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  1. didnt I allready make clear there will be no loss off fishing ground???
  2. competitive bidding nets almost 4.4 billion in revenue to build turbines that could produce enough juice for 2000000 homes,knot a bad deal;https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/25/climate/new-york-offshore-wind-auction.html
  3. Caught 6 picheral 1 smb 1 lmb and 47 keeper perch9+ in.wholly wind... They wanted eye balls on a white jigging rap over mousies and minnows and so long 4 now;john Sent from my moto g power (2021) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. only 1 in the parking lot,no reason why 1 wouldnt work,no slush and the ice was good 6 in
  5. state park,they plowed out the boat parking lot,
  6. 1st time out .found 40 keeper perch[9+in] threw back 3x as many.lost 4 set ups to pickerel.may be my new nemisis.the fish wanted minnows more than mousies,,a cold and windy day but so much better than work,and so long 4 now;john
  7. 2.58 in of ice.lake was covered end to end
  8. fished from 7am till 11.no bites and 2 marks on the bird.2.58 in of ice in 12fow.wanted to be deeper butt i was solo and my manly bits said stop.small story,another set of fisherman came out to see me,said they dropped their kdrill down the hole, did i have a auger they could use, so i lent them my nils, very grateful they where,i told them just pay it forward..and so long 4 now;john
  9. there is cross lake marina and or cross lake boat club that has a launch on the river,65 dollar dues a yr to join,less than a mile from cross lake;and so long 4 now;john
  10. its just another case of nimby;there are signs posted and angry board meetings that some folks dont want industrial solar farms;http://noindustrialsolarpowerplants.com/;https://www.cincinnati.com/in-depth/news/2021/09/16/invitation-solar-farm-not-sitting-well-rural-neighbors-kentucky/5649016001/
  11. no quite that cheap and its 50%waste if you draw from the ocean;https://e360.yale.edu/features/as-water-scarcity-increases-desalination-plants-are-on-the-rise
  12. find the rocks; the eyes are normally there,getting them to bite is another thread;and so long 4 now;john
  13. the only farm that is on the books in the usa ;http://www.leedco.org/index.php/about-icebreaker
  14. https://greatlakesecho.org/2021/05/11/offshore-wind-could-provide-double-the-electricity-michiganders-used-in-2019/
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