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  1. johnnywalleye

    oswego 12-31-2018

  2. johnnywalleye

    oswego 12-31-2018

  3. johnnywalleye

    oswego 12-31-2018

    7am till 11am.east side wall.....tried vertical jigging along the wall using blade baits.caught zero eyes and 1 brown ...the eyes ought to be there.and with zero ice its the only game in town..sooooooooooooo how to go about finding them>>cast stick baits as in the spring. float fish???bottom bouncing really isnt a option>>>never tried winter fishing in a river for eyes from shore..input is welcomed,,and so long 4 now;john
  4. johnnywalleye

    Oneida or Erie?

    really depands on where you want to fish,if you launch from godfrey point north winds are knot a issue,straight east or west winds is a issue anywhere east of the 2 main islands.as lond as the winds are 15mph and less you will be fine..and so long 4 now
  5. johnnywalleye

    lac hebert 2018

    nope.1hr plane ride n of clova quebec,and so long 4 now
  6. johnnywalleye

    lac hebert 2018

    6 guys did a little over 1400 walleyes and 40 pike in 8 days with the best day by me and my partner of 199 eyes on june 30..i hit the grand slam,with the largest eye.27,5 in 6.5 lbs and the largest pike 36-38in 10-12 lbs.saw bear and eagles,great trip
  7. johnnywalleye


    caught 2 keepers 1 pin pike lost 2 ..great catch,land shark..and so long 4 now
  8. johnnywalleye

    What are these fish

    silver bass,cross lake is loaded with them.
  9. johnnywalleye

    oneida 5-9-18

    fished from 6-11 am 8-24fow,,,all blade baits.1 eye.,,,1 smb.,,2 break offs on some big fish?? my way points had fish on the screen just no takers..and so long 4 now
  10. johnnywalleye

    oneida opener

    caught 9 eyes and 2smb most in 18fow,on saturday between 530 -12 am and 5-8pm .....left the launch sunday morning only to have fuel issue...........yin and yang.........blade baits caught most of the eyes.gold,and prism seem to be the color of choice..and so long 4 now
  11. johnnywalleye

    SLR perch

  12. johnnywalleye

    SLR perch

    congrats.how deep?
  13. johnnywalleye


    fished the n end of cayuga from shore,3 keeper perch 20 dinks,the wind and cold where brutal.but you cant catch them from the couch..and so long 4 now;johm
  14. johnnywalleye

    the dead sea 3-31-18

    if you wouldve seen the wind and the cold you woulldve
  15. johnnywalleye

    the dead sea 3-31-18

    fished from 7-11am in 12-40 fow.minnows plastics and flies.2 men zero fish,tried drop offs,sand flats, weeds,could not buy a bite,.and so long 4 now