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  1. johnnywalleye


    caught 2 keepers 1 pin pike lost 2 ..great catch,land shark..and so long 4 now
  2. johnnywalleye

    What are these fish

    silver bass,cross lake is loaded with them.
  3. johnnywalleye

    oneida 5-9-18

    fished from 6-11 am 8-24fow,,,all blade baits.1 eye.,,,1 smb.,,2 break offs on some big fish?? my way points had fish on the screen just no takers..and so long 4 now
  4. johnnywalleye

    oneida opener

    caught 9 eyes and 2smb most in 18fow,on saturday between 530 -12 am and 5-8pm .....left the launch sunday morning only to have fuel issue...........yin and yang.........blade baits caught most of the,and prism seem to be the color of choice..and so long 4 now
  5. johnnywalleye

    SLR perch

  6. johnnywalleye

    SLR perch deep?
  7. johnnywalleye


    fished the n end of cayuga from shore,3 keeper perch 20 dinks,the wind and cold where brutal.but you cant catch them from the couch..and so long 4 now;johm
  8. johnnywalleye

    the dead sea 3-31-18

    if you wouldve seen the wind and the cold you woulldve
  9. johnnywalleye

    the dead sea 3-31-18

    fished from 7-11am in 12-40 fow.minnows plastics and flies.2 men zero fish,tried drop offs,sand flats, weeds,could not buy a bite,.and so long 4 now
  10. johnnywalleye

    Oneida Lake Advice

    maple bay has good structure.if weather cooperates the shack shoals due north of the ssbl is a great spot,dakin shoals out of harris park..what you mention for bait lures,technique will work..gobies will love the worms..try to keep your bait 12-16in off the bottom..worm harness in purple ot chartreuse works well along with gold .purple,wonderbread and brown blade baits will do the trick..good luck and so long 4 now;john
  11. johnnywalleye

    Wanted lac hebert Quebec

    you only live once.and so long 4 now
  12. johnnywalleye

    Wanted lac hebert Quebec

    the fishing is best day was a 2 man total of 218.was there last year as a rookie and will be there this year .if you ever wanted to get tired of catching eyes..
  13. johnnywalleye

    Which should I get first?

    flasher for has its limitations where as a flasher will always work
  14. johnnywalleye

    Oneida 11-14-2017

    Oneida was on fire for me !!! caught on rensky ghost color on the south shore. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. johnnywalleye

    Wife got her first kill ever

    Congrats Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app