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  1. tried for the perch yet again.i had gobies come up 12in off bottom ..couldnt find many slbs kept 10 over 10in..lots of dinks even in 28fow..very fav technique is vertical in 12fow in the weeds..the gobies wont allow it..and so long 4 now
  2. oneida.10-19-2017 the oneida lake nite bite is starting,i caught 2 eyes 1 perch 1 picheral and 1 catfish!!!all on a ghost j9...and so long 4 now;john
  3. oneida lake perch how does 1 suggest to catch perch when the gobies wont leave the bait alone?caught the the gobies in twister tails blade baits and minnows..found active perch but the gobies always seen tp be faster!!and so long 4 now;john
  4. do knot know where govenore island is located butt thanxs
  5. is this unit blue tooth?
  6. otisco.9 17-2017 havent fished otisco in a long time and it showed.fished for eyes for an hour early..7am till 8..nada but a bass..spent the next 3 hrs chasing tigers..lost 2,saw 2. 2 smb and a crappie hit a blade bait.being ripped near the weeds??jet skis and pleasure boars where out by 11 called it a for my rant...launched at the campground.2 lanes thick of penn plates..bass tourney..1 boat was having issues the other next to him was assisting..5 mins pass..traffic is backing up on the rd waiting for these 2 to i had to be the arsewhole and ask if they where going to move..ofcourse they said they had boat issues,,i said obviously butt can you leave the staging area so those of us whom dont have issues may launch and wouldve thought a light bulb went off..4 men traded stories and decided to open up the ramp..sometimes i wonder..if you look behind you and see 4 boats waiting to launch while your fixing your issue how does the earth rotate w/o you..
  7. well done..i enjoyed my quebec trip so much im going back next year.and hopefully every year there after.its tough to beat a 200 walleye day,tossing back 19in eyes like there are 6in perch..and so long 4 now'john
  8. Nice report Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. fly in only.yes.the outfitter has exclusive rights to the water
  10. 9 days in quebec took 2 days to figure it out but it was amazing fishing with 1 day of 218 eyes and 160 between to guys..over 1600 eyes between 4 men
  11. It's incidental. You can target them butt... Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. My fishing partner donates buchtails to the lake by the dozens.somedaus I loose 3 some zero .this was the 1st year east bay didn't pan out.lots of my eyes came South of little sister Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. How did you knot loose a100lbs of lead??? Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. congrats on figuring out the day bite.and so long 4 now;john
  15. deep did you find them??and so long 4 now;john