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  1. i have the bass pro "100 mph" and i am super happy with them
  2. 14.25 x15 I think Whatever model it is perfect, there are variables like cup , rake, etc I can’t r the exact model , I can look when I get home Sunday. If you are near the oak you could try it on your boat if you like.
  3. I have a fishmaster 210 , came with the same motor and prop, and had the exact same issue. I did a lot of homework and ended up with a 4 blade stainless power tech, different pitch . expensive prop but the difference is night and day.
  4. the state launch on archibald has been open a couple of weeks
  5. We did a backwater trip a few years ago and it was a ton of fun
  6. Miscellaneous items for local pick-up in lyndonville, ny call or text jim at 585-451-3137 sticks - SOLD 9 DVDs new in wrapping- $15 trolling plate needs an S hook - $10 4 cannon deck plates $25 minn kota cover - $5 tube - $20
  7. had a dr appointment so I took a vacation day to hunt this morning, brought the crossbow today. About 730 I can see a buck chasing a doe around in the brush, seems like a decent 8. A small 4 pointer kept coming by and he kept chasing it off. Eventually the four point wandered over by my tree and the bigger one came to run him off again and offered a shot. Best part for me was calling my dad to come down and help with the recovery. Not a monster but I'm happy.
  8. We made it out for Saturday only. We Spent too much time trolling the deep water looking for big ones, it was muddy water.. Jigged the reefs and did ok on the smaller males. It really is a great place to fish though, tons of different options, plus plenty of bait shops , places to eat , etc. Cant wait to go back.
  9. Up for sale is a pair of okuma magna 45 rods. 10 foot twillie tips wire one is missing the butt work properly $100 pickup in Lyndonville ny or I work in spencerport and can meet there. text Jim 585-451-3137
  10. I've been once to Port Clinton. We stayed in a hotel there and launched out of Catawba, it was really simple , there were a ton of people launching (prolly100 or more), but everyone knew what they were doing.and it went pretty quick. Right in Port Clinton we found a place a place that will fillet your fish , you just drop them off, they give you a ticket, and pick them up after a while. Theres a few bars to eat at right in town. Our plan was to go this weekend but mother nature says crappy weather so probably next weekend for us. As for fishing info check out walleye.com, western reports. Jim
  11. Kramer, nice looking fish for sure. we saw you guys out there and catch one out in front of the wall. It was nice to see a few other boats out there. Hillybiily, I zoomed it in on the cookie cutter.
  12. We made it out for a few hours today. First trip of the year, ended up 6 for 11. Mostly clear water on both sides today. Hot plug was a J9 GFR, it seems like the orange turns on in clear water for some reason. It still beats working
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