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  1. Lyk2fish, thanks again!!! Best Wishes to you and yours!!
  2. Lyk2fish, I have a fish hawk otw, changed my leaders to 10 lbs test. Would I be in the ballpark to be using sutton 35 size spoons and shad rap type sticks? I have yellow birds for boards, will they work with core? I'm pushing 80 so I can't put as much time into fishing as I use to.... I get for a couple hours about once a week weather permitting... your post have been a great aspiration and gives me something fun to look forward to... Thanks again!!
  3. Thanks for taking the time and having the desire to share all of this hard learned and hard earned information... I'll do my best to follow your advice.. I can't wait to get started!!! Thanks again!!!
  4. Lyk2fish, Thanks for sharing!! Your such an inspiration to get out and fish. I was catching an occasional lake trout earlier this season with a downrigger close to the bottom but lately haven't had any luck at all. I've rigged up with some 16 lb lead core with 25 ft of 20 lb florocarbon leader and have tried spoons and sticks but no luck in four times out. Can you get me pointed in the right direction? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!!!
  5. Thanks guys!!! We 're going to try and get out soon! Tight lines!!
  6. Pequot 1, thanks for the response!! Are you talking about Owasco lake and if so what end?
  7. Looking to have a perch catch and cook and would appreciate any help with a location and depth on Owasco to help us find a few... Thanks!
  8. Been on Amazon looking at lead core line but I'm not sure what to get? I have 40+ year old Penn 210 reels that are in perfect condition.... Thanks and Best Wishes!!
  9. Thanks again Lyk2fish! You got it down for sure!!! I always wished the Dec went to stocking more walleye as the lake is loaded with forage... do you use a counter reel or just gauge by colors? Best Wishes!
  10. Lyk2fish, just want to stay Thanks!!! for the fishing report and awesome pictures that you posted! Would you mind sharing the type of rig that you would typically use to troll for walleye? Thanks again!!!
  11. Suttontroller94, thanks again!!! Best Wishes!!!
  12. Suttontroller95, congratulations on a awesome morning on Owasco lake!! I'm an old timer who wants to get back on the water and catch a fish now and then.... can you tell me where to buy the reel rage spoons and in what color and size works best for you.. thanks!!
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