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  1. Looking between a garmin or hummingbird. Could some one give some advice mainly troll for salmon and erie for eyes
  2. Another amazing day went out for the late afternoon bite ended up with 8 and lost about another 10 or so just couldnt keep um buttoned up east 140 to 180 was the ticket with bigger fish dwn deep
  3. Trying to see what lake is like for waves. If someone could help me out so i dnt have to drive an hour than turn around want to get my fiancee and step daughter out. Please and thank you guys
  4. Fishing was crazy today went 18 for 25 kept our limit of nice matures today and a few steelheads 120 to 200 fow was key
  5. What is your location i could alway pick up too
  6. Do u know how much the power cable is ? And what would be shipping cost to 14094
  7. We been getting good numbers in 420 to 440 in front of wilson just a fyi
  8. Meat with teasers or with out is were its at right now for the bigger fish
  9. Fished yesterday one of the best day ever out there box a limit of 12 fish about 5 small one that went back and missed about 25 more fish #meat on fire
  10. Two face diabolic rigs have been hot with all white spindoctor also same sd atomic white fly dipsy 3 set 250 back and dwn rigger 10 ft from bottom
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