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  1. We call em mooneyes on owasco. Lol. Yeah they work the best, but they are also the best at dying. Buy them in the morning and put them in the livewell as soon as your on the water. Best way to try and keep them alive.
  2. This thread turned into a little bit of a downer. I just liked reading the stories of peoples encounters with crappy boaters lol.
  3. A lot of funny stories on this thread lol. I got a million more. Ive had kids in sailboats who werent even near my boat fly in and get stuck in my lines because they couldnt control their boats. Jet skis run over my lines and wave bunches of times. But my favorite is playing slow speed chicken with the womens crew team in the spring south end of cayuga. I always end up giving them the right of way... but def like getting close enough to check them out. I blast billy squires on the radio. Its great times. Lol.
  4. Got my lines sucked up into another boats motor at least once a year for the past 3 years. Last guy said he didnt know.. but his motor wouldnt run because of my lines all wrapped up in his prop. I actually was able to reel him in almost all the way to my boat. Lol. I followed him to the dock and he gave me $20.. did not cover 4 lines and 4 lures.
  5. Haha! I too have left my rods in the vertical holders under that bridge. Somehow they survived. Terrible noises they make. Lol.
  6. Depends how tall. There is a bridge that limits height.
  7. I use sticks on lead core a lot with success. That being said, sometimes it works better than spoons. ..sometimes spoons work better than sticks. Gotta run some of each and then modify to the hottest lure/depth.
  8. The small atlantic is actually a rainbow. No salmon in owasco. I wish there was.
  9. Fished owasco today. Got plenty o lakers. Mostly under 50fow. Got some other nice fish too. Downriggers got hit most. 15-20ft down.
  10. Dont harm the trout? Shoulda thought about that the last time you stuck one in the face with a treble hook and then forced its way to the boat in a torurous motion against its will. Lol. Cmon. Lighten up.
  11. The alewive to lake trout ratio in seneca must be about 1 million to 1. Never seen so much bait in a lake. Someone needs to do something about it. More laker stocking.. tiger muskies.. something. Makes it very difficult to fish when the fish are always full and lazy.
  12. Man. I didnt even notice that. Figured it would.be open all year too. Get them out of the lake.. but give them time to spawn and reproduce. ?? That dont make sense.
  13. I've tried it a few times. Never done well.. and it's harder than you think. Seems like a good idea. But if it was more people would be doing it. I've only tried trolling. Not live bait.
  14. Thank you for the heads up. Figured that rain and storms would shut them fleas down. One good thing about the storms. One bad thing is they also sent a tree down in my front yard.
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