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  1. awesome double ! congrats to both of you
  2. i agree with puking dog above, you can use any 209 primers. buying "muzzleloader" primers is overthinking it in my opinion
  3. I bought a couple of wildview cams for 25 each at dicks and they work decent
  4. Got lucky enough to have one pass by this morning. easy recovery , long drag. I gotta say luminocks are awesome for watching where you hit them
  5. Chomping at the bit.... two more days of work, thank god for may
  6. i might be short one or two of these though, cant remember
  7. I have 6 or 7. 50 each sound good? you gotta drive to lyndonville though, i dont feel like shipping
  8. If you end up willing to ship it please tell me how much to 14098. Thanks
  9. Yup, you were doubled up when we passed you haha
  10. i should have mentioned.... There was one other boat. we got 7 in a few hours. We caught a few on bayrats and rapalas, and 3 of them on 15a mother of pearl
  11. We fished olcott on Sunday and everything was good caught some browns and dodged icebergs in the creek on the way back in Ramp was perfect, we first tried oak and the ramp was too icy then tried golden hill but the plowed a snow pile in the road in front of the launch
  12. Great story rob , it’s always rewarding to watch them pile up in sight
  13. Had a buck come by I was fortunate put an arrow into. great time spent with my son on the hunt and recovery 😊
  14. x2 on the state launch, way better, and its free right now anyway.
  15. Nice , we have been catching them on worm harnesses also.
  16. Maybe Oneida? It has a 3 fish limit
  17. We use hand pruners in the boat, it’s quick and easy
  18. i remember using muriatic acid when I did a 14 footer years ago to etch the aluminum. be well ventilated if you do so though, lots of fumes. im not sure if it is the best practice after googling, and it was so long ago I cant remember where the idea came from
  19. Hi im interested if they are still available. i sent you a pm. you can text me also. jim 585-451-3137
  20. nice. any chance the kayak was jocko's old one? if so its the same one i used for my deer hunting adventure haha either way those are awesome rigs
  21. love the predator, i used one years back for a deer hunting trip in iroquois, it was a good time
  22. Nice job brad and Jake , curious if you were using electric motor to troll with ?
  23. i have the bass pro "100 mph" and i am super happy with them
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