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  1. Thanks, Decoy Hound. We put the new (to me ) boat on the water today. It worked perfectly. It did take on 5 to 10 gallons of water though. Lost a 25 pounder at the net AGAIN. Father in law has bad knees and he is not stable enough to net them. He feel just as I was leading him to the net. Hook caught net and pop. Gone. Only had 3 bites today and lost them all. I got a 22 foot Grady white, 1982, with 175 HP evinrude that is 1992. Need a long shaft kicker now.
  2. 18 foot Caravelle- Turn Key for Salmon and Walleye-$3000 Selling my Boat. It is totally set up for Salmon fishing, or Walleye in Lake Ontario and Erie. I finally got a new boat, so this one has to go. Deep V boat. High Sides, very stable. Registration says 18 foot, but it measures about 17 1/2. But, this is a deep, big boat, high sides, closed bow, DRY RIDE 70 HP Johnson, Starts and Runs perfectly. Pushes boat at 22 MPH 9.9 Evinrude Kicker RAYMARINE AUTOPILOT- bought this year Lowrance Elite 4 chirp bought last year 3 down riggers, 1 is a Big Jon Electric, Two are Riveria Manual. Only two are mounted on the boat Planer Board Mast, reels new line. (No Boards). All interior lights are LED SHORELINE easy load trailer with LED lights, berains repacked last year and has bearing buddies. SPare tire. All tires two years old. This boat is not a looker, but it is a great fishing boat. The interior is very nice (all NEW). Has built in cooler in the floor and storage in the floor. Only thing it needs is a paint job to make it look great. Cheap way to get on the big lakes. TURN KEY and go! I have used it extensively the last two years after totally rebuilding the floor, stringers and transom with marine plywood and Epoxy Resin. Totally dry when you pull the plug after a days fishing. You know what you are getting if you buy this boat. I have all the build pictures and I know it is stronger than it was new. Interior is totally newly refurbished with marideck floor, swivels seats, all nice. The Boat needs a paint job if you want the exterior to look good. Video links of boat on lake ontario this summer: I posted some pictures of two years ago, during the rebuild. It was done right, stripped down to nothing but the fiberglas hull. I am located in Clarence NY. 716-481-9875.
  3. Just ordered the Lowrance autopilot and an HDS GEN 3 7 inch. The Garmin Autopilot said you have to buy the more expensive unit for good control at trolling speeds.
  4. Wow, thanks for all the replies. I do want one with its own control head. Connecting to the GPS/fisfinder can come later. I use heading mode on my old boat with raymarine ST 10000 that I adapted to work, and it worked great. Won't work with this hydraulic system After fishing with the autopilot not having one is not an option, I got spoiled. LOWARANCE: Looks like theirs will work. I have a lowrance elite 4 chirp, so I guess it won't work with the Lowrance AP. Not a big deal, I use heading mode all the time anyways. I could upgrade to a compatible Lowrance Fish Finder. GARMIN: Garmin Compact Reactor with control head looks like it will work, but their instructions only show hydraulics with a helm pump that has 3 lines, mine has only two lines. RAYMARINE EV 100 I think will work, but I can't tell from their instructions if it is compatible with my 2 line system. Also, It doesn't say if has the "trolling patterns" that the AP will do, if you want to troll some programmed patterns. The Garmin and Lowrance I think will do this. SIMRAD: need to research that., Behind the steering wheel is a circular thing (helm pump) with two lines coming out of it. it says use exxon univis (110?) or Shell Tellus 10 oil, whatever those are. It is a teleflex system, , but the cylinder in the back connected to the motor say Sytem on it. Anymore input is appreciated. Garry.
  5. looks like Garmin GHP 20 or Lowarance, or a raymarine EV 100 (or 150?) Hope I am right.
  6. Grady White needs an AUTOPILOT- Please help me! Just bought a really nice 1982 Grady White Bimini 220. I want to put an autopilot in it very soon, ASAP. It has two hydraulic lnes coming from the steering wheel, that go to a hydraulic cylinder that is connected tot he 175 HP Evinrude outboard. Only two lines. I am having trouble find what units will work with this old system. There is no electric inlolved that I can see. The cylinder says "syflem" or something, "marketed by teleflex". The steering wheel has reservoir behind it that says put oil in it, and there is a small cap. Says use exxon univis oil. Thank you for any advice you can give. Seems like a simple two line system and the steering wheel just pushes oil through that cylinder mounted tot he motor.
  7. The Medium Chirp setting on my Lowrance Elite 4 chirp, caused interference to my fish hawk. I changed to the high chirp setting and it was okay. The day this was happening there was no doubt of the cause. Since I prefer the medium chirp, I relocated the lowrance transducer to the other side. It helped, and I also can select different transducers in the installation settings mode. Last few times out I have not had a problem no matter what setting I used. It is kind of weird really. I would have to look on the box to see what transducer I have.
  8. is the boat still available? looking for a bigger boat than my 18 ft caravelle. not sure this would be much bigger thouhg, but looks deeper than mine.
  9. for sale : usa

    if still available please post pictures of the inside floor, facing back. Need to see how much room is available for fishing. Thanks.
  10. I am upgrading to a bigger boat. Please list price so we don't waste each other's time. I know my budget, and you know your price. Thanks.
  11. Is the boat still for sale? 716-481-9875 Garry
  12. Sounds like they may be better than blacks if small fish can release them, but you can still crank line down hard on them. With blacks, I sometimes drag fish without knowing it. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. No problem at all with fleas on my lead core this year. Can't say that for braid, and even get some on 30# mono. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. thanks for the report. I also noticed friday, on the chart it seems you have to go slightly east of olcott to get 500 and deeper. We did, and didn't do so well, so I think you did the right thing by circling back. I always forget to circle whwre I gt the fish, and I believe in hindsight, it is a mistake.
  15. I'm assuming 200 feet of copper instead of 300 feet (10 colors) of leadcore. Probably same depth, 50 feet, with 100 feet less line. Is this correct? Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app