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  1. this is a fish hawk 4d that has only been used twice. transducer and power wire are still on the boat if someone wants to power it up, they have only been on the boat for the last two years, boat has only been in the water 6-8 times since it was installed and I store the boat in the garage when not in the water. looking to get $800 Thanks for looking
  2. I have a 2020 360 angler for sale. This has only been used twice because of health reasons. it has a 45 lb. Minn Kota with remote control and foot pedal, a hummingbird depth finder, shallow water anchor, battery and battery charger/ maintainer, it has navigation lights and has a power management system to turn everything on or off under the seat. this is the ultimate fishing kayak, you can stand or sit in comfort, move around freely, and is extremely stable. I also have it registered and with transferable paperwork. (Was a pain in the ass) I paid over 5000 building this and i was just at the Syracuse boat show and they had one that had everything, but the depth finder lights, and battery and charger and it was 5600 looking to get 4000
  3. I have smooth moves seats and I now can fish in 3-4 foot waves multiple days in a row without pain instead of only one day and then have to take a week off to recover from the trips in and out. Best modification I made to my boat
  4. hey steelie, I did not get you pm. can you send it again?
  5. I have one brand new still in box 2 man tree stand and 1 used 2 man tree stand, 1 used single xl tree stand and a used scout tree stand. $250
  6. I bought a box of fishing stuff and don't need these, they do not look to be stock so look at the pictures close I have one set of yellow bird planner boards with the tattle flags attached. They have church clips at the board and red clips with pins in the rear. And a set of offshore boards that have the clamp releases at the board and then red clips with pins at the rear. looking to get 40 for the yellow birds (look new) and 40 for the offshore
  7. my back cannot handle sitting down for more that an hour or standing for more that a couple of hours, unfortunately for my wallet this is my best option
  8. This is what I am looking to get ( without the peddle drive) don't need to worry about the weight of the motor too much it has a 600lb capacity and is stable enough to walk around. and with the $3000 price tag if i could get a used motor for it it would help.
  9. no sorry, where it is going to go it needs to be a bow mount with a foot pedal or wireless
  10. I am looking for either a power drive or a xi3 12v tooling motor. looking to set up a kayak with one, figured since I will need to cut down the shaft I would look for a used one first. I will look at others if they have the wire operated ones but not the cable steer ones. needs to be bow mount foot pedal or wireless Thanks
  11. It would be easy to fix, but I would take the boat off then go around with a plastic mallet and check everything on the trailer before deciding on a repair or not (you can hear it ring if it is good and thud if it is bad). if its just those two locations it would only take 2-3 hours of work to repair them.
  12. I love my Polarkraft, I love my Yamaha motor, the only complaint I have is I wish I had bought the 189, I wish I had the extra foot in the back, but it works for everything I use it for (perch, bass, walleye and kings). I found that the side boxes that some people don't like work great for fishing for bass and perch because someone can stand on them and they are well made (had a 300+lb guy standing on them and they don't flex), and when trolling for kings and walleye they have space under them so you can put you toes underneath them to give you more support while leaning over and working on the downriggers and side rods during rough water. I am glad that I did my research on all the boats before I bought it. I did look at the new ones and it looks like they haven't changed it much (rear jump seats and newer paint). Would buy again if given the chance (wife did not buy the new colors would match my truck better.)
  13. My dad owned a 18 ft center console winner, it was a great boat, everything worked great and as far as bullet proof as you can get, when he sold it the new owner hit a big rock off of the salmon river destroyed the lower end of the motor and cracked the water outlet hole and lost the plug, while being towed back in they could tell it had taken on a lot of water so the two guys on the boat both leaned over the same side to try and get a look at the side of the boat and ended up rolling it over only a couple hundred feet from the dock.
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