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  1. I have smooth moves seats and I now can fish in 3-4 foot waves multiple days in a row without pain instead of only one day and then have to take a week off to recover from the trips in and out. Best modification I made to my boat
  2. hey steelie, I did not get you pm. can you send it again?
  3. I have one brand new still in box 2 man tree stand and 1 used 2 man tree stand, 1 used single xl tree stand and a used scout tree stand. $250
  4. I bought a box of fishing stuff and don't need these, they do not look to be stock so look at the pictures close I have one set of yellow bird planner boards with the tattle flags attached. They have church clips at the board and red clips with pins in the rear. And a set of offshore boards that have the clamp releases at the board and then red clips with pins at the rear. looking to get 40 for the yellow birds (look new) and 40 for the offshore
  5. my back cannot handle sitting down for more that an hour or standing for more that a couple of hours, unfortunately for my wallet this is my best option
  6. This is what I am looking to get ( without the peddle drive) don't need to worry about the weight of the motor too much it has a 600lb capacity and is stable enough to walk around. and with the $3000 price tag if i could get a used motor for it it would help.
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