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  1. I would pick Wilson (Tuscarora), there is no stress, its like launching into a pond vs the river. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Thanks for the tip gambler. It seems like there always something to spend money on. Moonfish... I thought it was a fastrac but it a normal jointed rebel, 4 1/2 inch (the top lure) I usually start a mix (GFR, chartreuse, perch, gold/black, green, pink, etc) then adjust as we catch multiples The bottom lure has always been productive. every time we fish it produces, usually the most .... its a 3 1/2 inch bomber. They make a 15a but it is not as productive....
  3. Ha Ha I will tell my friend he as a twin. Your twin's name is Jason, he's a die hard ice fisherman but that sucks right now where we live. I guess I counted wrong we caught 5 browns and a laker, 2 baits produced well were the bomber 14a mother of pearl and a rebel fasttrac jointed that is like an old school glow chartreuse .
  4. The Oak - 1/21/17 We got in our first trip of the year today. The river was mud and debris but we puttered our way out around 9 am. We made a pass to the west almost to Johnson's and then back. We hit 6 fish on the way up , landing 4. On the way back just two hits. The first fish was something with some shoulders on it that broke us off. The next was another brown. We wended 5 for 8 in those two passes and just came in. The fog was so thick it was too frustrating. 4 browns and a laker. Had a Big Jon handle break off a planer reel today too. It wasn't forceful , I was just slowly cranking it in and it broke off. Its always something. It's nice to be using the boards in January
  5. we Fished the windmills Saturday morning - ended up with 6, and dropped 4 more. all on harnesses.
  6. Michelle sold it last year It was open in april, not sure who the new owners are.
  7. Good job and thanks for the report and pics .... I had a similar plan but I got a new pair of crutches a few days ago instead. I hope to make it out for the night bite , my favorite kind of fishing. Those fish can get addictive. Keep the pics and reports coming....
  8. We fished out of Sturgeon Sunday and kept 43 hoggers in about two hours. We got lucky and found a small school of nice fish. Also if you reel them in slow the swim bladders won't blow up
  9. 10 lb fluoro
  10. Made a short trip this morning (high school kid on board had ball practice) Went 8 for 10, all browns again Temp is up , 42 on the west, 40 on the east. Lost two baits today, one from an open snap and one break-off. Sucks..... I lost my favorite little 14a Puerto-rican today.... Two other trailers in the lot today... Water s still patchy.. Still good to be out. Kept three small ones for the pan Otherwise a beautiful day on the water Best bait (Always for us) is a 14a mother of pearl, wish they still made them
  11. Not sure where this topic belongs but where I live (western NY) I have never seen night crawlers as thick as tonight
  12. 35 degrees brrrr Im thinking of going out sat, if we do I will let you know how it went
  13. Today we took a buddy and his kid for a few hours. We ended up 5 for 7. It was hard to find any fishy water today... IT actually wasn't cold with no wind and some sun. Kids are a blast
  14. The docks usually get put in in april. Your right on, this morning the launch was clear except for a branch or two.
  15. Got out for a shakedown trip Sunday - The weather was perfect for early February Ended up 11 for 15, 10 Browns and a Laker... All Released All the fish seemed to be in one pod It didn't matter what we used, everything in the spread got at least one bite.... Its crazy that five days later there is snow and bone chilling cold again,,,,