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  1. Ok well for me I really did not see much rut activity this year. I hunted up through Nov 11 veterans day for archery then called it a season until Saturday rifle. T I'm not confident in my location. I have nice bucks on my trail camera from August and September, then it kind of dried up. I'm hunting along some thick bedding areas. Hopefully the rifle opener will have them moving. I saw someone on veterans day and he said the peak of the rut in the swamp was two weeks ago. Without acorns I guess I just couldn't find the high doe density areas which I know is where you want to be in peak rut.
  2. Yes, I agree things have been slow for me so far this year too. That's why I think the rut is delayed. Hoping it picks up now after today, Nov 7
  3. No. I hunt alone until my buddy comes from Idaho after Thanksgiving. Then we hunt PA and NY rifle. I still hunt, or stand as conditions allow.
  4. Yep. I always hunt acorns. But there are very few if any in the Alabama swamp this year. Frost must have got them.
  5. No. I hunt alone until my buddy comes from Idaho after Thanksgiving. Then we hunt PA and NY rifle. I still hunt, or stand as conditions allow.
  6. Definitely my last year for Rages too. Mixed results over 6 years. I tried the rage Chisel tip a few years ago. Shot a small buck three times in the chest. Had to finish it off with a knife. Only one lung was hit. The twist of chisel tip makes it screw in, killing penetration. Before that I always used the one's with the razor tip. Had good effect with those. But the collars are a pain. Snag a branch or your quiver and the blades come loose. Not worth it. Trying Exodus fixed blades next year.
  7. I believe the rut is delayed this year in my observations and many hours on the deer stand. Not seeing cruising bucks, scrapes are not as prevalent and are not being refreshed. Saw 10 does in a field at 430 last night, not a single buck. Also, the I90 between Buffalo and Rochester has had very few deer roadkill's. Only two this morning. This is one of my best guages since I live near Buffalo and drive to Rochester every day. Each year, I can tell peak of rut by the number of dead bucks on the route. When it peaks I will see 8 to 10 dead bucks, and many fresh, on the way. I hunt the swamps around Alabama NY. I'm guessing it will start in the next week or two, and will run into gun season.
  8. No acorns in the Alabama swamp.
  9. My great Uncle showed us to use Jewel weed on poison ivy. Also known as touch.me not. Grows in wet areas. Has the small green seed pods that burst when you touch them. Has small orange Flowers at times. The stalks are hollow and juicy. Use the stalks crumpled up and the juice. It works.
  10. I'm looking at summit open @15 lbs or a lone wolf assualt handclimber @ 14 lbs since the x -stand didn't work out. Lone Wolf is pretty expensive so I may have to wait until next year unless I can launder some more money through Home Depot.
  11. Wildlife innovations. I have six. They work great. 49$ at Dick's.
  12. Well, interesting subject. I just used my new climber yesterday. X-stand mini X1. World's lightest climbing stand. Well, it broke first tree I climbed. Handle on the seat climber broke. I was up about 6 feet. I have bought 4 climbers. None of them suited me. They are ALL noisy. They are ALL too heavy. Some are even nearly impossible to climb with. Cable or flat ribbon flops down, grabs tree, etc. So, I have cobbled together a couple decent ones using the best parts and ideas from the 4! But they still are s pain. Anytime you are carrying a metal heavy bulky stand through the woods you are going to sound like a dump truck. Especially in the swamp where I have to hunt. Also, it's an effort to set up and climb. But as for hang ons, they are an bigger pain to climb a tree and then hang. But, if you can leave them all season, they the best. Sneak in, climb up, totally silent! I'm starting into saddles, but I see problems there too. You still need a climbing method, and I so far don't enjoy facing the tree. But, I am new to it, so to early to tell. But seems like a lot of monkey motion in the dark with the guys who are trying to go total minimalist with one stick, aiders and such. So it will be a trial and error to figure out what works for you. So far, after 44 years of hunting, I'm still not happy with the tree stands and methods I have tried and I've tried most. Again, hang ons are quietest and best, but only if you can put them up early and leave them
  13. I made my own out of camo fleece and some old tree stand harness. It was a ten weeks backorder from aerohunter for a kestrel flexfit. I tried it first time today. Go to saddlehunter.com and you'll have more information than you can absorb. My impression so far: you still have to climb the tree. So you have to find a.method that works for you. Also, I'm not crazy about looking at a tree all all day. I prefer to sit or stand with my back against the tree.
  14. I had a hook 4. Had to use medium or low chirp to see DR ball. high chirp would not show it. Sent from my moto z3 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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