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  1. Meat with teasers or with out is were its at right now for the bigger fish
  2. Triumphchaos83

    Olcott 6/16/2018

    Fished yesterday one of the best day ever out there box a limit of 12 fish about 5 small one that went back and missed about 25 more fish #meat on fire
  3. Triumphchaos83

    Cannons electric

    Where u located
  4. Two face diabolic rigs have been hot with all white spindoctor also same sd atomic white fly dipsy 3 set 250 back and dwn rigger 10 ft from bottom
  5. 4 for 4 last night 82 ft of water sd flys sd n meat where hot havent moved a spoon in 2 weeks
  6. Triumphchaos83

    09/20 out of Mexico

    Will it work with hydraulic steer
  7. Triumphchaos83

    09/20 out of Mexico

    How much and what kind of motors or electronic needed
  8. What are u using for line on dipsy?
  9. Triumphchaos83

    Sub moore 900

    Thanks for all the input
  10. Triumphchaos83

    Sub moore 900

    Thanks much appreciated for the info just wasnt sure cable just feels and looks cheap
  11. Sub moore 900 Just got one of these was wondering about the coated cable 150 test looks like it could brake easly what pound ball would be the heaviest to use thank for n e info