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  1. getting the "boot" leaves more time to fish!! HA HA! ....going for the last hu-rah! looking to get out on what was open water the last time. be thinking of you guys. stay safe all you hard water freaks out there
  2. John & I are planing on going up agin the end of the month will keep you all posted. be great to fish with you guys agin. may be staying @ the Towns Edge B&B in Deseronto
  3. YUP!! got 4# of the stuff not in casings gunna try making chicken wing chili Dennis just wanted to say thank you for the " wing dogs " those things are awesome with a little mustard and some onions. Is that blue cheese right in them ?
  4. Got back in from B.O.Q Had a great time with you all. Looking forward to hooking up with you guys soon. Hitting Onieda in the morning hope to have better luck. Stay safe all you hard water freaks!
  5. just joined site. comming up with johnny walleye! looking forward to meeting new hard water freaks. been fishing BOQ with johnny walleye 10+ now, allways good time. grillin & chillin on ice!! only hope fox got reservation right.
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