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  1. Still available? Will pay shipping costs also lockport ny? Can send threw paypal
  2. Looking for 2 wire rod set ups if you got um price? Pm me
  3. Driving from over an hour away hows the waves out there. Cant do rough water with recent neck surgery. And hows the bite and suggestion on where to start looking
  4. Thought it was the same friend lol if u want to text me 801 2011 so dnt have to share in here. My name is nick
  5. Any one have good water temp out deep we are seeing 63 degree dwn 100 ft tons of bait out in 500 ft.
  6. Seen a few guys that were deep over 500 come in with big fish and numbers too all chrome ones inside are on there change color transition
  7. Marking quite a few a few screamers lost a good fish on copper took treble hook
  8. Getting a few fish in 150 to 220 nothing big mid teens and a few steelhead
  9. Whats going on out there are the water temps deep just looking for a starting point for depth thank you haven't been out in a couple weeks due to injury
  10. Sounds about right 6 releases on riggers and not one hook up but every thing else is firing and staying hooked. 10 for 19 so far lots of steelheads also grinding for that last fish went on a flurry of 10 hits 4 fish land in 20 min Big bait pod out 510
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