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  1. Head west we have been doing really good last to weeks between olcott and wilson closer to wilson thou put a 4 man limit on boat in 4 hours or so just keep fishing the temp break above and below once u find active fish keep working that area. We lost a monster that actually broke our split ring that was attached to the lure
  2. Fish are there just have to find what they want. We did good on sunday but was a slow start then 1130 hit and it was a constant bite. All fish were deep we caught but seen them up top allday 60 ft but they weren't hitting. 400 coppers and rigger 80 plus feet meat
  3. Ended up with 8 fish 2 king one 20 lb one small one that never popped rigger 5 cohos and 1 steelhead every fish was deep 75 plus foot even the steelhead over 150 to 180 ft of water we found a big break and keeped on working that and lost 5 also
  4. Any one having any luck cant seem to find any good water 75 foot dwn over 140 waters 61 degree. Any help please and thank you tring to get my dad on a few fish as he may not be able to get out much more due to medical problems
  5. Got to go deep 2 days of east and north east pushed all the river water out deep 450 to 470 80 ft and up for mix of cohos and salmon and steelhead
  6. Out in 450 picked up 3 lost 4 in a quick half hour flurry then died
  7. Has anyone been out today? Looking to get out for the first time whats been going for depths looking for a starting point
  8. Are they still available. And whats ur location.
  9. Most day i run 8 rods with no issues not including cheaters off riggers only have 21 ft boat. Usually 2 copper set ups on boards depending on water temp if i go with 300 or 500 . Two dipsy of each side 1.5 setting and 3.5 than two down riggers can count on my hand how many time i have tangled into copper lines in the last 10 year just make sure ur boards out out far enough and watch your turns
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