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  1. garrymny

    Netting speeds

    I asked virtually the same question last year after my fishing buddy lost a few good fish at the net. Poor technique. I suggest reading that thread I started, and all the goos answers. But bottom lines are as follows, based on answered received and more experience now: 1. head first works better. 2. Biggest net you can buy. 3. It is a team effort. 3. A fast confident scoop, no half hearted efforts; get it done, don't be timid!. We finally agreed that I would net all fish (he has bad knees) 4. Only attempt to net a fish that is fought out and is tired, and is at the surface. (not always possible, especially if caught on downrigger-short line) 5. On big fish, clear other lines if possible. You can slow down but do not stop, unless you want a tangled mess of other lines (including riggers). If you cleared all the other lines, then by all means stop. If not keep forward motion going. 6, attach a clip to the net handle to hold the basket and prevent it from going into the fishes face. One problem we had was my buddy failed to get the net deep enough in water and the net would go over top of the fish, or the hook would catch the net.
  2. garrymny

    2018 trapping season

    The classes go way beyond the rules. I just checked the website and reviewed the course material. Its bogus. Its for "new" trappers, but they have no way of knowing who is a "new trapper". It just means for ANY and ALL trappers that have never trapped in New York before 1980, which is when they started this requirement, so basically everyone, no matter your experience or knowledge of the subject. You have get Albany's blessing. The course materials cover everything from the history of trapping to how to make sets to how to skin and flesh pelts. This information really has no bearing on whether or not a person can or should trap. I can MAYBE see covering the regulations and how to prevent unwanted catches; thats it, 1 hour or 2 hours tops, and it should be allowed to be completed online. But an 8 hour course, requiring you to travel hundreds of miles? This is nothing more than an appeasement of anti trapping organizations and elements even within the department who oppose trapping. So, is there a course required to allow us to go fishing? How about Boating? Hunters are grandfathered in, everyone does not have to have to take the NY state hunting safety course. This is all just my opinion, and I'm sure there are plenty of folks who believe everyone should have to complete a state mandated course. But, as I see it, it is overstepping and restricting our freedoms, slow but sure, it has happened and is happening. When I started trapping in Pennsylvania as a lad, at 12 years old, in the 1970's, I needed no license, no course. I learned by reading books, and by doing it, and by watching my Dad. What has changed? Our freedoms. That's what. We need licenses or permits to hunt, to fish, to get married, to sell something, to build something, for virtually everything. I am not saying we should not require hunter safety training, for OBVIOUS REASONS of having people firing deadly implements on public land. I am not saying we should not have to take drivers training, for OBVIOUS REASONS of having people doing the most dangerous thing we ever do, drive a car on the public roads. But trapping? Give me a break. Again, my opinion, but the new generations have no idea to the extent they have lost their freedoms from what past generations had. They just accept it as the norm.
  3. garrymny

    2018 trapping season

    That's ridiculous in my opinion. Good old State of NY. There will be many more restrictions to come from Albany concerning our outdoor sports, I'm afraid.
  4. garrymny

    2018 trapping season

    I trapped years ago. About 20 years since I trapped actually, but i used to do quite a bit of it. I trapped Fox, and beaver mostly, some coon. Thinking about starting again here in New York for Coyotes around where I deer hunt, since there are many coyote tracks. I guess they make you take a trapping course and all that B.S.?
  5. garrymny

    ISO new deer hunting firearms

    I have had a leupold vari X II 3X9X40 on my Remington .280 since I bought it in 2002. I have never had to adjust the scope since then! I check it from a benchrest every year prior tot he season. Nuff said on scopes, if you can afford Leupold. If not Bushnell Trophy scopes are damn good for the $. I have a Remington Genesis MZ 50 cal, that is very accurate.
  6. garrymny

    2018 Season in review

    very nice pics
  7. garrymny

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    My season was pretty good, but could have been better. I did alot of prep work in aug and sept and it seems in bow season I am still scouting and prepping for gun season! I hunt a heavily hunted area that is swamp. It is very tough hunting, so much cover, and pressure. I ended up getting 3 does in NY, and passed up several small bucks in archery, and passed up several small (or younger) bucks in gun season. A low spot in the season is the day a nice buck and a spike chased a doe into my stand. I shot the big buck, but wounded him. Crossbow, at 35 yards. He was a slight quartering shot, towards me, and somehow th arrow went low,and struck his opposite hind leg. I think I estimated the range wrong. It happens. Should have waited for him to come closer but when they are chasing a hot doe, they are allover the place. Lots of blood, so I thought just maybe, but within 30 yards he was in the water, and there was no blood trail. Swamp hunting. Nothing in PA, but in PA I saw some bucks that were not legal. They have to have 3 points on a side down there, not counting the brow tine. My friend Dan came again to hunt for 2 weeks.He is from Idaho, and comes every year. He passed on shooting does, and did not shoot a nice legal buck in PA because he didn't understand the rules (he should by now). High point was my 81 year old dad shooting a huge doe on the last day of the PA season, at 4 PM, in a shanty I built him, using some reloads I loaded with reduce recoil because of his bad neck.250/3000 savage, in model 99. Another highlight was my nephew's 8 year old son getting a spike and a doe,one shot each! Using a single shot 243 I loaned him. Mentor hunt, PA. So, I have more work to do,already started, need to find easier spots to hunt, as my friend and are getting older and getting deer out is getting harder.
  8. garrymny

    Trail camera reviews

    I use wildgame innovation cameras. $40 each. Dick's or Field and stream. Work perfectly. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. garrymny

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Time for some porterhouse. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. garrymny

    AR-15 (.223) ammo for deer?

    For longer bullets you faster twist to stabilize them. Most centerfire 22 caliber rifles do not have a fast enough twist for let's say the Sierra VLD bullet, and I suspect the 75 grain may be too long as well. No more than 1 on 8 twist to stabilize the longer bullets. Many 22 Cal's have a 1 and 14 twist, and won't stabilize longer bullets. For deer in the 223, use a 60 grain bullet of heavy construction, such as the Barnes copper TTS, or a nosler partion. Don't use VMAX, and the like, they are designed for varmints. For many years I used an 85 grain hollow point in my 243 with devastating effect. However, it was the Sierra GAMEKING, which is constructed with a heavier jacket then their part numbers for varmints. I have a single shot .223 that I will loan out to my nephew for his son to use. So I am also needing to get the right bullet for the job. I do think the 223 is a little light for deer, but by using the right bullet and good shot placement it will suffice. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. garrymny

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    I buy the cheapest cameras I can get. Usually about $40 each. I cannot afford to have people steal expensive cameras because I hunt on public land. It is sad there are scum among us that will steal from their fellow hunters. I have two wildlife innovation cameras that work great. I also have a primos camera. Again each costed about 40$. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. garrymny

    Tie bar system for kicker motor

    I installed the lowrance outboard autopilot in my boat last year. Works great. I had to buy the HDS to control it. My Elite 4 chirp apparently would not work. So I would be careful and make sure. My only concern is if either ever break down, I hear lowrance has no repair. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. garrymny

    Tie bar system for kicker motor

    I'm not the OP but this is the best way. You need the Big motor in the water for it's additional rudder action. Otherwise, in rough water you will not have adequate control. From experience. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. garrymny

    Rescue off oak orchard !?

    As an FAA Aviation Safety inspector I can tell you most aircraft accidents are a result of a number of things that line up to create the accident. I assume boating accidents are the same. Weather is a factor in many. But it could also include equipment failure, inexperience or lack of skill, or possibly a catastrophic failure. We look at the Man, the Machine, and the Environment. I hope we can be provided with conclusion of the investigation results for this one as well as last year's tragic loss where apparently the boater was trapped while trying to get life jackets as his boat quickly sank. Knowing what happened is important for prevention. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. We went out to 375 fow. Trolled for an hour, turned north until we hit about 450. Nothing. Pulled up, went in 400. Set down again, took an 14 lb king, my nephew's first. Wondered if they were in shallow so we went in to 250 and two smaller Kings. 7 pm by then so we had to quit. Glad they were able to get a few because I thought we were going to be skunked after 2 hours of nothing. Still wondering what I should have done to get into them better, but that's fishing. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app