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  1. same place I have my truck insurance, state farm.
  2. last fall, It was very shallow. I also had to find a tree limb to pole into deep enough water to let the motor down. PATHETIC BOAT LAUNCHES. Both of them. My boat is only 18-19 feet. This could be such a convenient locaiton for the bar, but it is barely usable. They need to be extended way out into the water.
  3. great ideas guys. It is fiberglas. I will ponder this. I like the patch and rino liner, as well as the tread stuff. The cannon track is too pricey, and I have a big jon rigger and a riveiera so, would work probably.
  4. thanks fishwilly.
  5. The problem I have is this: When I buy a spoon I take it out of the package and throw the package away. Then, I have NO IDEA what color it is, if it is glow, if it is UV, or what.
  6. tried them, but did not try them long enough to give good report. I have had gret luck with brad super baits filled with tuna fish. Where are the mag lips on sale?
  7. Holes in sides (Gunwales) how to cover? My old boat has lots of Holes in the top rail- sides (Gunwales), from mounting things and removing them over the years. Any ideas on how to cover them? If I plug with putty, I would still have to paint. The entire boat should be painted anyways but I have no idea how to do that when it is on a trailer.
  8. I just ordered marideck vinyl from ebay. boatcarpetsales. 8.5 feet wide because my floor is 75 inches wide at the widest point. I did not want seams. I got 12 feet of it for $275. included shipping.
  9. I did my own, complete replacement including stringers, bulkheads, transom, and floor. Used exterior plywood to make all of it. Laminated with layers of fiberglas and epoxy resin. Got the boat (19 foot caravelle) for $150. Lots of work, took 1 1/2 months working 2-3 partial (but 6-8 hours) days a week. Cost was about $1000-1500. I have lots of pictures I can share. You will need coveralls, filtered mask, goggles, gloves, angle grinder, lots of sandpaper/fiber disks.
  10. I had to give up after my first season trying wire line (last summer). After losing a number of expensive rigs: flasher $15, Chinook Diver $20, Lure $8, boom $40 bucks a crack! I had enough. It seems the line would get get kinked, or twist, or tangled into my other lines, and what a mess. Not worth it, to me, literally. I use braid on my dipseys. I have a rod with blood run flea line if I need it. But, I am new to the salmon fishing so I was probably doing something wrong. But, I am NOT new to fishing, including fly fishing with all the required knots, since I was in my teens, so I am not so sure.
  11. The last time I launched at Fort Niagara, in October, it was very difficult. Both ramps need work, as they do not extend into the river far enough. Too shallow. Major problem. I hope they worked on them, but I have no idea. I think it is the closest for fishing the Niagara Bar, and lower Niagara River, which is a shame. My boat is only a 19 foot deep V. Everyone was having problems.
  12. My guess is that the funds raised from Pittman Robertson are being wasted and not spent where they are supposed to be spent. Same with our hunting and fishing licenses. All Government agencies should be forced to go back to zero based budget. In other words not based on what they got last year. The old, "use it or lose it" is killing us. Now, 20 trillion in debt. Drastic cuts need to be made across the board, and I'll bet if agencies worked smart and cut out the unnessary spending, they could still get the job done.
  13. The Arduino is an Open source electronic board. The board is $56. People all over the world develop projects and share them freely. It has its own software language. It is capable of doing almost anything. This Guy named Jack Edwards wrote the software code to make it into an autopilot for his 40 foot sailboat. I used his plans, and his code. The only thing different from his setup is the linear actuator motor I use is different than his steering unit which is electro hydraulic.
  14. We need the wall. It will pay for itself in short order. We need a stronger Military, and we need clean Great Lakes. REALTY: Our country is 20 trillion in debt. It will never and can never be paid off, mathematically it is simply not possible. So, what are we to do? In addition to what we already owe, they are spending more than the 3 trillion they bring into the coffers every year. When the discretionary budget is so small, with almost the entire budget ate up with interest on the debt, and obligations under SS, Medicare etc, there is very little to work with. This country has dug itself a huge hole. Entire agencies and departments will need to be eliminated. Foreign aid will need to be halted. Fraud and waste will have to be eliminated. Pork projects will need to be eliminated. We will need to withdraw from useless expensive organizations like the UN. There will be pain all across the country, but that is the place we are at from unchecked spending. Now, I voted for Trump, not my first choice, but since then I am proud to have done so. He is trying to keep his pledges. I will never vote for a Democrat, nor have I ever. Cannot stand the Party and what it is, and what its leadership and rank and file support, and what they oppose. But, when Trump talks about the infrastructure spending, I ask, where will the money come from? Same place Obama got his $800 billion for his stimulus that stimulated nothing but the unions, and returned to the Democrat Party via union donations. They will print more, and borrow more. I don't know the answer, I don't think at this point there is a way out, but at some point, it will be forced upon us all. Oh BTW the debt ceiling is reached March 12th. The law says it CANNOT be exceeded. What then?
  15. The instructions are pretty well detailed in the presentation and I will upload a PDF of the Autpiot Documentation provided to me my Jack Edwards. Amperage draw? motor draws 10 amps at full load. The force required to drive the motor is not a full load for this actuator. If I remember correctly, my test indicated about 20 lbs force required. The motor is rated at 100 lbs dynamic force. The arduino stuff draws very little. Less than an amp. I have two marine batteries connected in parallel. I hope it will be enough, as my kicker motor has no charging system.