stillwater, thanks for posting!!! I really like the looks of that lure... I'll be checking bass pro and get some ordered.. I have a size 0 Dipsy in sort of a fire tiger but haven't use it very much. What size are you using and how deep do you estimate you were fishing.. I'm 76 and not able to spend a lot of time on the water so I get 2-3 hours now and then and appreciate all the help you and Lyk2fish have offered! Tight lines!!
  11. Stillwater thanks for the reply, the drift sock is a great idea I think it will give you more control... what size stinger spoon are you using? How do you rig your Dipsy divers? So many questions!! Any help that your willing to share would be very much appreciated! It's been frustrating not being able to put it together the last few times out.... Tight lines!!! Long time fisherman...
  12. Beautiful rainbow Stillwater I've been trying hard but not been able to put it together. Lyk2fish has been an inspiration to get back out fishing for trout and eyes again. My wife and I had good luck on Lake trout earlier but the last few times have been frustrating even with the fishhawk and lighter line... not giving up tho!!! Thanks for posting!! Tight lines!!! Longtime Fisherman... Sent from my SM-S205DL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Lyk2fish, thanks again!!! Best Wishes to you and yours!!
  14. Lyk2fish, I have a fish hawk otw, changed my leaders to 10 lbs test. Would I be in the ballpark to be using sutton 35 size spoons and shad rap type sticks? I have yellow birds for boards, will they work with core? I'm pushing 80 so I can't put as much time into fishing as I use to.... I get for a couple hours about once a week weather permitting... your post have been a great aspiration and gives me something fun to look forward to... Thanks again!!
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